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  1. It is so good to be home again! Thank you Mountain Mommy and Darlene for all your hard work and patience!
  2. Thanks! I am taping them too now that I know ( along with some Honeymooner reruns) New shows don't hold a candle to the classics.
  3. Very frugal and quiet Christmas for us. My biggest surprise was a MrsSurvival sister who sent me a "Small Batch" canning book as we are still in the small trailer. It was a great surprise! We think the best part of our frugal Christmas is the less retail there is in the holiday-the more God there is!
  4. Thanks Urbanforager! I will save this with the elderberry recipe.
  5. Just got home from our employee Christmas party tonight -they do the dirty santa game and what I ended up with that no one wanted was a hand cranked flashlight. They never guessed that that is what I would have chosen from the start! Merry Christmas All!
  6. MrsS has reminded me of things I used to know and taught me many things that I never thought I would need to do. Also the gift of friendship and the opportunity to speak my piece in a non judgemental arena.( Doesn't happen often in the real world). Still have so much to learn-Thank you everyone!
  7. Collard greens and cornbread. A little bacon drippings for flavor- no meat but very cheap in FL or CA and lots of iron, filling too.
  8. I got 83% and thought I would be much lower. Preps for only several months so it must be our financial and manueverability that helps.
  9. I do that with family when making corncob jelly. Eat the corn off the cobs and throw them back in a pot with sugar, pectin and water-boil and strain. Double duty for the corn!
  10. Those are really great! You sure can't have too many cabinets. I would love to look at those every day!
  11. Miki is fine. That is what I go by. Thank you for caring.
  12. Thanks for bringing that up. According to that letter sensationalism is as dangerous as the attacks! Useful info.
  13. I am only working 3 days a week at the restaurant in Q. Usually work at least 5 days a week at this time. It is my 4th season. God willing it will pick up soon, snowbirds seem to be coming into town. I will pray for all of you and your families.
  14. I e-mailed him this eve to recommend this site.
  15. I love the way you write! Really makes me wish I could have been there. I haven't been East of the Mississippi in 6 years.
  16. Thats a lot of videos! Shows how to do all the pilates moves in the fitness category.
  17. Welcome Christy! It is a great group of people here! I, too have the fear of the pressure canner which I hope to conquer in the future. Til then I stick to jams, pickles etc.
  18. Thanks for sharing your experiences and photos. Makes me feel more a part of the group. You are all appreciated!
  19. I have a friend who takes Garlique and says it has lowered it enough so much the docs took him off his perscription.
  20. Welcome Margoc! There is so much to learn here! I have spent months reading and printing in different forums. Such a collection of info and characters-LOL
  21. The ones I buy in Algodonnes are corn. They smell great and the flour ones don't smell at all. I had heard that the meds and antibiotics down there had gone up in price but everything I got was the same as last Spring. Yay- something didn't go up!
  22. Stevie Rae! We had her for 8 years- not long enough. She had so much attitude. She taught herself to carry her own leash. We believe that she thought we couldn't find our way home if she didn't lead the way. She would look back at us like "Come on you morons! You would never get home if I wasn't around" We do still feel a little lost without her. She was too much! Our 2 new rescues do help us to heal-Miz Lucie and Buddy Love! They are like having Abbott and Costello as sidekicks!
  23. Hi Stephanie-I must have misspoke myself. I got the tortillas in Mexico. They are handmade with no label at all, just wrapped in plastic and still warm when I bought them. i also got a handcranked flashlight with a radio.( At Walmart, not in Mexico) There I go again! Walmart in Yuma is less expensive than the one in T or C, NM on every item I was familiar with- 50 cents to 2 dollars. P.S. Michele- I will have to get a bigger travel trailer to fit anyone in here with us and hopefully that will happen soon! Selling one of my loaves of bread tomorrow.
  24. Today I made 3 loaves of bread-no machine- and peanut butter cookies. The ingredients are: peanut butter, sugar and an egg. No flour or other ing. Tomorrow i go to Mexico to get several months of perscriptions at a fraction of the price here. Have done this for 4 years now with no problems. Also handmade tortillas- 100 for 80 cents.
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