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  1. Good morning! Already took eBay photos Have done 2 loads of laundry Have 14 quarts of dog food in the PCs--more to come after. When the first PCs start their hour cool down, I'll walk. Then re-load PCs for second round. Cut up cheese for dog treats- when it thaws. That has got to be about all!
  2. I'm so sorry about your DH's fall, Littlesister! Glad the lift showed up and the wheelchair soon! Good morning! Already did video! Church first. Set my vitamins for the next month Measure a board for a shelf support. Take eBay photos. Do insurance project on computer. Maybe wash dogs, maybe not. You all have a good day!
  3. The state of our country is distracting and disappointing to me. My diet is not going well. Not gaining but not losing either. It's like being on a roller coaster that won't stop and let you off. Going to visit with a friend this weekend. Getting ready to do a shorter exercise video so I have done something today. Hope you all have a calm and good weekend!
  4. Sorry about your dh's leg, Littlesister! I hope wound care can get it healed! The ham is put away. The pineapple is still in the oven. It takes a long time. I walked and so did the dogs. I even made up a calendar from photos I took in the last year, through Shutterfly. Every once in a while, they offer one for free-just pay shipping. That is when I get them done!
  5. You are sounding very busy, Annarchy! Hope you get s little rest, also! Supposed to be a nice day today! 66 degrees and sunny! Will walk and walk dogs at some point. Have a ham I got for $5 at Kroger to bake today. Will dehydrate 2 pineapples after the ham comes out. Write eBay drafts. That should be enough!
  6. Today have to run to the bank, Dollar Tree, and the bread store maybe a thrift store. Fix DH's pills for two weeks. Walk! Hair cut at 1! Take food to sick friend at 4.
  7. Very well said, Mother. Thank you!
  8. Good afternoon ladies and anyone else! Pretty slow day for me today. Walked pups and did dog chores this morning. Made Pink Fluff to take to a sick friend. It's like a sweet jello salad. Took eBay photos Did many miscellaneous chores. But I did sleep! 8 and a half hours! Woohoo!
  9. That looks great, Dee! I would need more room and one less Corgi to do that at this point! LOL
  10. I always raw pack. How it is divided or cut is determined by how I want to use it. I do add salt and sometimes homemade taco seasoning if it is for a Mexican dish.
  11. I sure hope you get plenty of sleep and feel better tomorrow, Jeepers! I decided to do a little extra today and went to Walmart this evening. Sunday evening is usually a good time to go to Walmart if one has to go, but tonight it was a zoo! Not sure if people were spending stimulus money or panicking. Most had full carts of groceries. There were lots of outs at my store too. No lettuce, no grapes, no chocolate milk. Had to go to Kroger for that. Filled up my gas tank while I was out.
  12. Not much today. Already did video. Hard boiling eggs now. Then Church. Probably write eBay drafts and maybe take photos later.
  13. Good morning! Not much on my list for today. Dog chores and walking. Wash sheets. Write eBay drafts. Easy day--no politics. God yes- politics nah.
  14. Good morning! I am going to be optimistic today! Have to pay water bill today. Stop at Dollar General for DH. Hardware store for big rope for dog chew toy. Write eBay drafts. Cut up cheese for dog treats. Date and put away BBQ pulled pork that was PC'd yesterday. This afternoon, going to wake for my neighbor. Cover plants (every night, pretty much while it's cold). It's easier than bringing them in.
  15. Happy Birthday, Dee!!! Hope you have a great day and better year!!!
  16. LOL! Me too! Good morning! Will do video soon. File year end boxes in a large tote somewhere. Going to pressure can some BBQ Pulled Pork that's been in the freezer. Order seeds!
  17. Did a few errands in town this morning. Came home and did year ending books and filing for eBay. That's about it for today. It's so nice to leave doors open in our home now! Had to close some because of extra dog. He is dong fine at his home with his dad now! Yay!
  18. Did my personal year end filing and grilled some chicken, country ribs and hot dogs. DH's friend that was in jail is out. He paid the 1000 plus fee. DH signed for him. He better show up for court! Actually, DH will drive him there. Nice to have his stuff and dog out of the house and return to somewhat normal! He managed to keep his rental. We paid it with his bank card. Big sigh of relief!
  19. My word is Faith! Stephanie asked on facebook about our favorite scriptures and mine are Job 13:15 and Psalm 23:1 so Faith seems the common denominator.
  20. At some point, I'll walk today. Too cold this morning. Laundry day. Do year ending books and put away. Package dehydrated apples from yesterday. Make a couple of business type phone calls. Par boil chicken for grilling.
  21. I am mentally tired so far. Physically, I have plenty of energy but with everything going on (including DH's friend in jail and we have his dog still, over a month now), I'm feeling strained. And with my neighbor friend passing away a few days ago. It's a lot to process! I'm sorry you are starting off the year tired and I pray it will get better for all of us!
  22. Going to do my exercise video shortly. Church. Start thawing some chicken and ribs to grill on Tuesday. Dehydrate last bag of apples. Ladies group? Not sure whether we will be meeting today or not. Easy day!
  23. That sounds like me, CG! Happy New Year!
  24. My diet started the day after Christmas. Started at 169.6 and today am 163.0. I know it will slow down and that is ok. I do one meal a day with maybe a beef stick or slice of turkey and cheese stick in the morning and evening. End date for diet is April 26th and then maintain wherever I am at for a year or two like I have done so far. Today, going to help a friend, actually the next two days. Lots of visiting! Have a great day, friends!
  25. I wore a t- shirt and shorts when walking this morning at 8 am! You are all welcome but it is raining pretty good all afternoon and this evening, supposedly. Did dog chores after walk. Ran to town for sodas for DH and some meat specials. Went to the Verizon store to re-activate my old phone and reset new one to return. It stays hot all the time and won't hold a charge. Mailed off returned phone for a refund. I came home and found that my next door neighbor had passed on in the middle of the night. We were pretty close and did things together often. I will miss her a lot
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