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  1. This is one area I can understand people sticking their heads in the sand over. Illness has been reduced to this mystery terror that only men in lab coats can deal with. We've, well.... cordened off the whole dealig with sickness. We stay away from it, and refuse to see it. My gran dealt with illness, (simple to terminal) death, and more... but she (and the rest of the family) dealt with it together. Every moment was a moment the family hung together to ride out the attack. Now? we're told to leave it to the pros and avert our eyes. I will admit that while I am concerned about the AF, an
  2. Well, for me at least the basic idea was drilled in from childhood on. I've lived near the ocean ( two hurricanes, more than a few after-affects), in the plains (tornados anyone?), up north (how often can a person get snowed in before they can call themselves eskimos?), dry areas (one brush fire was enough), and in the lowlands (we left the forth time dad considered building an ark). So as my family life encountered almost every natural problem -barring locusts and rains of frogs- it was second nature to always keep about a month of supplies in the house and have a quick "oh crud.... not agai
  3. Hey Melissa, I mentioned this in another post, but thought I might go in a bit more depth here. I'm not homeschooling any children right now... I'm the one that was homeschooled. (Thought you might want to here how it can turn out if you try) 1) Social Interaction. Hmmm. Well, yeah, there are moments that were hard. But while I didn't go to prom or make the yearbook commitee I was in 4-H, active at church, belonged to a book club, met friends at a weekly library outing, and had my friends from around home. Mom made sure I didn't just sit in the house. Now, I will admit, my personality is
  4. Only have a minute, I'm off to Hon's house..... but.. I'M ENGAGED! it's official. Looks like a December wedding. Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Day! Never Thought I Would Love A Monday!
  5. Tortillas are a South American Food. Hmmmm. Mexican Hot chocolate is chocolate with cinnomon and spice. Grubby... are you seeing the answer here dear? Chocolate cinnamon tortillas.. every body wins! (And frankly they sound yummy too!)
  6. Well... if it's not a good idea to use candles... have you considered solar? We just got three solar panals last month that we test ran at a camping event. Left sitting out in for the day (and it even charges in coudy weather) we had enough power to run not only lights but a small fan, several phone chargers, his laptop and a few other items. LED lights are your best bet it seems in this kind of rig, as they don't use as much power. Also, Hon Macguivered the whole thing with about 4 car batteries he scrounged so everything was on DC, but with a car adapter it all worked fine. Its a bit to
  7. Ahhhh. For the first time in a long while I slept in. REALLY slept in. It's 1:05 and I'm still in my pj's. Last night I went with Hon and his folks to a dinner theatre production of Grease and we spent a long time talking and cuddling before I packed him off home. While I'm normally a pretty unfussy bird, it was a nice change of pace to have to dress up in heels and a dress and search for my makup kit. Not something I want to do everyday, but nice for a switch. We got some good news too last night. A cousin of mine (well second) has finally had to go into a assisted living home - she turn
  8. Hmmm. Well, it depends on when and to where we're going and with who I'm doing the vacating. I have an old 89 chevy celebrity station wagon. Well... I will have it back when I get the fuel pumped fixed in a week or two. At the moment its not so much a moving vehicle as a sitting there and pouting at me vehicle. But I keep a small bag of "gotta have's" in there at all times along with food, water, and some camping gear. The bear minimum if I gotta get outta town to my folks who live about an hour and a half away. With a little forewarning it can get packed up pretty quick with a good chun
  9. Hmmm... "The Bird Who Writes"...... You called? But just so you know... I prefer a notebook and a good black ink pen to getting a bunch of ice in my feathers.
  10. Cat, I'm so sorry. It seems to be the time of year for this muck. I just got a letter from my old college (switched schools when I went back)letting me know that not only had their records for the two years I was there been stolen... so had the records from the Counseling Office. Greeeeaaatt. Just dandy. The school wanted me and everyone else from those years to know that the FBI was involved but that we would have to be vigelant for the next TWO years. Ickky. Why do we use computers again?
  11. Crum-bum and pout. I only regretted missing my mom's banana bread before.... now I'm REALLY annoyed about beng allergic! Good info to have tho. I'm gonnahave to start making sure Hon has his banana a day. Of course... well away from me.
  12. Quote: Is it *safe*???? And how does it work??? Yup, its safe. Its the same stuff people have been using for centuries to remove the hull of the corn and get to the good stuff inside. (Without a lye soak you miss out on the majority of the nutrients found in corn. With it the Aztecs flourished... other cultures that took the corn but not the soaking suffered a not so pleasant fate.) Before the Cal was marketed people soaked field corn in a potash solution overnight. The hulls just slide off (with a little bit of running clean water and some rubbing between your fingers) and let you ge
  13. Quote: in case we lose everything and have to go to sea and start pillaging Ummm, Luna? Just remember dear, its pillage nd plunder FIRST... then burn. And hardtack is hardly good for anything. (goes safely back to her nest and pulls up the rope in case of viking raids.) Just got back into town from a vacation, but I did just get an order in for peaches in two weeks - canning here I come. Also have purchased about 20lbs of masa harina - both hon and I can't live without bread and tortillas MORE than count - and have a small can of Cal (the stuff used to liberate all the goodness in h
  14. I posted this on another site a while ago (and then made them while camping) and thought I'd just post it here as well. Uses instant mashed and is almost a complete meal in itself. Now, this is gonna get messy, so clear your counters and put a large pan onto boil (what you use for spagetti should work fine. This recipe is in no way exact. The amounts vary, as do the times. But tasty... filling.... and yummy. Promise. Okay now. What we are about to make is something like a perogi on acid. Well, butter anyway. First, make the dough: 3 cups of flour 3 tsp salt 2
  15. Home at last home at last thank God almighty I'm home at last! Not much to report right now (my vision is blurry, my feet hurt, and I have taken three baths in the last two hours and my feet STILL aren't coming clean!) but I wanted to drop a line and say I'm back, safe and sound. A few pics... maybe. But my camera got swiped (along with my cell phone ) so we'll have to see. It was..... shall we say..... interesting? Going to go drape my body over a REAL bed for a few hours. Ta-ta for tonight!
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