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  1. Keeping you in prayer, Littlesister!
  2. Got my 2 burner propane cooker yesterday. Waiting on a 7,5 gallon propane tank from the hardware store.
  3. Thank you! It is. DH got friend to court yesterday and it was just to do a not guilty plea. Now waiting til the beginning of May for next court date. Turns out, I can't go to the only Urgent care my insurance takes unless my PCP refers me. What's the point of calling it Urgent care? My doc got me in when she found that I was going somewhere else. Also yesterday, did laundry and made a loaf of cheese bread in a bundt pan. Turned out great! Today, I have been washing rugs and dog blankets, while I had help for top to bottom clean in the house. Walked d
  4. Good morning, everyone! Praying for Littlesister this morning. You are on my mind today! DH is already on his way for taking friend to court. Need to make some pudding. I have to feed and let dogs out. Go to Urgent care. (having an issue with a toe that is messing up my walking and you know I can't have that)! It was going to be a week and a half before I could get in to my primary care doc. When I come home, I will pressure can some leftover dip. Re-arrange laundry room so I can fit the small freezer in that I got for $25. Walk (I hope)!
  5. I do, Mt. Rider! First one for me. Since then I felt one in AZ. The floor was rolling under my feet at the restaurant and hanging lights swaying. Strange!
  6. Hope you're feeling a little better, Mt. Rider! Picked up a bottle of L-Lysine this morning for immune system. No truck yet at hardware store so no propane tank either. Came home and walked. Walked dogs. Sure seems like I've done more than that, but can't think of what it was. Tomorrow, DH takes his friend for his court date. Will be a relief to get him there and maybe have that over!
  7. Church first-- no video today. Make rotel dip for ladies Church get together. Work on updating list that I keep putting off. Group party at 2:30 Hope you all have a good Sunday!
  8. An understandable misunderstanding, Annarchy! LOL Already did a video and taking a break before walking dogs. Will do some laundry. Sweep house. Want to bake something, not sure what yet, maybe Red Lobster bread. Work on a list or two. Make sausage out of some ground pork that I got for free from a friend.
  9. Did video first thing this morning. Went to hardware stores looking for 7.5 gallon propane tank. Have one located at local hardware. It is supposed to be on the truck today. We will see. So now we will have a 7.5 gal tank and a large 2 burner stove. Will be on lookout for generator (pawn shops--thanks Cg) and a small cookstove, Went to Kroger for local sales. Ha! They were out of many, many items. They said they haven't gotten a truck all week! Came home and had telephone doctor visit for trigger thumb. Hope to not do anything else today.
  10. I had turned off the central heat/ ac unit. When the power came back on, we had to wait for hot water to pour some on outside unit as it was completely iced up.
  11. Will do a video shortly. Research for generators on internet. Cut up cheese and carrots for dogs. Sweep house. Make a couple of calls. Supposed to get up to 38 today. No more rain or snow in forecast. Hope everything melts!
  12. I'm so sorry, Littlesister! I know it will be hard and take time, but I believe you will be ok. I am thankful that your grand daughter lives near. Please feel free to talk, share and vent with us here, at any time.
  13. Buy generator since Brother in law having one we can use (as DH says) doesn't help if we can't get to it. Already ordered large propane outdoor burner stove for canning or cooking. Will get 7 gallon propane tank next week. Buy small cookstove and propane cannisters for just heating and cooking. Keep adding to stocks.
  14. We didn't. I had heard of that and will be getting items this weekend.
  15. Dh was skeptical so I only poured it on one side of the porch and at the entrance going out. It worked great at the entrance and is still clear. There is snow on the porch but doesn't seem to have ice under it. Good deal. I will be making that again!
  16. I love what you said about spending time in the kitchen, Euphrasyne! It makes me feel better too! Well it's been a day...or 2. Power went out Monday morning at 9:30 Turned on last night at 8:00. Monday night we slept in the house and froze. I've never worn so many clothes at once. We thought it got down to 40 degrees in the house, then discovered that was as low as the thermostat went. Brought in a thermometer and it was 34 degrees in the house. Was wishing that DH had let me order the propane stove a month ago when I wanted to. He didn't see the need for it. I think h
  17. Had to de-ice the central ac/ heating unit. Salted the back porch and stairs. We are too far South for snow! Usually. Will do a video in a bit. Make pudding and jello. Cut up carrots for dog treats and cheese, too. Try to stay warm everyone!
  18. Wonder if it would work on wooden steps and deck? I will try it on half my back porch first.
  19. I agree! Wish I had considered using one a long time ago. Saves on electric bill as it is less expensive to use the heated blanket than turn up the central heat at night.
  20. Was off to the local grocery stores at 7:30 AM this morning. Got home in time for Church. Came home and set up my vitamins, etc. for the next month. Took eBay photos for DH. Going to make Sausage gravy and biscuits for dinner. Watch tv for a bit.
  21. I have a Hamilton Beach 14 cup processor that is an older model. Last year, I tried to buy a new one because the middle spindle on mine is cracked and it is difficult to get the slicing blade on, which is what I use most. I discovered that the newer processors have a smaller opening to put food in to be sliced or shredded. I returned 3 different ones and so far am struggling along with the old one. I use mine quite a bit and am not sure what I will do when this one finally dies, but thinking I will get a professional one, maybe from a restaurant equipment store? I am following this thread
  22. Hope you and your little one feel better soon, Euphrasyne! Doing a video this morning and then visiting a friend today and tomorrow. 42 is the high today and 41 tomorrow. Wearing insulated jeans since I will be outside some. I bet some of you up North would be in shorts in this weather! LOL
  23. It's an inside day, today. Will do video first. Take eBay photos. Work on a couple of lists. Make a phone call or two. It's rainy and we had thunderstorms overnight and this morning. It's going to get cold for several days with snow expected Monday! Hopefully then on to Spring!
  24. I hope you can find the help you need soon, Littlesister! Yesterday, I walked first, then had a girl's day with a friend, hitting some different thrift shops and flea market. We had a great time! She used to be my neighbor before we bought our house in town. Hope to get together more often with her! Came home and cooked dinner-- Chicken Philly Cheesesteaks. Boy did they turn out great! Today, walked first, then walked dogs. Washed sheets, dog blankets and rugs--not all at once. Cleaned bathrooms and swept floors. Moved some cases of water and a bag of salt (for
  25. Already walked and walked dogs. Second load of laundry is in the washer. My rose hips are dehydrating in the oven. Am babysitting big dog today while DH and friend go shopping. Will sweep after big dog leaves. Not sure what else. Talked to the lady I got the jars from Sat. She has a small chest freezer (that works). I can get it this weekend for $25!
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