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  1. Yes, many complications can arise. All this is explained before you have your surgery. I has the Gastric Bypass 3 years ago and lost 114 pds. I thank God I have not had ANY complications SO FAR. I don't know if even after many years after the surgery anyone can be "in the clear" from complications. In the mean time, I thank God for this surgery. When people ask me if I recommend it, I always say yes. ,but I base the recommendation on my results only. Obviously many people have not been so lucky. Marylp
  2. Its True! We had a great chat! She was wonderful, I want to give it another try on my next days off from work. I am bent on canning beans! With Cat to help, I feel I can soon put a whole cow in a can! I cant wait to report back with a sucess! Hopefully
  3. I was so angry the other day when I tried canning for the first time, I didnt know what with myself, I came into town to the library to use the internet, I vented, and ranted and spewed this and that. What did you do? I can't belive the encouragment and kind words I recieved from all of you. That day I felt totally alone trying this new and scary thing, yeah, I messed it up, but I will definetly try again. How could I not. it is hard to thank everyone individally. I had so many responses. My heart overflows, the internet is so impersonal and cold, or so I have always believed. I truly feel at
  4. I was so looking forward to this, after all the excitemen, and expense of buying everything, I was ready to do my first canning project. I didnt want to start with simple stuff like jellies because we dont eat them. I figured beans would be easy enough. My first disappointment was after the canner was loaded and sitting on the stove, I remembered that I didnt remove the air bubbles before putting the lid on the jars, was I supposed to open the canner, remove the hot jars and open them up again? The second thing was that the canner was on the stove what seemed like forever (glass top) and I w
  5. Thank You Stephanie and Canned Nerd! I am waiting for the book in come in the mail. I cant wait! I will be bugging you alot for advice. I hpoe you dont mind. Mary
  6. Pinto beans, chicken breasts, sirloin chunks etc.. where does everyone get these recipes? I have never canned anything! Just strating to learn and terrified.
  7. Thank you so much, it helps me to understand alot better, will you pleeeeeese share your pinto beans and meat canning recipes? pleeeeeessseee.
  8. I have heard about people getting ready for the canning season, I dont understand how this came about, of course and one can do anything at anytime. (Christmas in July). I was wondering if their is a reason why it has a season, I am just now learning about canning and excited about my first recipe, so please excuse the dumb question. Also someone on youtube suggested we buy canning supplies at the end of canning season cuz that is when the supplies go on clearance. I dont know when that is and want to be able to look for it. Anyone know? Thank you, Marylp
  9. I was given the idea by someone who likes to make their own rubs using petroleum jelly and esstential oils. Has any one tried this? I guess a dab of vaseline and a few drops of peppermint oil should be good during a cold or flu. Which oil would you suggest would be good subbing for Camphor and Menthol found in Vicks? I have never seen oils in these before. Thank You, Mary
  10. Betty. May I ask where you bouhjy the Hurricane window film? Price? Thank You Marylp
  11. Water!Water! More Water! I was looking at my pantry where I keep my dry foods. Rice ,beans, lentils, dry milk, pasta, potaote flakes etc.. needs water!! I have about 100 cans of broth that I get 2 for 1 at dollar general, That will help some. And I am just thinking about water for cooking. What about personal hygiene, toilet flushing, laundry etc.. Water storage really stresses me out!!
  12. I also practice the "store what you eat" thing , however I have come upon sales like last week all varieties of rice a roni and hambuger helper were on sale for 89 cents each. I bought 20 of each. I dont use these products at home. I have traded with my neighbor who has a bunch of kids who love this stuff. She gave me tons of homegrown veggies. Also comes in handy for potlucks and unexpected company. I hope I never have to barter because I have to, but if it comes to that I have stuff like this to use. Sometimes sales are to good to pass up.
  13. Granny, Thank you so much! You are such a dear!
  14. Hi Everyone! I found a really neat bread machine at a yard sale. It is a toastmaster bread box model # 1154. I cannot find the instructions on line. Does anyone have one of these? I would pay for postage. Thank you in advance.
  15. Cows Tongue is very easy to cook, I season it, put it in my oval crock pot with only about 1/2 cup of water, leave it about 12 hours on low or all night. Then just peel it. I usually make 2 at a time, one to eat, one to freeze. If you over cook it, it will become chewy.
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