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  1. I went to an event today in Cincinnati, there were about 1,000 people. Sponsored by the 9/12 Project and the Cincinnati Tea Party. What is going on now in our government is crazy. People, please wake up! This is no longer a Democratic vs. Republician battle, it is for our FREEDOM. Please join a local group near you.
  2. Here's the link: http://abcnews.go.com/2020/
  3. It's been on the list from the beginning but yesterday I ordered a Big Berkey Water filter (and extra black filters) and a Wonder Mill Jr. grain mill. I'm feeling blessed.
  4. What I have learned and also read from the Dehydrators Bible is that almost all vegetables need to be hard/brittle and almost all fruits need to be pliable but not sticky. Also, I have read from a couple of books that when in doubt, over dry rather than under dry. You can also put the dried fruit/vegetables in a sealed jar or plastic bag for a few hours. If moisture forms inside the jar or bag, dehydrate more.
  5. That guy is still a sheeple, allowing himself to be photographed with his guns and letting the world know what city and state he lives in. Like "hey UPS man, look at all my food, hope you're doing the same" I learned not to do that within the first two weeks I joing Mrs. S.
  6. Now is not the time to cut our defense spending as this administration has proposed
  7. Please pray for Mike. After several days in pain and agony, he went to the emergency room and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow for a blocked colon. I would like you to pray for a successful surgery, I also need you to pray that the "light goes on". He is dietary nightmare. I have begged, pleaded - you name it - but he's one of those that will listen until he feels better and then back to the biscuits and gravy. He thinks Pepsi is a substitute for water. I am praying that this will be his moment of truth. He's only 53. Thank you, my friends.
  8. This is just my opinion, but the cc companies (banks) know that these bailouts will fail and the economy is going to implode. They know that they are in for major defaults on cards from the deadbeats but also from responsible people who find themselves out of a job and out of savings. They also know if faced with having a roof over your head, food and electricity or paying your cc bill, people will choose to default on the cc. It's a risk assessment designed to offset their losses on the backs of their best customers in hopes that most of their best customers will not default and pay for
  9. My heart goes out to you. I'm so very sorry
  10. Friendly had a friend with her, my beloved English Water Terrier, Smokey. The Ghandi of dogs, St. Smokey........he was just sitting in the kitchen, far away from Friendly, the day I came home from work and the couch and blinds were trashed. Brings back such memories.......thanks for starting this post
  11. I found "Friendly" wandering around a gas station. I picked her up and brought her home. She was full of fleas and grease. I thought I would give her a bath and then take her to the pound. As I was blow drying her she started to fluff up and looked like Benji. Needless to say, she never left. The vet said she was about 4 months old and a mixed terrier. Friendly was about 11 pounds and hated dogs that she didn't know. On a trip to the grocery store, I left her in the car and upon returning she was barking at another dog also in a car. She had a piece of fabric hanging from her mouth that s
  12. How do you use them. I bought a pound of them, sealed them in jars for long term need but don't really know what to do with them.
  13. I have a couple of them. Send me a pm and I will be happy to share
  14. Over 15 years ago, I purchased a stainless steel percolator for a little over $20. Don't know the brand but I've used it over open fires and on my regular stove and it and all it's parts are like new. I remember thinking at the time how overpriced it was.......in retrospect, I guess it wasn't.
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