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  1. Like everyone else.....surviving (unfortunately) ..... though the California politicians are affecting my mental stability. Still working on my home canned foods from 2006-2009 so my empty jars are stacking up. Amazing when you preserve stuff properly. Some color loss on a few foods. Don't recommend that many years for most attempting home canning. Too much bad advice out there. Next week I go for a VA evaluation for Post Traumatic Syndrome (PTS) for my years with the Vietnam Conflict. Yah, 50+ years after the fact. It will be interesting to say the least. Who knows. Maybe I
  2. We may find that a Polarity Switch may occur before an EMP (from the Sun or by our human enemies). Do some research on where the North Pole (magnetic) is supposed to be verses where it is right now.....and moving rather fast. And no it is not a rare event by universe standards. Also check out suspiciousobservers.org for daily updates on the sun and earth activities.
  3. I'm alive and semi-well, though more than a year ago I had emergency surgery that put my future life at 50/50. Obviously I beat the odds and I'm celebrating(??) the 3/4 Century mark, 75 years, and using a cane more than a trowel. Unfortunately my mind still thinks its 25 or 30 which causes complications at times. My gardening these days is limited to 5-gal buckets for veggies and Aerogarden experimentation for herbs. In between times is ignoring the news media and doing my own research on the Internet which is much more fascinating, both the fake stuff and the real scary truth.
  4. The vast majority of people are definitely not prepared for any kind of EMP. and probably never will be. This issue facing us is which will occur first; one caused by our Sun, nature, or by an unfriendly nation. I'm betting on the naturally occurring one. Perhaps scarier to think about is the pending 'polarity shift'. Not if but when. The movement of Magnetic North is moving faster and farther than ever before and a compass is useless if looking for true North. When the magnetism of our planet finally flips it will not be a fun event. Oh and it's a cyclic event and scientists know when
  5. I do exactly the same with my Brown Rice since it doesn't store well otherwise. White rice, however, gets made and then placed in my dehydrator to officially become Instant Rice and stores well dried. Good for many recipe mixes.
  6. I bought some at Walmart to try them. After a few days most of the can is still there. They are good but may be an acquired taste snack. I can't eat the shell so I have to break open like a regular peanut to get to the meat. Hands get messy fast. I've heard that home canned have a better taste.
  7. Turned 74, all alone now. Traded most of my canning to working on getting through far too many medical issues, including nearly dying from complications of gall stones, removal of gall bladder, pancreatitis, and a bad heart. Lots of experimentation on medicines to keep me earthbound and this week has been my best is a long time. May show up occasionally to say hi.
  8. There should be just enough water to maintain the steam during the canning process. 2 to 3 inches is a good approximation, but you should pay attention to how much water is left when the lid is opened. Do NOT fill over the height of the jars since the jars will not vent properly. You only need to cover when you are doing water bath processing. Hope this answers your question
  9. Adding any liquid is optional, raw or pre-cooked, since the meat/poultry does produce quite a bit of its own juice. A flavored liquid will generally add flavor. If pre-cooking just remember to avoid excess oil. You may have to experiment. Smoke flavor may change during the canning process.
  10. I'm still eating food from 2006 that was already expired or near so since it was obtained from a food distribution charity, both home and commercially canned, and of course dehydrated stuff. I wouldn't worry about it too much as long as the container is intact but I do encourage rotation.
  11. I love the 'Sell by' and 'Use by' expiration dates on foods because it means drastic discount prices for me when the stores want to get them off the shelves. I've downloaded the App to check it out but I rely almost entirely on common sense and a few years experience dealing with local food distribution sources. Desperate times often is a great teacher. In my case it was a church that collected and distributed mostly (near) expired foods, fresh and canned from local stores. I eventually started helping others (in line) with how to deal with some of the fresh stuff that needed to be home ca
  12. Oops I blew it on my previous post. I ordered a carton of pint jar boxes and inserts, thinking they were separate items, but the first item (S-18943) is "both" the box and the inserts. I didn't see the "kit" in the description. The second item was actually a dozen pint jars, the last thing I needed under the circumstances since I have several hundred empty jars already. The reason I know is because the shipment just arrived and I was surprised to find a case of pint jars in the box besides the boxes and inserts. It wasn't until I had another jolt of caffeine and re-read the packing
  13. From my files.... a Hint -- tiny amount (1/2 drop) a Drop -- 1/64 tsp (1/2 smidgen) a Smidgen -- 1/32 tsp (1/2 pinch) a Pinch -- 1/16 tsp (1/2 dash) a Dash -- 1/8 tsp (1/2 tad) a Tad -- 1/4 tsp Other measures that are useful.... 1/4 stick butter -- 2 Tbsp 1 stick butter -- 1/2 cup Juice of 1 lemon -- 3 Tbsp Juice of 1 orange -- 1/2 cup
  14. I just ordered new boxes and insert separaters for Pint jars from ULINE (http://www.uline.com) at a cost of $4.00 each + shipping. They also offer for other size jars also and inserts are optional but I prefer them since they provide added strength when stacking. 10 KT S-18943 PINT CANNING JAR BOX KIT $2.80 $28.00 12 EA S-17491 16 OZ. REGULAR MOUTH CANN $1.20 $14.40
  15. The processing time would remain the same. It's not a 'cooking' time but a processing time to kill a toxic spore.
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