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  1. What have I been up to? Well, in a nutshell, we now have 4 kiddos, 3 of them we adopted. The 4th one, has a hearing next week and we are hopeful that his adoption will be granted. The oldest is a girl who is 7. She was placed here when she was 22 months old. The other three are boys, ages 4, 2, and 1 this coming Monday. All of the boys were placed here as newborn, the youngest 2 were preemie, 2 months and 1 month early respectively. I am homeschooling the oldest, and the 4 year old when he is in the mood to cooperate. So with all that, and Early Intervention, and therapy, and Dr. ap
  2. I'm Baaaaaaccccckkkkkk! Thanks for the birthday wishes
  3. Ok. Just got off the phone with AngelFood. Alaska is on hold, not sure for how long. Washington will be up and running in a couple of months. Keep checking their website.
  4. Well, Huh, Leah you are right, Washington is not even on the drop down list of states. I will call them tomorrow and find out why. I do know that each host site is responsible for posting their own information on AngelFood's web site.
  5. FYI I am a host site director for Angelfood, and I get their newsletters. This was in the newsletter this month--- GROWING & GOING TO ALASKA & WASHINGTON STATE AFM is pleased to announce that Host Sites have now been established in Washington & Alaska!
  6. For the first time in New Mexico, I saw a bear in the wild. This was the Sunday before last, and we were in the mountains for the day. It was exciting to see one, (we WERE in our vehicle) but made me a bit apprehensive about a planned camp out 2 days later and a mile and a half away. Camping trip went ok....no bears, but it rained half the night Found out later that the tree behind a friends tent had claw marks on it.
  7. MIL, a Navajo rug weaver, used black walnut hulls to dye wool.
  8. sounds like *someone* needs an edjukashun
  9. YES it IS hot... Packing up my CRANKY CRANKY girls and the uncranky boys and heading up to the mountains. The Rainbow Gathering is over, but many people with dreadlocks are still hanging around - hope we can find a spot that is unoccupied so the kids can splash in a mountain stream.......... Rezgirl (who has never seen so many dreadlocks in a months time, researching it as a fuss-free hair style option )
  10. Mine is knee high depending on where in the patch you are standing... and depending on who's knees we are talking about... all the corn is knee high to someone in the family. We range from age 2 to adult.
  11. from the northern part of the state.... (if your still in NM)
  12. Little voice belonging to Morning Star: Mama Mama MAMA!!! Me: What is it Dear? Morning Star: Come outside. Me: Why? Morning Star: I want to show you something. Me: But Mommy's cooking dinner right now. Morning Star: But I want to show you something in the garden. Me: What's in the garden that mommy needs to see RIGHT NOW? Morning Star: Mommy you need to see it. Me: What is it? Morning Star: There is a dolphin in your garden, Mommy. Me: REALLY!!! ( I live in the high desert, 100's of miles from an ocean.) A DO
  13. Rezgirl


    misc Pics
  14. Was reading this today, and I'm getting inspired to buy a dutch oven. Having a cook off sounds fun. This blog includes some recipes, also.
  15. I pulled the first Radishes this morning. I immediately made a sandwich from the largest one. It was mild and tender. I learned to like radish sandwiches when I was very young from my Dad. Happy Fathers Day, Dad! Radish Sandwich Bread Thinly sliced radishes Mayo Salt
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