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  1. Hey now! That wasn't changing a letter! From Leaks we go to Peaks
  2. Oh, I just can't resist adding: Seams
  3. ol'momma

    Haybale art...

    Do What?? Make the sculptures? I think they make forms with chicken wire and stuff them, but I'm really not sure. Cat, got any ideas?
  4. Cream ("ice" anyone?? MMMMmmmmm)
  5. ol'momma

    Haybale art...

    Some more cool stuff here: http://www.montanapictures.net/utica_hay.htm They have the "what the Hay" haybale art contest in this little town every year. Someday, I'm gonna go!! In fact, this year I had a weekend all planned, hotel reservations etc, ...and hubby ended up in the hospital. ARGH!!!
  6. On the subject of granola.... Does anyboy have a good recipe for LOW FAT granola breakfast cereal? I've found tons of them that call for 1/2 c of melted butter or something simular. Kinda seems to defeat the purpose to start my day with all that extra gunk.
  7. As an official costume junkie, I gotta say... "Oh, YuMMMMmmy!!"[/u]
  8. Don't forget that you can use those same egg shells for starting yout tomatoe seeds, AW! They're cheaper then peat pots. Egg cartons work too. I save my milk jugs and when the babies are big enough move them into the jugs until they are ready for the garden. Just lop off the sided (Can leave the handle attatched it you wish and poke some holes in the bottom for dranage.
  9. Hey there ANM!! We've missed you! I'm glad you're back
  10. I've been researching all evening on the puter and finally found out that mine is an Armand Marseille 370. 'Pretty common as far as antique german dollies go, I guess My daughter's still has me confused...
  11. Here ya go, Cat. A trip to the library was already in my plans, but it'd be helpful if I had advice to help me refine my search.
  12. I was just reading that it's coming assore on Hawii now. So scary!
  13. Now I confess, I'm not a doll person but... Today I bought a darling antique porcilain dolly at an estate sale. I simple fell in love with her. I'd guess she dates from around 1880-90. She has a bisque (is that right?) head and hands, and a stuffed, jointed, leather body. She's about 23" tall and is wearing her original night gown and blue wool stockings. She is fully marked on the back of her neck, not that I know anything about what those markings mean, except that she was made somewhere in Germany. She was a sleeping doll with eyes that closed when you laid her down but they
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