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  1. Walked this morning, feels like Spring today! Apparently, that is not happening everywhere! Dehydrated a bag of apples in the oven. Called in DH's prescriptions. Made a couple of phone calls. Getting ready to slice and blanch turnips to freeze.
  2. With DH's hand tremors, using scissors is out of the question! For that reason, I love them. I wrap any present I can because I think they look better. I hope Abby is still doing well, today! Good morning! Already did exercise video. One load of laundry done. Going to Walmart for monthly stock up plus? Going to a couple of thrift stores. Calls to make. Cheese to cut for pups. Set up DH's pills for 2 weeks. Figure out how to set my newer phone camera to shutter speed priority. Transfer foods between freezers to rotate. Some of this may wait until tomo
  3. Going to do an exercise video in a few minutes. Church. Set up eBay folders for 2021. Maybe meet with ladies group later, not sure if that is happening or not. EBay photos?
  4. I had a weird dream/ nightmare last night. I was working at a retail store as a cashier and Joe Biden was in line and when he came up to me, he started talking to me. I could tell what he was trying to say so I would fill in the word he was going for. Then he asked me to come work for him and I woke up. Yikes! Already ran to the local grocery for milk, eggs, carrots and bananas. Going to start drying sweet potatoes for dogs in a few minutes. Then dehydrate some apple slices. Lastly, clean baths. Still not over that dream. Creepy!
  5. Made lunchroom style dinner rolls, yesterday and they turned out amazing! Already figured out this morning that if I heat one in microwave for 20 seconds, it tastes and has consistency of just out of the oven. Cooking our Christmas dinner (frozen lasagna LOL) today. Also making olive jalapeno cheese bread and then sausage gravy for DH. Shouldn't have to cook for several days after. Might dust the house today and I never set up my eBay 2021 system yesterday. Making rolls sounded like more fun to me! Hope you all can take it a little easy today!
  6. I might have had it last January, but they weren't really testing back then unless you'd been traveling, etc. If I did have it, DH with COPD never even got sick at all! What you are describing sounds like what I had back in 2012. Sickest I'd been since 1976. Still don't know what I had.
  7. I've done morning pet chores Swept house. Went to a couple of local stores for stocking stuffers. I think I will start some lunch room style rolls. I may or may not set up next year's eBay filing system.
  8. Ran around a lot yesterday morning. My doc office for printed labs and to drop off a banana bread for doc. Kroger for sales- butter, eggs and got a ham also at .99 pound for butt. Another local grocery for onions and celery. Finally caught up with ladies from animal shelter to return live trap. Dropped off another few banana breads. Bought gas and came home. Today, I am doing laundry already. Will sweep. Maybe do eBay photos. Catch up on some paperwork. Definitely walk at some point as it is supposed to get up to 69 degrees today!
  9. I use whatever I have in the cabinet which is usually pretty inexpensive! Went to Church this morning. Made several phone calls that I had been putting off. Readied my vitamins for the next month. Slow and easy day!
  10. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/558727897528200720/
  11. Have to make a run this morning to deliver some banana breads and pick up tostado chips for a Mexican casserole. Then feed dogs Walk Dig up turnips and remove garden fence. Supposed to get up to 58 degrees with a light South breeze. Cook the collards that I cut yesterday. Cut cheese for dog treats. Make a couple of phone calls. Hope that's it but maybe eBay photos.
  12. I hope your DH's back feels better quickly, Mt. Rider! And I hope you are able to move soon, WE2! Today is National Banana Bread Day here! I'm going to make between 25 and 30, I think. I will probably cut and cook my collards at some point. Vacuum rug.
  13. Have to run to DG first for a couple of needed items. Get Italian sausage with bell peppers and onions going in Crock Pot for dinner. Make Spoon bread casserole for a funeral dinner this afternoon and drop it off at Church. Bake the one roll of cookies that I didn't freeze. Vacuum rug. DH is already off to a doc appt. When he gets home, we are going to the jail that his friend is in to get his personal effects so that DH can see if she stole his money and if not, pay his rent. Then go to my favorite salvage grocery in that town. When I went to the one on Monday, the cashier was hav
  14. It was about 38 with an added wind chill when I left the house this morning. I had Doctor appt. -re-check- today. Went fine. Walmart- they finally had the fruitcake mix I add to banana bread. Then to day old bread store where they actually had a few loves of my low calorie bread. Once home, I made 3 logs of sugar cookie dough and 3 logs of white chocolate chip dough. They are all in the freezer but one, which I will bake tomorrow. The drama with the fellow in jail is ongoing, so I just try not to participate, and yes we still have his dog.
  15. Glad you are recovering well, Kappy! Hope Mary is taking it a little easy, too! DH has an eye doctor appt. at noon, then I hope to stop at a local salvage grocery, mostly for spices. Already on second load of laundry and have gone through baking supplies so I know what I need for banana breads and cookies. I may dig up turnips this afternoon. Our extra dog jumps the fence and poops in the garden so I think I'm about done with it. Still have to cut collards and that's the end of it. I will leave them, but take down the fence. Sure hope to make contac
  16. I have Church this morning and then cleaning house. Sweep, dust, clean bathrooms, wash rugs. May go through recipes for Christmas and see what I may do. Made jalapeno popper meatballs, yesterday. They were a hit! Froze some for Christmas.
  17. Good morning! I washed and sliced the radishes yesterday. Making the pickles today. Got most of the Christmas cards made out and sent yesterday. We are meeting our "friend's" landlord out at the rental he was in this afternoon. Not really looking forward to that. Landlord didn't want to go in alone. He knows we are not involved in any of the crap that has gone on. Otherwise, hope to take it easy and watch a movie or two.
  18. Yes, we do and it is wearing on us. Still haven't heard from fellow in jail who belongs to the dog. As far as walking, I did walk yesterday and will today. It was easier than I thought to get back into it. Today, I will make radish pickles from the Daikon's I harvested. And hopefully, make out the Christmas cards that I feel I must do. Mostly family. It's not been an easy year, but when I think of people in other, less developed countries going through the same things we are, then I know we are truly blessed and I should not be complaining. With our
  19. Mine are Elizabeth Arden and I don't look like her, either. LOL Seriously, my glasses have been falling off my head for the past year and a half. After losing the 80 pounds. Apparently, I was a fat head, but no longer! I get them to heat the nose piece up when I think of it at Walmart, but they can't seem to do it long enough to really fit.
  20. Going to run to town later. Found a meat grinder accessory kit for my kitchen aid for $25 on a facebook group. Also, need a few things from Kroger. New phone works fine so I just ordered a case for it. Will walk sometime today and then work on organizing freezers! Since it will be 73 degrees today, I will harvest radishes to pickle another day. I sure hope Kappy is ok! I miss her posts!
  21. I got it off my facebook canning group---S.N.U.G. I'll see if I can figure out how to link it later. And it is good!!! Two didn't seal. Darn! Sounds like you had a good day, Jeepers! I love days like that! Went to Verizon this morning and got my new phone transferred over. Took awhile but I had my kindle, so I was good. Freezer is cooling and lights are up. I will work on organizing freezer tomorrow. Still haven't walked. This is getting out of control! Tomorrow is the day!
  22. Don't know why there is a quote box. Anyway, every time I think I have challenges, you pipe up @Mt_Rider, and I realize I am pretty normal. LOL I think your life gives your heart a better workout than mine, though! I hope you have a good and restful day, today! Electrician fellow should be here late morning to finish work, hook up lights and freezer. At least I will know then if it works! Shortly after that, I will go to Verizon office for them to change info from old phone to new one. Probably come home and put stuff in new freezer.
  23. I've done 3 loads of laundry and PC'd 6 quarts of Chicken Frickin' Good! The 9 pounds of chicken was free! That's it for the day!
  24. https://covid19.elsevierpure.com/en/publications/admission-hyperglycaemia-as-a-predictor-of-mortality-in-patients-?fbclid=IwAR33P8asGTos1X04s-Pv3YyxsJeznLB4wBpm5rvYuN5-0qo1VQ108dlUcnE This may have already been posted. If so, please delete! Thanks
  25. Took DH to doc appt. 70 miles away this morning. Stopped briefly at a new thrift shop on the way back and the salvage grocery. Glad to be home! My new phone came today. Will take it to Verizon tomorrow so they can change all data over to new phone. Tomorrow, I hope to start walking again. Have missed it with all the stress and things going on in our lives.
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