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  1. Don’t worry too much about a schedule. Think of getting into a routine. And think all the things you can teach outside the box. Changing the oil is a start, but how about cooking and such.
  2. Hey y’all! Does anyone still homeschool? I would love be this section hopping again.
  3. No. I checked her history and The WE2 has not been on since April, I think. Did she change her forum name? edit: you are right. She was on yesterday. But when click on her name it says last time on April 29. Hmmm....
  4. Any word on The WE2? She hasn't been on since April. Did I miss something? I miss her.
  5. Too true, Miss Bossy-pants. Tell your son and DDL that whole "socialization" argument is crap. I hear over and over again and well socialized homeschooled kids are as they interact with ALL ages. There are homeschool co-ops and places like for DGS to meet kids his age all over the joint theses days. The only 2 questions that need be answered are 1) Is it really safe for him to go to ps? 2) what kind of education will he really receive ps? I hope this helps.
  6. Gotta love homeschool...but crap it won't let me post the photo I wanted. It basically said that schools should tech stuff like changing a tire, able to do taxes, and cook.
  7. My brother and I to a Walmart with vision center get get our prescriptions dealt with and then we went to the restaurant in my community for lunch. A nice and productive morning.
  8. I just googled it and it say that they are closing up to 140 stores.
  9. Even though I have no kids, I really, really enjoy reading everyone's journey of homeschooling.
  10. Let's hear your testimonial for homeschooling.c
  11. Went grocery shopping and got some soups and canned veggies for my pantry.
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