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  1. I think Gunplumber was pointing that out for everyone else reading this, not really just to you. We have so many lurkers here that are new and just getting started on their journey. Can't wait to hear all about your experience there! I would love to take a course like that as soon as the budget and time allows.
  2. We can smell whenever anyone in the park is BBQing. I've smelled lasagna before too. Quite the coincidence because when my husband came home the other night he could smell exactly what dish I made when he got out of the truck and mentioned that although the dish was mainly food storage ingredients it probably wouldn't be a good idea to make if everything was down.
  3. Thanks everyone! It looks like we could be looking at another week of this. I am just praying the final tab doesn't kill us. I have taken advantage of ordering some things online from Amazon with some gift cards and was really happy when the cat food arrived the following day even though I didn't pay for overnight shipping!
  4. We've had no vehicle for three weeks (and counting) and I hadn't done any serious grocery shopping since the first week of September. Because of the situation I didn't know how long we were going to be without. I still don't. The day we had the vehicle towed was the day I had planned to do shopping and run errands. A couple of days in we started calling it dress rehearsal. Throughout this time we've been on and off without water. (At least we have electricity?) Things I learned: The doesn't care if you haven't been shopping. You never have as much as you think you have. Staples get boring quickly so have lots of recipes you know how to make. Fun treats like chocolate chips, those shelf stable sausages, and powdered drink mixes make things a little bit better. I need to stash more dark chocolate. Shelf stable milks/powdered milks are worth their weight in gold. It gets depressing really fast when it's not the whole world going through SHTF. After two weeks without hardly any meat the husband gets cranky and whiny. :frying pan: When you are your own trash person, it piles up when you miss a run to the dump. We need another trash can. I managed to get a ride today to do some shopping but it was only some of what we needed. I hope for some good online Black Friday sales to replace some of our long term foods that we have used.
  5. Whoops! Our local Walmart was doing inventory today too. Rather bare in some areas. Cash & carry was bare on a lot of shelf stable items, but it's Monday and the restaurants stop by first thing in the morning. Noticed their produce wasn't that great, too.
  6. Oh... my heart is melting looking at the adorable puppy cuteness! The cooler rainy weather has arrived. Nice to be able to do more baking. Mostly doing decluttering around here. Got a bit more wood set aside. The husband is also learning to fletch his arrows.
  7. Philbe those are usually the same ones who complain when they try out those trinkets that it's hard "living off the grid". They give me a giggle. The husband says there are a lot of other people who are sure going to enjoy coming across all their preps when they have bit the dust from stupidity.
  8. Could the M Tech be a business logo and not the brand? It looks like a nice one!
  9. Anyone else thinking they'd like this to live in now? Gosh if they could get it down to $1k that would be awesome as a living shelter on land.
  10. This. I pretty much know the usual patterns of what time is normal but the last few weeks more and more have been going over head and they are definitely doing something hot. One criss crossed 3x in about 15 minutes really low and they never do that. (Husband said they forgot someone important back at the base. ) Glad they are practicing and are ready to go but they scared the tar out of me the other night with it.
  11. Got some more wood laid in, still need a lot more though. Winter is creeping up on us fast!
  12. They look like lightsabers with broom bottoms. lol I have never seen Sprites before - neat!
  13. Oh my gosh, we had thunder and lightning AGAIN this past weekend! With this weirder weather, I am starting to wonder if I should be worried about happening here now too!
  14. I had taped the inside of my hiking boots with duct tape to try to get them to last longer but I finally broke down today and ordered a new pair. Figured wasn't going to wait until I won the lottery and I had better get them now before things get uglier. (Saw they were talking about cutting mail delivery to our homes again?) Shoes sure don't last as long as they used to.
  15. I had no idea about horizontal lightning either. Eek!
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