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  1. Already walked, fed dogs, walked dogs. Started laundry, picked up a walking lily from a friend, still need to hard boil eggs. Called for copy of labs to pick up tomorrow and called for info to renew passport. Going to try to be slower today in activities.
  2. I never even thought about the sweet potato leaves. Next time! Good idea to think outside the box! Got most everything done this morning except Church and weeding. Just needed a little time. I did make Spiced apple rings and holy cow! that did not go well or fast! My apple peeler corer doesn't peel well, but it cores and slices ok. One of the jars broke in the water bath. It was just extra syrup. Having to peel by hand was no fun so I think I need to find something else to do with gifted apples. Already have lots of applesauce and apple butter. Might make apple pie filling ne
  3. I would think so. Either way you could add lemon juice or vinegar. I use white vinegar as I don't like the lemon taste.
  4. I can't say. I PC all tomato products. Maybe @WE2's? If you just did them yesterday, even if you decide they aren't safe, could you re-package and freeze? I think we are supposed to let all jars set for 24 hours before moving them, so you would have time.
  5. Harvest time here. Within a month there will be fellas with the back of their pickups filled with 50# bags. I may get more just to keep for making dog treats. Today, will do video shortly, then feed dogs and then Church. Make sweet potato treats and cut up cheese for dog treats. Make big salad for myself and try to rest a bit. If it isn't raining, I might weed a little in Fall garden. Maybe. I need to rest!
  6. Our company from FL is still here and proving invaluable! Changed oil in my jeep and did lube job for axles and whatever else is down there. Going to get a breaker box today to hook up electric to our 30 x 40 concrete block shed out back. I may get a canning kitchen yet! Will probably do video this morning and then go to Dollar General for red hots to make cinnamon apple rings--was gifted more apples. And local grocery for sweet potatoes for dog treats. I baked and prepped all butternut squash from the garden to PC yesterday. Might make some Butternut squash butter--like apple bu
  7. Didn't sleep well last night. Will walk in about a half hour, then chores. Today is an outside day--82 for a high. Will trim branches around property line and weed garden, then put down hay for mulch. On my walk, I will buy noodles to PC Chicken noodle soup tomorrow. my neighbor gave me a lot of veggies and I have some chicken patties that are ok, but not great. That will take care of room in the fridge.
  8. Got my answer. Thanks! Still PC for 90 minutes.
  9. I am PCing sweet potatoes and regular potatoes. Normally, I would do the sweets for 90 minutes- quarts, but when I steamed them to remove skins, I cooked them through. Whoops. Can I PC for the time for the regular potatoes since the sweets are completely cooked, skinned and cut up? makes sense to me, but would like other's thoughts
  10. Yesterday evening, they were chasing each other around the yard acting all tough with their tails wagging the whole time. Until Aninja, the chihuahua came out to set them both straight. I think they are both afraid of her! Woke up at 5 today. Will walk soon, feed and walk dogs, then start prepping sweet potatoes to PC. Take eBay photos. That will be my day and then Church tonight at 6:30.
  11. I was awake at 3AM this morning. Stayed in bed til DH got up at 5. Started laundry, cleaned both bathrooms, started roast in slow cooker with potatoes, cream of mushroom soup and homemade onion soup mix. Then I walked, fed dogs and then walked them. Made a 3 bean salad, toted a bale of hay to back shed and went to local grocery for a couple of items. Doctor called and they are lowering my thyroid meds again. Yay! I started at 200 mcg and will now be at 75 mcg. 5th time they have been lowered! And we will have company with XL dog and 2 cats for a week or so. I will be cooking. To
  12. You have a lot going on this week, Mt. Rider! Makes me tired reading it! The hurricane will go to the East of us so we should just get some rain and a breeze. Went to doc appt. at 8 am, stopped at Kroger for sodas for DH and came home. Finally strained the fire cider and added honey. Company showed up and it has been pretty much chaos since. Oreo isn't happy having a dog around that is much! bigger than him. Made a huge salad and I'm done!
  13. We will get something from Sally, hopefully just rain and a breeze! We are 100 miles north of New Orleans and in the cone. I haven't been on here since last Thursday. Busy. Friday, we went to an Estate Sale a few blocks away. Got almost 3 cases of mason jars for $6. Some new with lids! Went up and helped set up at Church for a few hours. Having a meal after a funeral on Saturday which I could not attend as I was helping another friend all day. Went back to the estate sale early Saturday morning for a couple more items - figurines for DH's Christmas, then off to help frie
  14. Walked first and then went to Dollar General and Walmart for a few needed fresh items. Donated some of those jars with handles that lids won't fit on, so I can't use them to can with. Now home and will clean bathrooms, strain my new batch of fire cider and replace the old one in fridge. Then cook cabbage, turkey sausage and onions. Then hard boil some eggs for me and scramble some for DH. Apparently, before any of that, I need to walk dogs. I am being begged!
  15. Walked this morning, fed dogs, wrapped eBay items, walked dogs, took eBay photos for DH, did laundry, got haircut, came home and grilled chicken, ribs and bratwurst. Done!
  16. Walked first, fed dogs,walked dogs, raked garden area, pulled some weeds, made rows, put fence back up and then planted and watered. Big job for one 63 year old lady! 92 degrees also! Glad it's done, though. Planted collard starts, everything else from seeds. Daigon radishes, bok choy, tunips, mustard greens. Par boiling some chicken to finish on grill tomorrow. Day late. LOL
  17. I'm not complaining at all! In unread content, this thread goes all the way across. Also in unread content, watcha doing today and coronavirus 2020 have the bar at the side. Thought I was in an alternate universe. LOL Enjoy your weekend, Ann! Don't worry about me. Just seemed weird!
  18. First did video and then went to Walmart this morning at 7:45 for more lettuce and tomatoes for huge salads. Fed dogs and went to Church. Made lunch and all that is left is to make the corn cob jelly. Cut the corn off yesterday. I got 21 quarts of dog food yesterday! I'm tired.
  19. Hi! When I am in "unread content" the sidebar is still at the side taking up room. If I go directly from home page, it isn't. Not sure if there is a fix for that or not. Thought I would ask. Thanks again for all you do, Ann!!!!!
  20. So glad you don't own your place! It may be a pain, but you aren't paying for it. Are you? Did exercise video this morning, fed dogs walked dogs. Have sweet potato treats in oven for dogs and first two pressure canners going with 14 quarts of dog food. Still have another 7 quarts to go when this is done. I'm sensing a theme here. LOL Garden was tilled up yesterday, so if I have energy left, I might go out and work on it. But it is supposed to be 94 today, so maybe not. Will par boil chicken leg quarters to grill later and cut corn off cob to make corn cob jelly tomorrow. Thin
  21. Thanks, Amber! I'll share that article on the site that I read about the CDC.
  22. As usual, walked first, fed dogs, Went to Kroger for local sales, went to bank, H&R block to ask a question, Dollar Tree for cauliflower rice and thrift shops. Came home and printed up a collection of thoughts for a friend for her Birthday and washed the comforter I got at thrift shop (twice in hot water) and then dried on high heat. Ate a big salad for lunch and I'm done for now, I think.
  23. Good idea! I think I'll do something with our goat shed which has just stood empty since our goats left. Walked this morning (still hot and humid, 94 today), ran to local grocery for sales and last two items for dog food which I will make tomorrow evening and PC on Friday. Made more phone calls to VA for DH then called usps to order shipping supplies. Picked and froze figs--they are really slowing down now, only 2 ripe today. I think I may call it a day after I cook my cauliflower/ broccoli medley for dinner--it will have chicken strips and leftover steak s
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