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  1. I woke up at 4:15 this morning. Seems to be getting earlier and earlier. Not getting as much sleep as I was. It may be because I am losing more weight and need thyroid meds adjusted again. Will walk first. Take Peanut Butter to beauty parlor. Hit grocery store for a couple of items and then thrift stores while Peanut is beautified. This afternoon, will wash inside of living room windows (dog snot). Use leaf blower on front and back porch. Clean refrigerator shelves. Wash sheets and comforter and hang out on new line that DH put up yesterday. Will probably find a few other little projects to do in prep for family visit this weekend.
  2. Happy Birthday, Martian Chick!!! Have a great day!!!
  3. Rough day, Mt Rider! Hope you feel better this morning! Already walked and walked dogs. Doing some house cleaning today. Clean and blow leaves off carport/ front porch. Tonight Church. Easy day.
  4. This morning, I will walk and walk dogs. Plant something in another lick tub I found. Fertilize plants in existing lick tubs. Prune roses. Cook bell peppers, onions and sausage for breakfasts. Wash rugs and dog blankets. Do a few mini cleaning jobs to spruce up for family visit this weekend.
  5. Yesterday, I went to Walmart at 7 am for monthly stock up. Only thing out of was GV big can of decaf and the sugar looked kind of low but I wasn't buying any. I did get another bottle of yeast and more flour--just in case. Set up my vitamins for the month Sunday School and Church. Came home and paid bills Walked the dogs. Picked figs and checked elderberries. Cut up cheese for dog treats. Baked some pork loin steaks for dinner. Today, walked first and then walked dogs. Dehydrating sweet potato treats for dogs. Started pinto beans with a ham bone in the slow cooker. Still need to make pudding and then make croutons out of some old hamburger buns. Hopefully, that'll do it!
  6. Amen Euphraysne! Glad you are recovering well! Got the semi feral cat into the crate this morning and to the vet's at 7:30 to be spayed. We will keep her in a large cage inside for a few days and see how she will do with the dogs. May end up letting her stay outside, but at least no kittens! Came home, walked and refilled a prescription on the way. Went to dollar General for kitty food, litter box, etc. I'm not doing much today. Very hot out 93 or 94 real temp. Will go pick up cat about 3:30 pm.
  7. I have used my juicer and the seeds stay mostly in the pulp, but that is not using the whole tomato unless I mix the pulp back in. I don't have a Vitamix, but would love to!
  8. I wish I could take naps! If I try, my whole sleep schedule (which is hard enough on a normal day) would be off the charts. I have way too much energy for a 64 year old! It may be time to cut the thyroid meds back again. I got 24 quarts of dog food canned yesterday re-using old lids and only 2 did not seal and are in fridge. 8 hours of canning PC plus the time to make it the night before. I shouldn't have to make more until October (hope). Walked first this morning and walked dogs, then fed them. Made a few phone calls. Put away dog food. A lady from MS Animal project returned my call and they will do a voucher to spay the half feral cat that's hanging around. Have an appointment in the morning. Now to get her in a carrier with our arms intact! It cost us $50. All vets in the area charge over $100 for the same thing. I went to meet her (the lady, not the cat) with the money, then to Kroger for local sales which aren't that great but we needed a few things. Not doing much else until later when I will go meet my Sunday School class for dinner at a local deli. Looking forward to that!
  9. Walked first this morning and walked dogs. Started one last load of laundry. Am in the middle of pressure canning dog food. Already ran two canners--14 quarts and getting ready to start round two. Not doing much else today--93 out with heat index of 101.
  10. This morning walked first and so far that's it. Going to walk dogs next. Trying to get a call back from vet to spay a half ferrel cat. Will do some laundry. De-flea dogs and wash all blankets and rugs. Prep meat and veggies for making mass quantities of dog food this evening. That's about it for today.
  11. I'm so sorry about your nephew, WE2! Praying!
  12. You have plenty going on and coming in, Littlesister! Try to rest a bit! This morning, I went to Walmart early for dog food ingredients. Then Sunday School and Church. Will thaw meat for the dog food this evening and make it tomorrow evening. Just taking it easy today!
  13. Walked first this morning. Helped DH with clothesline--now he just needs to tie up the lines. Cooked bell peppers, onions, turkey sausage and eggs for breakfasts. Made 3 meatloafs- 1 loaf pan, 1 9X9 pan and one 9X13. Froze two of them and will cook the 9X9 today. I may do some eBay drafts later.
  14. Walked first this morning and walked dogs. Helped DH with putting up clothesline. Raked leaves out of gutter in front of house. Dug up one last dead rose bush. Killed ants. Visited a friend. Made sugar free pudding. Thawing hamburger to make meatloaf tomorrow. Still need to sweep house. That's enough!
  15. Walked first. Went to Walmart for a couple of things. Thrift stores--Got 51 canning jars for 25.00. Good enough! Some pints and some quarts. Went up to Church to help clean up after a fund raiser. Found out that Vacation Bible School is postponed or cancelled because the youth group went to a camp and were exposed to someone who tested positive for covid. Kids are quarantined. That frees up a lot of time for me next week, so we will see what I find to do!
  16. Happy Belated Birthday, Littlesister! I'm glad you are able to get sheets up and turn some items around so they aren't easily identified! Walked first, then fed and walked dogs. Made a couple of phone calls. Made a big batch of chili. Pressure canned--still going-- 7 quarts, froze a large container and have another large container in the fridge. Made 2 hamburgers to cook later. Probably Church tonight.
  17. Maybe just hang a sheet in front of it if it is along a wall? Or would they have to see what was behind it?
  18. Got 2" rain overnight and still raining. Started last load of laundry. Going to give dogs baths in a bit and then clean bathrooms. Walk when and if it stops raining and then walk dogs.
  19. Only here for a minute this morning. Will catch up on posts later! Off to Sunday School and Church this morning, then Kroger for hamburger sale (going to can meatloaf with one pack and chili with another). Then Dollar Tree for cheap reading glasses. Come home and walk dogs if not raining. We got 1.5" Friday and almost 4" yesterday. We will see what today brings. When I get home, will cook bell peppers onions ham and eggs for breakfasts. Bake a blueberry apple pie from the pie filling I canned a week or so ago,--one quart didn't seal and has been waiting in fridge. That will be enough for today!
  20. I agree. No thistle whacking! LOL Already walked--no dog walk today. Will go out in a bit and kill ants all around the property. Will set up DH's meds for the month. Am baking a ham that has been in the deep freeze. Will sweep house and dust. Take eBay photos from the drafts I wrote yesterday. Try to call the cable company again. They still were not taking calls yesterday.
  21. For me, fixed rate is the only way to go. The other way May be better for them.
  22. I'm so sorry you are going through this Euphrasyne, but I am glad you are home and that your mom is there to help! I'm glad you are in one piece, Mt Rider! Yikes, you are re-earning your moniker! Walked first, then walked dogs. The mail lady is acting like she won't pick up our mail on the porch as she is concerned about the kitten that has been hanging around. She doesn't like it being friendly and around her legs. Weighs less than 2 pounds. We may have to check with Post Office to see what their rules are. She has spray. Going to prune back a bush on the side of house. Sweep house. Try to call cable company again to cancel cable. Do a few eBay drafts.
  23. Hah! I remember one where the bad guys stole the dog that had just eaten a whole bunch of prunes. LOL I love those books. Can't remember what number was the last one I read.
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