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  1. Happy birthday🎉🎂

  2. We're not blood sisters, but she is closer to me than almost any relative I have. We're godparents to one another's children, best friends for life.
  3. The caketaker is GORGEOUS, love that idea! Anyone wanting to barter gifts. I make jewelry.
  4. BWAHAHAHAHA, you guys have me laughing so hard.
  5. That is so true, I'm so glad I pulled my kiddos out.
  6. Hi Mommy Grace!!!! I'm SO glad you joined!!! Love you, sis!
  7. Thank you, my daughter is going to LOVE this.
  8. Using up all my paper scraps and card extras and making cards to give away and gonna bundle some up as Christmas gifts. It helps me to clean out my scrap paper and emebellishments and also helps me not to buy doubles of stuff. This way next time someone has a bday or needs a lift up, presto, I just pull a card out and send it, no buying them. Pulled out my sewing machine to get started on some projects and next will be bringing the bread maker in we got from GMIL, to start making our own bread.
  9. I am! My best friend and I encourage each other and find sales together. Hubby and I just decided on how many gifts for each kiddo and we broke them down by category, I have at least 2 done for each kid. I watch the sales and have been making things as well. Pulled out my sewing machine to learn how to use it, hoping to be able to make some simple blankets for some of the kiddos in our families.
  10. My mother is very much like this. Even with more people to buy for and much less money she expected expensive gifts. After my father passed away she completely lost it and finally got to the point where she didn't even give our kids gifts. So, I don't send her a thing. I don't expect my marriage to become a battleground over my mother.
  11. Hi KatMom, my uncles live in the IE, over in Moreno Valley and Upland. It's so very nice to meet you!
  12. I am very new to this and after Y2K got very complacent. Well, now it's not just hubby and I, it's us and 4 kiddos. So, I have to up what we have. I started stocking up on hygeine items, switched from dryer sheets to dryer balls(cheap and works great), started stocking up on food, decluttering so we have room to hold everything, started stocking up on clothing for the kids at the thrift store(mostly jeans and sweatshirts). Have made it fun for the kids to work with Mommy in the yard, so we're going to start a garden, they actually like it. There is a A LOT we are behind on, but I thought by reading through the threads I'll learn a lot that I need to know. I have also been getting the kids away from tv/video games, having them play outside more, reading, etc, I didn't realize how much tv they watched, how much time they spent playing video games, I am ashamed of that now. It's a whole lifestyle change for us in a lot of ways. Whew, okay I could keep on going, but I'm going back to searching the threads.
  13. Wow, this is all such great information. I'm taking notes(seriously, I am). I am going to look into Royal Rangers for my son, we were planning on the Boy Scouts this fall, so this is a great alternative. I am also planning on reading Swiss Family Robinson with the kids as a hs unit. The kids go with me to the stores as I stock up and help place items. We are starting to introduce it more to them.
  14. God's plans for us are so amazing. There are so many times I had something planned out and when it was finally said and done, the path had gone His way and I couldn't have been more blessed or amazed. I am so happy for you and what an awesome testament of faith you have shared. Thank you and congrats on paying off your home!
  15. Hi Everyone! We currently live in Southern California near the Central Coast. Mommaofmany, we are originally from the Central Valley. Miss home, but don't miss the heat. It's so nice to meet you all!
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