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  1. I'm scared! I sat down this morning and everything is different What are the paid subsriptions and do I have to be on that separate page to do shout outs? So many questions, such a small brain!!!!!!!!!! I'm slow, but I'm thorough. I'll figure it out
  2. Hmmm...Rice cooker? Come on! Are we serious? The spinning potato peeler, I bought one and it was ok, but the blades snapped soon after and were ridiculous to replace. My all-time favorite...the cell phone;?P How DID our foremothers survive?
  3. We use a mix of salt and baking soda. First, we drip peroxide on the brush and then just a tiny sprinkle of the powder. My dentist (who I don't tell) said my teeth were perfectly clean, nothing to scrape off:?) It doesn't seem to abrasive to me.
  4. We've always called this one "Chicken in the Woods" and it feeds way more than 4 people for around $5. 1 chicken 3? cups rice 2-3 can of cream soups whatever you like in chicken soup:?) Boil a fryer chicken as you would for soup, but intead of noodles, boil rice (about 1 cup to 3 cups broth) in the broth while you cut up the chicken and when the rice is finished, stir in cream soups (chicken, mushroom or celery) till you like the consistency. (2-3 cans) If you are feeling spendy, throw in some canned peas or cook carrots along with the rice. My family loves this and it lasts
  5. Absolutely nuttin! Too busy preparing what I hope isn't our last big feast of a Thanksgiving dinner. Every year I wonder...and am quite thankful for all our blessings:?)
  6. I saw that on tv. What a great way to share and as a bonus, their fields were nicely gleaned:?) We go into the potato fields around here after harvest some years and it's amazing what gets left behind!
  7. Originally Posted By: Kevin B 123 I have used vinegar & baking soda together, allowing it to sit for a while, ( as long as overnight) and then scrubbed. The solution "softens" the residue up. Well, this is the one I tried, since these were the closest and it worked quite nicely! Thanks everybody! I will remember these in the future:?)
  8. Wow thanks for all the advice! I'll let you know how it comes out!
  9. Not just a little but a whole lotta! I had turned of my simmering applesauce to go to work and my 10 yr old DD decided to make hot cocoa, however, cranked the wrong burner and walked away. I came home to burned applesauce (which we will still eat, I'm not a waster:?) and in the bottom of the pan, just black and crusted, can't even get it out with a stainless steel scrubbie. Any tricks or ideas? I love that pan.
  10. I get so frustrated watching stories like those on TV or reading articles. They tend to have a condescending tone and all they say is either what I've done all along, or not remotely helpful. Oh well, Mrs. S is where the real experts seem to hang out;?)
  11. That's really cool:?) Necessity really is the mother of invention, eh?
  12. I proudly wear the title:?) I can hardly bring myself to throw a box away until I'm convinced I can't use it. I bring home large plastic bags from work for trash bags. Haven't thrown away a pb jar or mayo jar in years, use them for storage. On my grave one day will be written, "Seems like I should be able to find a use for this".
  13. I agree that SPAM is too expensive. We also buy the Armour Treet brand. Only have it once in awhile sauteed in butter and brown sugar and served with homemade mac n cheese. yumsters (prolly not very healthy, though)
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