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  1. Well this visit went better than expected! The pills slowed him down some but did not sedate him. Slowed him down enough for the girls to throw a towel over his head to hold him because there was no putting a muzzle on him. He wasn't happy but should be good to go for 3 years on rabies! I'm resting and eating dinner. That will be all today.
  2. I'm sorry about your grandson, WE2. I'll pray that the docs can come up with another fix that will allow him to be mobile! Only thing on my list after my walk is to take Oreo to vet this afternoon. He will get 2 pills to sedate him first. I will let you know how this goes. Could be interesting with his fear aggression.
  3. I agree! Glad your DH got his wallet back with contents Mt. Rider and also glad you and your home are in one piece, Jeepers! That's a lot of stress and excitement there! I am staying low key this week. Fed and walked dogs, then walked myself this morning. Pressure canning about 10 pounds of pulled pork which was given to me today, made cucumber salad and that's about it! Yesterday evening, we did have a fellow come glue a few shingles on the roof which were lost during the recent storm.
  4. Sounds very positive, @euphrasyne! Glad life is moving a little smoother for you! DH is going to local VA clinic for lab work this morning so I am home to feed and walk dogs, then take my walk. Today, I will be hard boiling eggs, grilling a steak, trimming some roses and thawing some meat to PC tomorrow. I have run out of things to do. LOL Have a couple of calls to make as a friend passed away Sunday.
  5. Yes, I did! tried the peroxide on the floor. It works! I have a blanket and a throw. Throw is for the living room and blanket on bed in between sheet and comforter!
  6. Electric throw works great! We would consider 7-10" rain a lot here. Electric was off for a few hours. We were and are blessed! I'm so sorry about your grandson, WE2! And your daughter. I pray God heals both! It's laundry day. And flea meds day for the pups. Will go for walk after I feed dogs today and probably in the future. More time after and don't feel as rushed to get back. We will visit our company at their new home a little later today and I will put out sevin dust on the garden now that the rain is done.
  7. We got some wind and less than 4 inches of rain. So all good here! Not doing much today besides Church times 2, washing sheets and grilling some sausages. Need rest and sleep!
  8. Good morning! Yesterday, after walking, feeding dogs and walking them, I went to thrift stores and found a few things to sell, and to local grocery for sale items. Took the produce manager a jar of mango jalapeno jam as he sold me the mangoes cheap. This morning, it is raining so I will walk a little later (between rain bands). Going to feed dogs in a few minutes and then clean baths, dust house and sweep. Then walk! Also will saute up some bell peppers, onions, jalapenos, mushrooms and garlic to go in scrambled eggs. That's about it!
  9. Yesterday- Went to Salvation Army senior sale and other thrift shops. Tractor Supply for hard dog food, Lowes to see about a small chest freezer--too high. Went to a different vet to see about rabies shots. She will give 3 year where our local vet says "it isn't their policy to do that". Will save us some money! Had an electrician friend come over and found out that my electric range is shot. Circuit board is high price. Walked today and then went and bought a new range at Sears. It was on sale and no interest for 12 months. You know I will have it paid off before then. It won't be
  10. Today is laundry day (walked first and fed dogs). Still need to walk dogs and then go to local grocery for DH. I've done very little the last few days. I look forward to getting the oven fixed tomorrow so I can catch up on what has needed baking or dehydrating-- butternut squash, jalapeno poppers and apples. Our company has a rental house and are painting and doing some cleaning on it. Should be moving out of our house and into it on Wednesday. I shall enjoy having little to do for another day or so!
  11. Walked first, yesterday--then out in garden putting down 2 bales of hay. It's pretty dry here and I hope that will help hold water a little. Today--haven't walked yet, but printed data from godaddy bookkeeping for accountant. Want her to see the difference now that eBay has changed format to managed payments. The printing went quite fast so I may weed some today. Not sure what else to do. Wish my oven worked so I could do apples, squash and jalapeno poppers. Have to wait until Tuesday I guess for that. Have a good weekend!
  12. Thanks, me too! Will walk in a bit and feed dogs. Will wash dog blankets and dogs today. My company was testing electric and now I have my stovetop and no oven. Yikes! Have 6 pounds of apples to dehydrate, 4 butternut squash to bake and a bunch of jalapeno poppers to make also. Electrician friend won't be here until next week, so I have less to do this week. Should be a lower key day!
  13. Walked this morning and took care of dogs. Second load of laundry drying. Par boiled some chicken and will finish on the grill. Might wash dogs today and maybe that will wait for tomorrow. Company is leaving tomorrow or by the weekend. I haven't been in their room with the cats since they got here. I'm a little anxious!
  14. I've been having the same problem with her replies. I go to the last page of the thread and then down to the end of the page. I want to see what she writes!
  15. I wonder what was up with the 911 outages. A test? After feeding dogs, I will go to a graveside funeral for a friend's mom. I have directions in my phone and it is about 35 miles away. After that, I will go to a salvage grocery store and a pawn shop that is in the area. Then head for a closer town to a day old bread store and another pawn shop. Finally home, go for my walk, start laundry and make cucumber salad. Not sleeping much the past couple of nights. Maybe tonight!
  16. Walked first, fed and walked dogs, went to Walmart for monthly stock up and Dollar General for what Walmart was out of. Once home, washed rugs and swept house. Tuna sandwich for dinner. Still need to put rugs back out and make rice for dogs food.
  17. Walmart was completely out of cornstarch type baby powder and so was Dollar General. Both were also out of Store brand milk of Magnesia and Walmart didn't have any Phillip's MOM either. There were masks, but at what I consider price gouging prices.
  18. Necks and knees! I love the DIY suggestions! I'm still ping ponging back and forth with sleep. As long as I get some every two or three days, I seem to be ok. Did video yesterday and helped a friend. Up at 5 this morning, cleaned bathrooms, dusted house and did video. Fed dogs, went to Church, then did my and DH's meds and vitamins for the month, hard boiled some eggs and the rest is just puttering around stuff. Actually, the above is puttering too. Have a good day, you all!
  19. I'm going to be ordering some of the tattler lids and rubber rings. That will solve my problem and I will be less reliant on metal lids. I watched a video and the lady uses them for fruit, veggies, jams and just uses the metal rings for meats. If I close them correctly, I think they will work well and last!
  20. River is adorable! Hope you can stay home for quite a while!
  21. I hope you get an appt. for your DH soon at the ortho, Littlesister! The falls must be so stressful physically as well as mentally on you! I woke up at 3 AM this morning. Pay back for getting good sleep the night before. So, when it gets light, I will walk, feed dogs, and walk them. Not much on my list today. Making taco seasoning mix, taking eBay photos and maybe weeding in garden if the rain is done. Otherwise just puttering around. Have a good day folks!
  22. Oreo is starting to learn some discipline! We go for walks around the block and he is doing much better at heeling! Glad you had a good day with your mom, Mt. Rider! I am praying for you, Littlesister! Life is difficult, sometimes! Wonder how Euphraysne is doing? I slept in this morning so no walk. Did a new video instead. I slept 9 and a half hours. That has to be a record! Fed dogs and walked them. Made water bath full of Chicken vegetable soup to pressure can from all gifted chicken and vegetables. Have 14 quarts going and one quart in the fridge!
  23. Bought 2 big packs of chicken thighs for 88 cents a pound at Kroger. I have 7 quarts raw pack in the PC!
  24. I was up at 3 again this morning. Our company has 2 cats which are confined to their bedroom-DH's room- and I don't believe they are emptying and cleaning the litter box as often as they say. I can smell it from outside the door. Any thoughts as to what enzyme cleaner I may need after they leave? I will walk first-when it gets light, feed dogs and then stop at doc's office to pick up printed lab work, go to Kroger, and then to Walgreens for passport photo. Updating as old one expired a few years ago. When I get home, I will take eBay phots and make rice for dogs, also c
  25. That's great news! I feared the worst.
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