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  1. Here is another one. http://www.noaa.gov/
  2. Good morning everyone on this cool Monday morning. It looks like rain although I sure hope not. I want to get into the garden and pull some onions to dry along with cutting up the Swiss chard so I can freeze some. Along with that, I'll be freezing beet tops from the veggies I was given yesterday, making beet pickles and some rhubarb jam as well. Once the papers are done. Its going to be a full day just doing that, but I also want to finish reading Beverly Lewis's new book The Sacrifice and do some quilting in there has well. Hope everyone has a great day.
  3. Quote: We have discovered in our snail pace move, that we are more than ready panty wise. This just gave me quite a chuckle.
  4. We just came from having ice cream. My all time favorite though has got to be Rocky Road. Second would be Maple Walnut. Now I'm hungry for ice cream again.
  5. My favorite way is quilting. Quilting is the best stress reliever I've found yet (other than prayer). It calms my nerves and soothes my soul. Just being in my sewing room, designing quilts, playing with material can make the worse days a whole lot better. Second would have to be gardening. There is nothing quite like digging in the dirt and watching little plants grow. The only problem is where I live, I only have about 3 months of gardening.
  6. I was going to vote "all of the above" because we are working on all of them, but I think the main focus right now is "winter prep". From all the signs and everything I've been reading, it looks like a hard winter is coming. We've already had frost and it just continues to get cooler each day, so I guess my main focus right now is "winter prep".
  7. Oh thanks, that was nice. btw - at least the mosquitoes are gone. Always a good side to everything.
  8. Nice article. One of the first areas most people can really save in in their grocery amounts. Its amazing what others spend on groceries and what they throw out.
  9. Oooh an ornament exchange. Love those, can't wait to sign up. Scary - only 127 days left.
  10. Brings back many memories of my great granny and my grandmother and their aprons. I love aprons and wear them all the time. With all the spills I make taste testing I need too.
  11. amber208


    Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm thinking this is going to be a wonderful place to visit each day.
  12. I live in Canada, right smack dab in the middle of it. Its suppose to get to -1C (freezing) tonight and tomorrow night. Not very pretty!!
  13. It seems we've had winter all year. We had a huge snowstorm in the middle of May and now the coldest summer in 134 years. Tonight its suppose to be down close to freezing with a very good possibility of frost both tomorrow night and Friday night. We've been getting ready for winter for almost a month now.
  14. amber208


    Hi I'm new here too. Looks like a fun site.
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