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  1. wow thanks!!! I have a bhut jalokia and I havn't mustered up the nerve to try one yet! I think I should can them then I can use them in recipes. I don't get many peppers a year, the most I've gotten was 5. The first year I only got 2. At 800,000 scoville units, they should last a long time.
  2. can you store dry pectin in the freezer to prolong the life? I don't can jams much but when I do I don't want to have to run to the store cause my pectin is expired. THis just happened actually last week, I picked some blackberries but was out of pectin! It's on my list today, I guess I shouldn't stock up.
  3. I'm interested as well. I had a bumper crop of japelenos last year but didn't know any simple easy recipe. I think you just put a vinegar solution on them?
  4. I wonder if she was moving a full pressure cooker under pressure? If so, I can see how it could explode if dropped. THat doesn't mean pressure canning/cooking is unsafe.
  5. I don't can as much as most people here but I have not had a failed can yet. I canned 23 pints of vension last week and 19 a couple weeks before that, no failures. I use differant brands jars and lids. I have been keeping the lid on until the next morning. The first few times I canned I removed them right away and there was a lot of bubbling. I had read about someone else leaving the lid on so I started as well. I take the jiggler off and loosen the lid, I just don't remove it. Or maybe I'm just lucky.
  6. I just saw this thread! I have an all american, and also and old national #7 that I have replaced parts with all american parts, the vent tube, jiggler, and guage anyway. They still sell the gaskets too. You could refurbish the #7 and have 2 canners! Unless it's warped or chipped it should be ok. Mine works great! I actually prefer it for smaller batches as it's lighter and simpler. I have new handles on it now as well. The old ones were fine, but I wanted to get new parts before they stopped making them. I already have a spare gasket as well. If you don't want your #7 maybe
  7. I'll bet beans like that would be good for canning, sometimes they get a little soft and mushy canned. Oh, I still like them and can them, but they would be improved by holding their texture more.
  8. I noticed the posts about using the decking and other treated wood for gardens but I have heard you shouldn't do this because of the treated wood. Is that true? I have heard of using bales of hay or straw for making an eleveated garden. I am trying to think of ideas for my yard next year. I would like a big garden and yard but I can't have that. I doubt I will be able to sell the house any time soon so I am going to try and make the best of what I have. I have a pretty big yard for the suburbs and my neighbor got a lot of produce out of the garden they grew. I'm going to plant a small pl
  9. I didn't know dry beans were poisoness! I'm glad I read this! I don't know a case where I would eat dryed beans but I didn't know they could.
  10. I would think it would have to be pretty watery to slosh in the jars after it has cooled. Mine was thickish but still a little sloshy when I took it out but is pretty thick now,it still "moves" a little though. Maybe the other soup canners will chime in.
  11. I had attempted to register a few times but it didn't "take". I am noticing now on my latest attempt to post a reply that I was able to. This forum is awesome! There is so much useful information posted you could spend months reading each forum! Oh, I'm from savannah GA. Not really by choice. I hope to move someday, probably after I retire. I'll make the best of it till then. This forum addresses issues that other "survival" forums do not, like urban homesteading. I have a pretty large yard and after reading some of the stuff here I have decided that there is still a lot I can do whe
  12. I made some split pea soup and it still got thick upon coming to room temp. Mine gets very thick when I make it, esp after it's been in the refridgerator, so when I made it with the intentions of canning it I followed the recipe, and still added more stock so it would be on the thin side. It was thick but still pourable when I took the jars out of the canner, they did not get really thick until they came to room temp. I am thinking that as long as they were thin enough so the solution still "moves" when the jars come out of the canner then the food was not too dense as to affect the heat
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