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  1. I see such sewing machines from time to time at resale shops. In-face there's one at a local shop in my town right now ! In my travels across the country i see them all the time. About $75 to $100 seems average as opposed to $1000 or better in an antique shop.
  2. Arby, I have a "Zip Lock" hand-held bag sealer, ($5.00)their vacuum bags are so so for sealing, so what i do is buy QUILITY freezer bags, I order the "tab Check Seals" from Pump-n-Seal ( the kind used for cans, jars, etc..) use a pin to make a tiny hole in the plastic bag and use the Zip Lock Hand Held pump. I also store things in 5 gallon plastic buckets, again I use a THIN drill bit to make a hole in the lid, use a "Tab Check Seal" ( from the Pump-N-Seal) and use the hand held Zip :ock pump/ I also have an Electric re-chargable, vacuum pump that save some energy and effort on buckets that are NOT full ( thus more air to evacuate).
  3. You COULD mix it with water, and drink it. It's an ingredient in pre-mixed "smoothies", and in weight loss/gain Powders/drinks. I stock both Whey & Powdered milk, as my emergency rations. Whey will mix, ( more or less) with powdered orange and citrus where as milk will curdle. Some info here : http://www.answerfitness.com/44/what-is-whey-protein-powder-and-do-i-need-it/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whey_protein
  4. I hope this is of some help. When I have “powders” in small amounts, that I wish to store in a Vacuum Sealed bag, I use a zip-lock bag to place the powders in, THEN that bag goes into the VACUUM Bag. The powders stay in the first bag ! For Masson jars OR for empty store bought re-sealable jar with “soft Seal” lids, I purchased the “Tab Check Seals” from Pump-n-Seal. The hand held vacuum sealer works great 4 that too. PS, I got my COUNTER TOP Food Sealer at a resale shop for $10.00!
  5. I use Whey in many forms, so i store it. Generally I store "Powders" ( flour, milk, whey, Cereals, Etc.) In 5 gallon plastic buckets WITH a Gamma Seal Lid. On items that I rarely open I took the additional step of making my Gamma Seal Lids a VACUUM SEAL as well. I have a pump-n-seal, and use the “Tab Check Seals”. You could use ANY hand held vacuum sealer ( like for wine bottles, Zip Lock/Reynolds bags, etc.) To create the seal. I hope this is of some help.
  6. I too looked into “adoption”of a dog from the Humane Society, where I even know a few of the employees, the up front fees scared me away. So I went to Craigslist, and typed “Free to a good hhome”, and found Cloie Bell, a Shepard/ & miniature Doberman mixture, female. I have a good dog for a companion at no cost, she a wonderful pet, and very energetic. I am told, by my friends at this local Humane Society, that because of the people who have neglects and or abused animals is on the rise, ( hence the dog/cat population in kennels at the Adoption Centers) is one consideration in the 21 questions. Today’s pet abandonment rate being on the rise comes into play for the questions shell game. Some general ignorance on animal care is a reason for the sifting process too. All of this, and MORE gives rise to the need of vigorously screen prospective owners, is felt deeply. There are new laws on the books in various state too these days on pet ownership & animal treatment. THIS, along with the workers hart for animals, distaste of and avoidance of euthanasia, the costs involved ( as weighed against THEIR low wages) the try to be careful of whom the allow adoption to. Another consideration is that many folks have a passing fancy to own a pet, which wears off and lends to Unintentional neglect. We do live in a much changed society, considering that many children come into the world with out so many questions, and not as much oversight over their subsequent care, it seems to me that these avoided animal lovers have a greater concern for animal care that they do of humans!
  7. IF you WISH, you can RE-use the whey with powdered milk to make yogurt, OR cottage cheese, EVEN Fresh Ricotta http://simpledailyrecipes.com/how-to-make-...sing-only-whey/ http://www.hillbillyhousewife.com/powderedmilk.htm http://kellythekitchenkop.com/2009/05/ways...traditions.html http://fiascofarm.com/dairy/ricotta.html
  8. http://video.about.com/greekfood/Make-Yogurt-at-Home.htm http://www.healthhomehappy.com/2009/06/mak...ler-method.html The "junket" tablets come with several methods for making yogurt, and other cheeses. To make Sour Cream, pour Heavy cream, OR 1/2 & 1/2 in a clean jar with a screw on lid, introduce some BUTTERMILK, ( a few Table-spoons) or some yogurt ( A few Table-spoons) cover with lid, let stand at ROOM-tempature for 24 hours......... to make THICK sour-cream, OR Yogurt, I use a Maleta Coffeeet filter holder & a paper coffee filter to drain the whey off----- You can ALSO use and OLD, 1 Quart plastic yogurt container and a MESH coffee filter to frain the whey. Best of luck
  9. I got a few of my attachments by going direct to the KA sight, looking for "referbished" items. ... Some are 1/2 price.
  10. I spoke this day to several neighbors, all of whom said they to have lost all or most of their gardens. I think our weather here, cold nights, and Hot days have something to do with it, somehow triggering the Hunt/store instinct in rodents...... Also that badger had been spotted many times digging.. Next years Im going to grow chocolate milk duds
  11. I built round chicken-wire cages around all the corn, and 6 sided chicken wire "boxes" around the rest of the garden.... Still waiting to see if this will work. A badger has been spoted in this area, so i wonder did he do the damage ?
  12. My Plants are Knee High, I see where Something, I assume Squirrels, have scratched through the stocks, at ground level and the plant itself then on the ground! . Thanks for the suggestions ! I am going to RE-plant so me corn in tall pots, to accodate the roots) and mothballs on the surface and maybe some chicaken wire
  13. HI, Don't know if this is the right place for this post. I HAD 20 corn plants ( sweet corn) and they were doing well, until Squirrels came by and ate/scratched the stocks. I lost 8, so far. I put moth-balls down on the soil, it helps a little, is there something I can do? I live in a city, on a tree lined street, Squirrels are numerous!
  14. Hello Lynn, Glad you joined us, glad to see a fellow Wisconsin-ite in the group. I hope you enjoy the sight!
  15. I have always liked the "Ramon Noodles" /Cup of Ramon ( with vegetables) and other “Quick Noodle" things. The items with “extra”, ( vegetables, cheese sauces, etc..) Have risen considerably. My three solutions: 1) I buy the Ramon Noodles when On sale and stock them . 2) I purchased frozen vegetables, of various types, and dehydrated then to make my own Noodles with veg. 3) I made my own THIN noodles, out of AP flour and water/chicken /beef bases. ( as opposed to Semeloina flour) When the noodle stands are as thin as Ramon type noodles, they cook up in 1 minute or so in a microwave. My home made stuff is far cheaper than pre-packaged store bought items, and IMO more tasty! I have a “mix” of vegetable for chicken another for Beef, a third for HAM, another again for plain noodles and vegetables. Likewise I have made my own small packets of cheese sauces . These make excellent “Travel Along road-trip Food stores” too . Some water in a JUG, a candle or Cig-Lighter pot, and Ramon/ramom-like items make a health but simple road meal for folks on the go!
  16. Currently, I have 2 kitchen chairs, both of which sit over a 5 gallon bucket, of STOCKS. My chairs hold the buckets in place as i move the chairs. If your chairs are wood, but don’t have 4 "side rails" get a square piece of wood that fit under its' legs, and nail it to the legs, making a platform to hold that bucket in place. In my pantry I have several 5 gallon buckets. stack on top of one another. Suggestion : Stack 2 buckets, place a board ( night stand sized) on top, and make a "table". 3 buckets together, single height, will make a low-broad table. Cover these tables with cloth/tablecloth, etc.. I have boxes that Rheims of printer paper comes in, which hold canned goods, I place the lid on said box, and store these two boxes in my closet with other "office Staples" ... One of my storage shelves, that holds Kitchen gadgets, is up off the floor, supported by 6 coffee cans. I used sand paper on the outer paint, hoping folks will think them "empty", and most people do think they are empty, they tell me, "Oh I see you elevated that shelf-unit with old coffee cans, to bring it's top to counter height". My stand mixer is on top! Become clever in your disguising of "preps" you'll be OK.
  17. I have the “Back to basics”, it’s a bit hard to use, and nearly impossible for HARD grains, but I can use it without electric. Where other hand cranked models are concerned, If I had the money for the “Country Living Mill”is the one I’d rather have gotten. at the time I purchased the other (B2B ). The Country Living Mill is more powerful, easer to crank, ( the large wheel is the secret). It can be motorized. I have an attachment for my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, it does a good job, but the flours are somewhat course. The solution for this is to let the Grain mill & the first run flour cool down, and re-mill the flour a second time. This extra effort for me, is OK, as I live alone. This attachment has many coarseness settings! Although all produced flour(s) from the KA, are to course for me, ( so I do the 2nd pass- I keep longing for the K-tec, or the Wonder mill. ) One must consider what they will use the home ground flour for: cooking, baking, (both), gravies, coatings, etc. Each grade of course-ness has it’s uses and limitations. If saving some pennies is in your considerations for purchasing a grain mill, then you need to be able to control the coarseness setting. ( Believe me, trying to make gravies from a course flour is a major challenge, most don’t like a gritty gravy ! ) Like wise, trying to make corn bread with super fine flour produces a cake, and you loose the hardiness of good-ol-corn-bread. . Time my be of essence to you, so a more powerful ( but louder) unit will be a better choice. I hear a lot of good about the K tec, and the wondermill! I hope this helps!
  18. My thoughts exactly, that we need the cleansing first, and to listen to the commands before we ask for more! The Lord will provide for his own.
  19. I did an "experiment" with my dehydrator. I purchased several bags of frozen vegetables, to dry. The first bag I placed in boiling water to bring up tp temp, then dried. These took about 8 hours. The second batch I placed in the trays still frozen, and in 5 hours, all were dehydrated! I did 3 varieties of “Mixed Vegetables”, 1 for chicken/Ramon another for Beef Ramon and a 3rd for Pork Ramon. 5 pounds of frozen product dried down to 10 ounces ( about 3 cups). I use 1 Table-spoon to 1 package of Ramon, and it comes out way cheaper that the Cup-of-Ramon.
  20. CN, may I ask how you do these "sweet Potato chips" ? Do you slice them then cook, then dry ?
  21. Yes, Stephanie.... should we plan a *road trip* to Wisconsin to find him??? *grin*

    MISS YOU, KEVIN! Come "shout" with us!!!

  22. Where are you??? :)

  23. for BULK purchases: http://from-nature-with-love.com/soap/prod...error=noaccount
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