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  1. All manner of chocolate, coconut oil, sunflower seeds in the shell.. Nerds for the kids.
  2. My husband finally got a new job. He's making literally half, almost to the penny, of his former job. Talk about a tight budget!!! The construction industry locally is practically at a stand-still, and they're saying that they're just hanging on until late winter when bids should start picking back up again.
  3. Thanks so much, Darlene. That recipe is exactpy what I needed. It's in the canner now.
  4. I understand that. The issue is that the water bath contains triple the amount of acid than the pressure canned ones for the recipes I've seen. We'd prefer to do one with less acid since my dad is so sensitive to it. Can I just make my regular marinara, acidify it according to the standard, and can that?
  5. Does anyone have a recipe for a marinara sauce that has some veggies in it? My mom wants to make some, and make it without all of the lemon juice that water bathing requires. Anyone have a pressure-canned recipe that's good?
  6. My main bread recipe calls for egg whites beaten to a stiff peak. I'm wondering how best to plan to accomplish that feat without electricity. Would a manual rotary egg beater do it?
  7. I wanted to update everyone. We had an emergency that wiped out our emergency fund and then some. Then, we had an emergency dental appointment for my daughter- a tooth abscessed. So our grocery budget went to zero. I'm now having to eat totally off of the preps we have and a $25 gift card that we got from a local store.
  8. My gutted toaster oven hasn't worked well so far. I'm thinking about ordering the one from Lehmanns to try it out. How hot do you have to get your woodstove to get what corresponding temperature inside the oven?
  9. Thanks. I've seen her site before. I remember shuddering at her writings about margarine when she was running the original site- we're strictly whole and unprocessed foods. I write whole food cookbooks that are gluten-free for a living, so I'm pretty well versed in the hows. And I'm thankful. I can't imagine trying to go GF at the same time as only have $125 for groceries for a month! What I wound up doing is going to the farmer's market and buying a 50-pound sack of potatoes for $16 and a lot of kale for 75 cents a bunch and a 40-pound box of sweet potatoes for $10. I'm doing p
  10. Thanks, Tracy. I'll check it out. I'm going to read through your site later today. My situation is further compounded by the problem that we have food allergies- can't have gluten flour or dairy. So everything with flour in it I have to convert to being gluten-free, and it's just not cut and dried. I'm a master gluten-free baker and I write cookbooks for a living and I still struggle with it from time to time! We also have to rotate our foods to help avoid more food allergies, so I can't serve the same thing every morning for breakfast, for example. I think one thing I do ne
  11. What I meant is if I bought all that I laid out, I'd only have $40 left. It was a hypothetical. I'm on day four into this month. So far I've spent $50, but some of that was stuff that would get us through the whole month, like a 50-pound sack of potatoes and 10 pounds of rice.
  12. Yeah, I figured that. Actually, I wore the jumper out yesterday, too. I figured out that if I move at a normal pace, they leave it alone. It's when I run or trot that they go nuts. That day I was trotting because it was sprinkling rain. Our roosters are tame, and I hold each one at least 3-4 times a week to enforce the point. They might fuss a little when I pick them up, but that's it. I'm not so worried about the hens, so they get held less.
  13. Oh, look! It's yet another chicken question from Casey! I got chased by two of my roosters today. I had on a denim jumper that has a bright red border on the bottom, and they went nuts for it. It was fine as long as I stood still, but they chased and sparred anytime I moved. Chased me all the way back to the house. Is that normal? I'm assuming so. What do I do the next time this happens?
  14. My girls are 19 weeks old today, and I was rather surprised because I didn't expect any eggs until they are 22-24 weeks. They're barred rocks and one is a different breed that looks a lot like the barred rock. Can anyone give me an idea of about how many eggs they should be producing right now and when they'll reach full production? I was really surprised to find those eggs I posted about, and this morning we left them in the coop until 2:30 due to rain, and I only found one small egg on the floor of the coop- smaller than any of the previous eggs. I had checked at 8:30 this morning and di
  15. Absolutely. That's why I have chickens, grow my own vegetables, culture my own sourdough, grow kombucha and water kefir, and I'm looking to get a goat to have raw goat's milk to kefir as well. WHen you produce it and you control what goes into it, you know what is in the finished product. BTW, start slow on kombucha. It can give you detox symptoms if you ramp up your consumption too quickly.
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