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  1. Gracious me...what a friendly bunch of folks. Oh yes, I already know I'll enjoy it here and once my girl gets here, she too will enjoy it. She had, at her old house a well stocked pantry...me, well I'm a guy and you know how us men are at pantries LOL So, she is in charge of the kitchen and supplies and I'm in charge of the 2 firearms (am not into weapons all that much) and other things that men love to do. Lots to see indeed. So many threads, don't know where to start
  2. Thank you for the warm welcome Cat. Dina is an interesting girl, since she is a from the south..me, I'm from all over, so we make for a pretty interesting team. I know she is looking forward to making friends (as she is easier to do that than me) and hopefully in the North Carolina area since that is where we plan on moving in a few years.
  3. Voted too. I know quite a bit about "in bush" survival, having fought in war and such. But, I know little about the actual type of homesteading I wish to do with my mate. That being, as the pioneers once did without modern "toys" of electricity and do dads to make your life easy (TV, coffee pots, etc.) and away from civilization as much as possible. My mate knows a bit more in this category, but still, there is so much to learn and share.
  4. Hello from Wisconsin!!! I'm BuckBall and must say this site is a godsend...it was my girl who directed me in your direction and though she has been a lurker for a few months, will be joining everyone else here, as soon as she relocates to me the end of this month. I've belonged to a few other boards and have become sickened with the yahoos who feel survival is about militias and playing war and talking politics upon politics. Having served in the UK military for 15 years and fought militias...I just cannot stomach anymore of that malarky since I'm a simple man who TRIES to live a simple and quiet life. My war days are not talked about, they are not boasted about or shared and are my own demons. I do look forward to learning much from this board, from the people here, as well as, giving my $.02 worth of intelligent chatter.
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