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  1. Nobody has even guessed as to who wore the snoopy pants to bed each night... (;
  2. Haha yes, I have my moments. I didn't know if you could really make dehydrated snow! Still no Dawn puppies. We brought two of Molly's sick pups inside (Paint and Darcy/little one), and Paint was nudging my phone as I began to type on it just now. Lol.
  3. Yeah, she's laying in there now. I cuddled with her last night. The Latin test was pretty easy, thanks!
  4. It's 12:03 a.m., and I should probably be in bed, but I figured I'd share MY side of Gathering. (As I'm on my computer, I hear Mt. Rider tap-tapping away her response on her little Ipod. ) Wormie got here on Monday and didn't see me in the daylight until Wednesday, haha. It was decided on the first night that he was here that a haircut was in order. Then, on Tuesday, MomM and her husband arrived, bringing many yummy goodies. Half of the frosted dark chocolate brownies were gone by the time I got home on Wednesday! Wednesday night, GP got here. Thursday, when I came home, Lovinit and her husband were here. We all gorged ourselves on homemade chili. Ma&Pa Steele arrived after dinner, and after I had gone to bed, Granny arrived. I missed out on Friday's day antics (whatever they were.... ) for school, but when I came home Friday afternoon, Jessie and Stephanie were here. The gravel guy left a huge pile of gravel in the middle of the driveway, so GP happily hopped in the neighbor's BobCat and put all the gravel where it was supposed to be, while Mr. Mom M, Jessie, and my brother Jason raked the gravel out. In the process of bringing the gravel into the pen where it was supposed to go, our two Nubian does got out. Mt. Rider and I had to chase them away from the blueberry bushes several times, and I ended up goat sitting our free range ruminants for about an hour (maybe even more!). Jessie and I fed the animals that night. That night we had homemade baked Ziti with fresh cheese, bread, and butter. Saturday morning Ma&Pa Steele and family unfortunately had to leave, but the time I spent with them was wonderful! Saturday was gun day. I listened to GP's gun safety talk, but actually spent my day learning how to Tunesian crochet from Stephanie. She later demonstrated how to use a drop spindle, and we somewhat successfully tried out our Lendrum double treadle spinner. Saturday night, we ate Thanksgiving dinner. It was so good! We had turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, gravy, corn (which apparently isn't a vegetable???), and stuffing. For dessert MomM whipped out more of her amazing baking skills and made pumpkin and chocolate pecan pies, and Stephanie made enough dump cake to feed Gideon's army (I don't think we've even got half of it eaten yet!) Then, mom pulled out her hair scissors and played hairdresser. Sunday morning was very relaxed. Everybody was exhausted from the weekend. Wormie and Granny left early. Stephanie's message on Gideon was very good, and we sang Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (played by Mr. MomM) after the message. Then, Lovinit and husband (hopefully soon-to-be proud owners of a Jersey cow ) left. Stephanie, Jessie, and Mr. and MomM hung out for a little while longer and made sugar scrubs and body butter with mom while GP worked on the garage and Mt. Rider sat in her comfy couch chair eating chocolate pecan pie out of the pie plate . Steph, Jessie, and the MomMs left Sunday evening, leaving the house very empty feeling. My brother's best friend and wife came up Sunday afternoon. We finished off the humongous pan of baked ziti that night. GP left today, leaving us no one to sarcasticly banter with anymore. Mt. Rider may or may not leave tomorrow (well, technically today, considering what time it is!). -All in all, the gathering was a lot of fun, even with the multitude of pig chases that occurred (We "pigged out" in more than one way)! I can't wait until next time. I enjoyed seeing old friends and some new people this year, and I hope to see even more people next time! -Oh, and of course, we would have a 2.5 magnitude EARTHQUAKE in our area while the Mrs. S gathering was going on. Apparently it sounded like a huge explosion... I slept riiiiight through it. Then, 2 nights later, we had a crazy storm! -(Excuse any weird grammar I used in this... did I mention that it's now 12:33? lol.) Remember... Men are waffles and women are spaghetti! I want to give a big, huge, genuine thank you to everyone for all the work that they did and for all the kindness that they showed to us!
  5. Oooooops, this is Darlene...I just realized that I was under my daughter's account when I posted this and am too lazy to delete it and repost it under my own account lolol... Get a grow light and grow a few lettuces in the house during the winter. Look to see if there are any slaughter houses around you...many times they sell meat and it's cheaper than the stores. During the spring/summer/early fall go to farmers markets and get fresh produce and can it into various things that will ultimately save you money in the months ahead. This summer they were selling 25lbs of tomatoes for $8...the could make salsas, spaghetti sauces, etc. We're in apple season now...apples are selling for $15 for a half bushel. In the corner they had a table of half bushel bags of apples that weren't perfect on the outside for $7. I'll make apple pie filling, apple butter, apple sauce, etc etc etc. Home canning, dehydrating, freezing, etc. during those times when foods are in season will save you the monies in the months ahead. When pork butts come on sale (I see them for $.99/lb) buy one, have them grind it up for you and make your own breakfast sausage, italian sausage, etc. All it is is a little seasoning that makes the sausage tilt to one flavor or another.
  6. I'm so very excited for this! I hate that I'm gonna miss all day Thursday and Friday since I'll be at school But I'm really excited to see/meet everyone and be apart of the fun (...and some antics )
  7. My current signature is a perfect example of a much younger me, haha. Could it say Madison on it, be pink and have a volleyball on it? Thank you so so so so so much!
  8. I got a picture of you being hoisted up to the bed! If only I could find it.... I am sosososo excited for this!
  9. Well, obviously, I'll be there, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise. In case you needed my RSVP, mom.lol. I enjoy these things so incredibly much! I love making new friends. I have learned so much the past few years, from how to pluck a chicken (I did not do the plucking however... I let the boys do it themselves ) to how to crochet, and I've gotten to meet some incredible people that I hope to always remember! This is a great time, so I hope ya'll can come!
  10. Mom, you can recruit me and my camera.
  11. This is Darlene...I'm on Madison's computer and just made the post below when I realized I was under her account, answering her pm's...rofl Madison doesn't have the Admin controls I have so I can't delete this till I sign out of her account...lol That was very touching Annarchy...thank you for sharing it.
  12. Madison

    Samson Pics

    He looks very strongly like Kayra, but he's got Dani's head... awww!!!
  13. Madison


    Well, when he was an insy-binsy-teeny-weeny pup, he would be the one that would push down the gate that was keeping them in the back hall. Then, when he got older, he was the one who slept all of the time... I guess now he is strong-willed again lol!!! I called him Octavis Just for no apparent reason... it just came to me lol
  14. i spent a long time figuring out weird things to put on my page cause it was something to do...and yeah i was bored out of my mind

  15. are you talking about all the weird things on my page?

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