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  1. Yesterday was another busy day! Started out taking Peanut to the vet as she was having lots of congestion and problems breathing and her nose has been hot and dry since she came home from teeth cleaning on Tuesday. Now she is on antibiotics for the congestion and steroids/ antihistamine for breathing issues. She is already doing much better! Came home and walked (pretty warm by then), walked dogs. Made 18 pints of Dilly Beans and 9 pints of Pickled beans (sweet-ish). Got ingredients together to bake this morning for funeral. This morning walked, walked dogs. Made spoon brea
  2. Walked, walked dogs, cleaned 2 baths, swept and dusted house, finished paperwork to do with little brother to mail today and then made dog food to cook overnight. That was all yesterday. Today will walk and walk dogs. Take jeep in for oil change. PC dog food. Call eye docs for appt to get glasses soon. Take eBay photos. Wash and snap the 13 pounds or so of green beans.
  3. I'm sorry about your dad, Mt. Rider! Praying for your whole family! Trying times.
  4. Good afternoon! I did a video Friday and have to go to a friend's to help today as I did Saturday. Sunday was a busy day, too. Went to Walmart in the morning and it was raining really hard (had 6.5" yesterday), but needed to go in the morning to have items to work with in the afternoon. Made rice and sweet potatoes for dogs, cooked bell peppers and onions with turkey sausage for my breakfasts, cut up carrots for dog treats and then for dog food, cut sweet potatoes for dog food as well as treats, set up vitamins for the month for me, made a couple of calls. Way too much to do to catch up from
  5. Heading out to the train station in about an hour to head north. Visiting kids, grandkids and meeting great grandkids! I think I have DH set up for my time away. You all have a good couple of weeks!
  6. I do like my Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. It's a 98' model. When we do change the fuel pump, it will cost about $400 between parts and labor. DH's fuel pump change was about $350 and it is 3 years newer. So far today, I've walked and walked dogs. Going to juice the apples. Attempt to do a pedicure. That's about it. Very easy day. Yesterday, I tried to pack everything in my backpack and discovered it is not big enough. Going to use a smaller carry on and put my throw and pillow in the backpack. I've been told I will freeze on the train! Noticed a 5# bag of pota
  7. Praying for Littlesister and Jeepers! And I think I'm busy. LOL Already walked and walked dogs, this morning. Went to get DH some bananas from the local grocery. Took eBay photos. Next, will scramble eggs and freeze for DH to give dogs while I am gone North. He doesn't use the stove or oven because of hand tremors. Going to juice and freeze juice from a couple of bags of apples. Don't want them going bad while I am gone. I'm sure to find more to do today, inside. It's rainy again! I am looking forward to a little break while I'm up North!
  8. I think you need an alligator filled moat around your property, Littlesister. Keep them all out! A fence may be a little pricy right now, but sounds necessary! I had my 3 month doc appt. today. All is well, so far. Went to Tractor Supply for hard dog food. Home now and doing laundry. I think I will take a day off from walking-- it's raining anyway. Have a good week, everyone!
  9. Good to see you back, Littlesister! I'd be careful of that neighbor, too. My pepper spray attaches to my hand with a stretchable band. I would want something so I didn't feel threatened. Praying for you and your folks Mt. Rider! Thursday we got DH's jeep back. Fuel pump and filter was about $140 (we bought it), Installation was $200. It was a pain to do. We still need to get a fuel filter for my jeep. I went to Kroger and bought 5 half gallons of milk and pressure canned them. Tastes great! Yesterday, I did a video, then cooked for a funeral at Church.
  10. Walked first and walked dogs this morning. DH ordered a fuel pump for his jeep, so he will go get that this afternoon for the mechanic to install. Made sugar free pudding and jello for desserts. Took eBay photos. Still need to oven dehydrate sweet potato slices for dog treats. Hoping to have a car to drive again tomorrow! You all have a good day!
  11. Those kitties are darling! Praying for you and family, Mt. Rider! My dad had alzheimers. Not easy! Walked first--before rain--except it started in the middle of walk. Paid water bill on the walk, so that is done. Got out bug out bag and emptied it into another bag as it will be my suitcase in less than 2 weeks. Tried on all jeans in closet and they all fit. Decided which ones to take with me. Thawed a meatloaf yesterday and will bake it today. It's another rainy day so not doing too much.
  12. Walked first and walked dogs. I know it is repetitive, but it is worth listing as I am down 14 pounds since March 1st--between my way of eating and walking, that is. I am 12 pounds from my goal! That will be a total loss of 93 pounds! Most of it lost 3 years ago and semi maintained since. Did laundry. Made some phone calls. Dh and his friend went to his doc appointment. I have relaxed some today!
  13. We are having issues with both jeeps right now. One is at the mechanics and mine dies randomly. We suspect fuel pump with both of them. Good morning and Happy Mom's Day! Did video first. Sunday School and Church. Set up my vities for the month. Make Egg and veggie muffins. Call a couple of moms.
  14. Tornado siren only went off once yesterday. Big improvement from the last batch of weather when it went off 5 times, some overnight! Also, we only got 3" rain instead of 5" with the last weather. And the power only went out for about 2 hours instead of a day or more. Good times. Tuesday morning before the storms started, I walked, then ran up to Walmart. Washed sheets, blankets, rugs and dog blankets. Went for haircut at 1 pm. This morning, walked first and walked dogs. Printed out tickets for train-not for another 2.5 weeks, but I prepare ahead. LOL Girls came
  15. Praying for Mt. Rider's dad and family!
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