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  1. Just got a message from my niece detailing a few if the Covid measures in Guangzhou. First, at the airport, international passengers are segregated all the way through the system and apparently the workers dealing with them are in hazmat gear. Then the 14 day mandated quarantine at a government designated hotel. So, everyone at this hotel is in quarantine and has no contact of any kind with the outside world. Then they have what she called the QR system which is tied to their healthcare system. Basically, she said without your ID which had your health info and your latest Covid test resul
  2. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Hope you are having a good day!
  3. I will keep an eye on the thread.
  4. On my Facebook feed there is an ad for Foster Grant progressive readers. About $35. I may check into it after the holidays. Much cheaper than the $400 price tag for the progressives I got from Walmart eye center.
  5. From a friend on another board that I visit. Posted yesterday. One of my family members accepted a teaching position at an international academy in Guangzhou, China, on the Southern coast of China. She arrived there two weeks ago and finished her quarantine, during which she was shut up in a hotel room for 14 days and was not permitted to exit. Food and other necessities were delivered to her. Upon completing the quarantine and getting a negative test she was permitted into the city and was surprised to find that there were almost no restrictions due to the virus. She said the ris
  6. Littlesister, I understand about your DH not taking your work and caregiving seriously. Just expecting things to be done for him. I have that problem with DH occasionally. We do have a talk! I get to feeling like the maid and that doesn't end well! Then, he decides that he can make his own cup of tea and get his own bowl of cereal, etc. I know your DH can't do those things, but he can go to bed so you can rest. I will be praying for you! Mt. Rider, any update on your dad? Today, I have to set up my vitamins for the next month. Make rice for the dog's food. Fi
  7. I'm glad it wasn't a heart attack your dad was having, Mt. Rider! I will pray for all of you! Sounds like a lot of individual issues that snowballed. I put too much garlic (I didn't know that was possible) in my chili, so will be diluting it with more tomatoes and beans, then adding a little brown sugar. Hope it works! Going to help a friend today and then take it easy.
  8. Glad you're home and kind of caught up, Ann! Just another day in paradise here! This morning, DH asked the jailor to put our friend into their roster since he has been there since Monday and not found. We can't do anything for him except to contact his kids up North and let them know. So we keep the dog until something changes. The chest freezer I ordered yesterday (that was supposed to be in store) was cancelled a couple of hours later. I did finally get a refund today, for the first one I ordered that Fed Ex lost. So, no freezer yet. DH's 86 ye
  9. Did a return for freezer that was never received. Ordered another to pick up tomorrow (wish that had been available the first time.) Says it's in stock so we will see. Still haven't heard from the fella in jail and we called the jail. He is supposed to get bond today. This needs to be over soon! Not much sleep last night again. Today, I hope to pick up some leaves and throw them in the rose garden. And pitch my pumpkin that was a decoration on the porch. The wild animals will be happy! Might decorate porch for Christmas.
  10. Sigh. Haven't heard from the fellow in jail. DH's dad fell and broke both side of his ankle this morning at 86 years old and tested positive for covid at the hospital in FL. My chest freezer is still missing and customer service and the actual fed ex facility can't even agree on where it may be. Still no walk. Went to town for decaf tea for DH and hit thrift stores (and fed ex). Home now and just exhausted.
  11. Oreo gets along great with Smith! Now. They are best friends. And speaking of cats, (she is taking the one we re-homed with them), when I walked outside this morning, the original calico mama manx was sitting there. I just said no, turned around and walked back in the house. I can't start again! Same guy, dog and woman. She left today (I hope), dog is with us and haven't heard from the fellow that was in hospital then jail. Too much! I got 9 and a half hours sleep last night! Woohoo! Already did laundry. Made s/f jello and pudding. Made a turkey pot
  12. I hate drama! And have had more of it in the last 2 months with our "company" than in my 30 years of marriage. It's exhausting and overwhelming. Not sure if we are near the end or not, but she sent him to jail and we went out and rescued his service dog before she sent him to the pound. She is leaving for parts unknown tomorrow. Don't know what's next but he is the same age as us and has to take care of himself. I know I'm just venting--well entertainment anyway. Had to pick up a small order at Walmart this morning and hit the liquor store. No wait, that's not what I meant. LOL Was
  13. I intend to do a video this morning. Cut up cheese for the pups and make a turkey pot pie with leftover Thanksgiving. They admitted DH's friend to hospital yesterday. We have our friend's 125 pound pit bull for the duration. He seems very happy to be here with all the homemade food, treats and love! My new chest freezer is in the State now, so hoping it will arrive on target, Tuesday! Hospital just called and DH is on his way to retrieve his friend!
  14. Good morning! Went to Walmart at 7 this morning. There were a few "outs" today. Still not too bad Came home and DH went to thrift shops. His friend has been staying with us again due to lots of drama on the girlfriend's part. He's been very stressed and had me call an ambulance a little while ago. He has a history of heart problems and surgeries. They say he is checking out ok right now but, of course, took him anyway. I don't think I have anything else that I will do today.
  15. Sounds like a plan! But I think pants are overrated. Sometimes a nice mu-mu is called for! I just ordered a set of those containers. Do they still make mu-mu's?
  16. I'm glad that Thanksgiving was pretty good for you all! Will walk first and then dog chores. Decorate front porch for Christmas.. Wrap the thrift shop gifts. Write those Christmas cards. Call my step mom and my brother.
  17. Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving! Since I did all my cooking yesterday in a frenzy, today we will have all leftovers as there is plaenty of everything. Watched Christmas Vacation yesterday-- a yearly tradition. Went to bed at 6 pm. Sunday night 3 hours sleep and Monday night 2 hours sleep. I was tired! My list for today includes making out Christmas cards, wrapping my thrift shop gifts for DH, fertilizing the garden to keep the greens going and maybe decorating the front porch. Might run out of energy, though! Trying to take it easy! Also! Our Churc
  18. Glad you all are negative @TheCG! Well, I got almost 2 hours sleep last night. And I was doing so well for a couple of weeks! So, up at 5. Made coffee and got turkey in the oven. Made broccoli and rice casserole. Made stuffing and Green bean casserole. Tukey should be done about 8:30. After it rests a bit, will start packaging and putting away. Sides should be done around 9 and then the same will be done with them. For us, today is Thanksgiving and whenever we want to eat. After all is put away, I am taking the rest of the day off!
  19. Drive safely when you do head out @Annarchy! Went to stores looking at smallish chest freezers this morning. Ended up ordering one online with free delivery. Should be here next Tuesday. Yay! Went for my walk late morning. Did pine cone crafts with my neighbors granddaughter. Got things set up to cook tomorrow! We have a houseguest with his dog for a couple of days. My step daughter tested positive up in IL. She doesn't feel good, but not too bad either. Thanksgiving is cancelled for her family as her mom and a few others tested positive also. Praying t
  20. Walked first. Did pet chores. Called about my Tattler lids that were ordered on Oct. 11th. Lady said they would get them shipped today and they did. Makes me wonder when or if I would have gotten them if I had not called. Laundry is done for the week. Ran to store for old bananas. I get them cheap as I take a loaf of banana bread to employees. I will make some banana bread this afternoon for friends.
  21. Glad your roof is done, Annarchy! We need one, but the patch will have to do for now. After morning walk and dog chores, I will be making sweet potato treats for pups and taking eBay photos. Have to make jello and pudding sugar free for desserts. Might put up Christmas tree--no ornaments this year--Oreo is still too young and impulsive!
  22. Went to local grocery stores today for sales Then bread store Thrift stores. Didn't spend too much so good day! Walked myself and dogs. Done!
  23. Today, after walking and pet chores, I am making sweet potato treats for dogs. Will write 3 more eBay drafts. Will pick mustard greens and radish greens (for me this time) and cook. Will make hot water cornbread. Will finish last bag of clothes in closet--switching summer for winter-ish. That is probably it Guess I will get another pressure canner as PCing dog food would take two days with just one. DH will try to hammer it flat again with a towel and a 2 x 4 but the metal has been compromised - is what I have been told. At least I can use it for water bath and stockpot!
  24. Will do a video in a bit and take care of pups. Already have jars heating and PCs on stove. Should get 20 to 24 quarts of dog food. Then need to pick greens And pull out craft totes from closet, maybe more. Just making tuna salad sandwiches for dinner. The kitty is in her new home and out from under the couch where she hid when released. She seems very happy to be indoors which we could not do. Crap! New stove is hotter than old one. Warped one of my Pressure canners!
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