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  1. Thanks for the answers! We are looking into a chest type freezer so that would work for the Flour! Good info.
  2. I would like to buy the 50 pound bag of Bread Flour from Costco, but am unsure about how to store it and for how long?? We bake two one pound loaves of Bread a week, so that amount of Flour is going to last a looooong time for us! If I put it in gallon Ziplock bags, then into a metal garbage can how long would it last.
  3. My husband and I canned 19 half pints of seedless Blackberry Jam today. Yum! Love our Squeezo machine (and since DH is an engineer he likes to work it - yahoo!)
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    jGood Morning! Tried to change my name and darn it, can't even seem to do that! Will just give up on the Edge even though I enjoyed it very much. Thanks so much for all the efforts from you all! Pansy PS, thought I sent a reply yesterday but can't see it anywhere so obviously hit an incorrect button! Yikes!
  5. I want to change name from Pansy to PansyTwo but don't know how. Since I first signed in things have changed a bit my "progressive" health problem has advanced BUT I am still upright, though have to use walker and wheelchair, but I'm still fighting so there! We also have a small but growing garden and I am able to weed and take care of most of it - hooray! Due to wonde...

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    Hi! I've talked to Darlene, everything on your end has been checked, my husband who is far better on/with the computer than I, says we get cookies (whatever that is!) so I should be able to go to the Edge, but just can't get there. Any hints for me?
  7. Hi! I'm not very computer literate, so how do I find your Dill Pickle (Nalley's) recipe? Only see comments. We love Nalley's Dill Pickles, along with a lot of their other products.
  8. Okay Cat - just went back and I don't have a Ladies Forum!! Also the Edge did not come up this time either. Sorry to be a nuisance.
  9. Haven't tried going to Ladie's Forum so will try that now. Thanks for the help Cat.
  10. Good Morning. I can't seem to go to The Edge anymore, even though I am a member. Can someone explain this to me? I can't get on computer as often as I would like, is that the reason? Thanks for any help. Pansy
  11. Just finished Rawles book - WORLD MADE BY HAND - pretty good read, some good ideas in it, such as how to deal with emotions and lack of direction, energy and so on. Can see where people might just kind of sit back and say "oh well" and in this book the people finally learn to do some thinking and planning (after the event however!) Next read will be ONE SECOND AFTER, it is here (thanks Barnes and Noble used books!) so away I go.
  12. Hi! Due to several Hospital stays I can't always get to Mrs. S. and then I either seem to get dropped (not so much lately - thanks!) and/or can't get into sites I want to visit. Specifically I would like to go to The Edge but I don't see it anywhere - don't know if I got dropped, made a mistake or what happened. Help??? Thanks for help in advance! Pansy
  13. Thanks everyone. As you can guess, the western Wash. location is wet today - hooray! crabgrass - hmmmm - here in the northwest somewhere - want to compare crabgrass events????
  14. I don't want addresses or anything close to that, but when you say "jobs are lost here" or "kids are at poverty level" but you don't say in general where - maybe just your state and east or west of your state it doesn't give an accurate picture of where things are happening. I live in western Washington so the article about TGIF was of interest to me. We don't eat out all that much but had been to one of their restaurants several years ago. Our small town has a lot of empty stores at this time and see no one wanting to lease space and/or the whole building.
  15. See that canned nerd answered you about the Squeezo - have had mine for over thirty years but do know they are still available. The Foley Food Mill would work too. Also, if I were doing it (not familiar with those Grapes though) I would try to remove seeds and run it through the blender, but then I am the strange one that likes fruit skins in some jams. Let us know how it turns out please.
  16. Had this recipe from one of you last year and didn't get a chance to make it til this year. Today was the day! This stuff is delicious! Pretty too when you see the sun come through the jar - sort of amber - lovely. Can't remember who posted the recipe but thanks again!
  17. Okay, I have a wonderful machine called a SQUEEZO and it takes the seeds out of our local Blackberries and leaves a thick puree, then I just use the Sure Jell box to make seedless Blackberry jam - and it is wonderful! Just made three batches last week. If you do not have access to this machine you could press the fruit through a strainer or small hold colander or leave the seeds in, it all works. The unsweetened Applesauce would make wonderful Apple Butter in your crockpot! I did this several years ago but didn't realize that I cooked it too long, but it was good anyhow. Sure is the e
  18. Oh boy! Last year we made some delicious Spiced Peaches and now cannot find the recipe! Darn! It did not have Honey in it - seems like it was white Vinegar, sugar etc., each Peach half had a whole Clove put in it. Does anyone have a recipe like this? Have a collection of cook books, plus canning books but sure can't find this recipe again.
  19. Go to a site HOW TO CAN GRAPEFRUIT, ORANGES, LEMONS - it is great! I printed the whole thing "just in case". I'm going to be canning Pears this weekend so will try a jar of the Grapes at the same time. My neighbor in Eugene, Oregon used to do them the way you describe! Thanks for the question and memories! Pansy
  20. According to an article in WORLD NET DAILY on May 27, 2009 "Big Brother" is going to ask at least 300,000 of us (how do they pick?????) " Do you have a flush toilet?" and then on to even more personal questions. According to this article if you do not answer there will be a $5000.00 fine and for "false reporting - again how will they know this?) a $500.00 fine. We are seeing a lawyer this week and will take the article with us. This scares the bejabbers out of me, not because we have anything to hide, but because this administration is passing socialism to communism so quickly. I have many
  21. Part One - Dehydrating Foods - learned several things (and new ways) of drying - have Mary Bell's book as well, but am totally impressed with this one so far. Part Two Cooking At Home with Dehydrated Foods lPart Three - Cooking on the trail with dehydrated foods (awesome recipes in this, not quite through with this chapter, but each serving is one person so they can be individually packaged for camping or bugging out - very complete instructions and the rec ipes sound yummy! Part Four - Other Uses for your Dehydrator - haven't reached this part yet. BROWN RICE, APPLE AND CRANBERRY
  22. Bearing in mind Rahm's "crisis" - I have wondered if they will not use this event to FORCE health care down our throats! UK last night said it will not give life saving meds to seniors who are gravely ill (rationing), friend from Vancouver Island just came through couldn't get an MRI for EIGHT months! Same for cat scan - we need to be on high alert with all this, not just for the flu itself, but for what "they" are going to use it for.
  23. Gee Tiger - I thought I was the "only one" who could not resist books - used, new - oh boy. Yup, I'm guilty of making you buy that book, but I just know you are going to love it. If we would quit having company I would like to start using the recipes (and drying more stuff!). Pansy
  24. Just got this book this week - it is great! Not only the how-to stuff, but the recipes, the most complete dried food recipes I have come across and I collect cook books! If you can get it from your library give it a look see.
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