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  1. Originally Posted By: Campy Something to keep in mind. This was from an AARP newsletter awhile back. You do not have to throw out your prescription meds just because they have passed the "expiration date". Tests done on medications that were 3 - 5 years past their expiration date have shown that they still have better than 90% of their potency." Based on that statement from AARP, I would say that your OTC meds would also be the same. That does not mean you don't have to rotate your meds. It just means that the meds you don't use all the time (ointments, cough medicine, etc.) are still good, just SLIGHTLY weaker than if they were new. Hi all! Reviving another older topic. Wanted to say that having "older" meds is definitely a good thing and what I was told is that the pill/tablet form of the med will (if any) get weaker (as stated above). However, the liquid meds will eventually evaporate and actually make it a bit stronger! So with cough syrups, etc., you would want to take that into consideration when giving to a little tyke. Now for the actual proof that older kept meds work. I had an eye infection that started from one of those lovely styes! (ugh) Unfortunately it worked into the lymph system, ran down the side of my face and was heading down my neck and into my shoulder!! (go figure) I discovered an old (we're talking 1996 here) bottle of amoxy I had kept - so I started taking those (as prescribed on that bottle's label) - and in a few days that infection was gone! (grin) Thank You, Lord for old medicines. I hope this helps with knowing it's a good thing (especially when you've a bundle of kids) to store up. Blessings all! Love this place and am quickly calling it my 2nd home as I read and glean, read and glean! (grin)
  2. Originally Posted By: raeba (course, you know I'm stealing this also for the manual ) Pardon me for still being a newbie - and *loving* all the perusing and gleaning a ton of ideas! Raeba - you mentioned a "manual". Might I ask where this is (if it's done)? Thanks much!
  3. Originally Posted By: veggiecanner If you are into making up your own buckets and live in their delivery route azurestandard.com is a great place to get bulk amounts of grain and beans. I have to order $400 worth to get it delivered free to my house. You are required to order only one week ahead of your delivery route time and need to register as a drop off place. Several persons can chip in on the order if they each order $40 or more to equill the $400. Being a newbie, my apologies if I 'bump' any topic back into circulation! This one was for Azure Standard Farms They are located in Oregon and have a huge farm! They've changed their minimum ordering - rising it to $50 and the bulk ordering to $550. Understandable with the cost of gas and the economy these days. One thing to check is within your area to see if they have a group that orders. In my small Central Oregon town we actually have 2 groups. We order within our group and it applies to the total bulk amount needed of $550 - and then this is freighted to us once-a-month. It's an extremely good deal considering what shipping costs could be on heavier items (like laundry soap). Anyway - just another plug for Azure! And to mention to check your area for a group that may order from them.
  4. Originally Posted By: Cat Naaaaah...We like our "Newbies"! We'd *MUCH* rather blame it on our guys!! lol - have to admit it's easier picking on them when they are lesser in number! Originally Posted By: Cat Or we could call it a conspiracy... **adjusts tin foil hat** That is the more plausible reason. Originally Posted By: Cat Sorry about the email stuff... Da Boss has been a *little bit* busy.... lol - no worries! Was tickled to find an email and thought, "Cool! I'm not a leper afterall!!" heh heh - and thanks all for the welcome! Am looking forward to having more time to peruse all the information! In Him, CoffeeZilla
  5. You *could* always blame it on the "newbies"! Afterall - I think I emailed five or six times trying to get registered and never hearing back. I bow and humbly take the blame. ....whispering....Now let's see if the guberment comes out and tries to fight for the blame. (heh heh) CoffeeZilla
  6. Hello everyone! My first post is a 'thank you'. I can't recall why I came (stumbled) upon MrsSurvival's site (probably researching self-sufficient-ness) and wouldn't you know that the topic line of this thread caught my eye. What amazed me is that it led into the discussion of Sabbath and then became a confirmation of the avenue the Lord is leading my husband and I down - and that turning to the true Sabbath day. My husband and I were both amazed at how the Lord directed me to this thread - and gently nudged us back into the thinking of changing our lifestyles to meet Him on His day. (grin) We'd been researching off and on over the course of about a month - and this thread solidified it for us. So - thank you. In His Love & Service CoffeeZilla
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