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  1. I dehydrate mine, shredded (2 cups per dehydrator tray). When dry, I package each tray-full separately. Then, when I need it for a recipe (my zucchini bread calls for 2 cups), I dump one packet into a 2-cup measuring cup and fill the rest of the way with boiling water.
  2. Paul doesn’t hand out compliments freely, so the Roman Church must have had it right. It reminds me that the level of maturity needed to council one another is a result of both knowledge and attitude (goodness). I continually seek the knowledge and goodness that will qualify me to admonish -- instead to criticize. This post was a blessing to me. Thank you.
  3. Congratulations Violet!! The Extension is lucky to have found you.
  4. With growing potatoes in tires, does anyone think we should be concerned about metals and chemicals leaching from the tires?
  5. I did not know you could freeze avocado puree! The next time they are on sale, I'm going to try freezing some in ice cube tray, so I can have a bit of avocado without having to peel (and often waste the leftover part of) a whole fruit.
  6. I just emailed my order today. It'll give me something to look forward to during these cold, dreary days of winter.
  7. I made the whole wheat bread recipe from the everydayfoodstorage site. It's the best ww bread I've ever made! The ingredients call for dry potato flakes, which I normally don't buy. If I were to substitute a cooked potato, what would I have to change? Just reduce the water? anything else? by how much? Here's the ingredient list: EZ Wheat Bread recipe 1 1/4 cup warm water 1 Tblsp active dry yeast 1/4 cup honey or 1/3 cup sugar 2 3/4 cups whole wheat flour (or whatever combination white/wheat you like..I use 100% hard white wheat. To learn more about the different types o
  8. When I make 100% whole wheat bread, I use 1/4 cup gluten per loaf. If it's not whole wheat, you could probably get by with less, though.
  9. I have a Kitchen Aid (red) 5 qt. That thing is a workhorse. I use it constantly. I also have the slicer/shredder attachment, and the grinder - that gets used a lot for making applesauce and tomato sauce.
  10. That sounds simple enough. Thanks
  11. I have some old cell phones I would like to donate. Does anyone know how I can be sure all my data is removed first? I know if you just hit "delete" the info. is still in there somewhere - just buried deeper. How do I clean it out completely?
  12. I just finished drying some mashed sweet potatoes and put it in jars. They have such a nice bright orange color, I think I'll leave them out on the counter for a little while for a fall decoration. The dehydrator is going again. This time I put in some sliced apples, dipped in O.J., and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.
  13. This thread is a great inspiration! I quit trying to store food a while back because I was ending up with a lot of wasted (expired) food and a bad experience with learning to can. So I got frustrated and gave it all up, but have always had that nagging voice telling me my family is so NOT prepared for any emergency. Then last summer we went to Alaska on vacation. There we met some wonderful people, who told us about the Alaskan earthquake, AND the big fire, AND the volcano eruption. They survived and thrived through all the emergencies because they were prepared. So, I'm back a
  14. OK, so I pulled the skins off with my fingers after roasting - they came off easily. Then I processed everything until chunky. It turned out great! This is my new favorite way to make tomato sauce.
  15. Welcome, AMarthaByHeart, I have the same problem with a ceramic stovetop. I'm thinking about buying one of those portable electric countertop burners. They come with one or two elements, and can be found for about $20.
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