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  1. 1 solar oven 2 garden all up good and ready to can
  2. I'm thinking bacon, eggs and biscuits. Our family favorite is breakfast for supper
  3. Having lived in hurricane country and now living in tornado country with the most pressing problem being FIRE. I felt like I had to do those things to keep my mind straight. I am constantly thinking of what I need to do... One of the things that keeps me happy is that I use my storm shelter to store all my lts food. So I won't loose that in a tornado or fire.
  4. After packing up to leave during hurricane Katrina I made a lot of changes...all my photos are on external drives and jump drives. Every few months I take a new one to th bank vault. I keep important papers in the bank vault too. I have a copy of everything in my bank vault in my moms bank vault which is in a different town. I made up totes of the kids keepsakes and put them in the cellar. I made jump drives of my cookbook with my. Favorite recipes on it too. We keep lots of food in the cellar, that's where I store my lts food, I have lots of water there too. I keep cash there. I also made photo copies of drivers lisence, debit cards etc and keep them in the cellar. I did a photo list of possessions and serial numbers that I keep in the bank vault and my insurance agent has one. I feel like all I would need to do is grab my dogs and go...
  5. Thanks everyone!!! We showed up strong in Oklahoma city, there were 28,000 long runners and I don't know how many for the the 5k. We never felt unsafe. We had sunrise services at the Survivors tree. Boy was that inspiring!!! We had 168 seconds of silence right before the race in memory of those who died and then we had three more seconds for the Boston deaths. Then off we went!! The race took us through some very beautiful neighborhoods in okc, and boy were we supported. The people were having parties on their lawns as we went by. Now, that doesn't seem strange, except this was six o'clock in the morning!!! One of the parties was even formal!!! Lol. My last mile was the fastest mile I have ever ran in a competition!!! I just felt inspired!!! Then,as I crossed the finish line, I lost it!! The floodgates opened and I just cried and cried!!!!dh says that happened to a lot of people so at least I wasn't the only one!! I had to just sit down and soak it in!! It all seems a little like a dream this morning!!! I am a little sore, so I guess I am off for a light run. To work it out!! Thanks everyone for the prayers!! I felt very calm and was able to enjoy every minute of it!!!
  6. The food pantry I work at, we do a pantry Box and a frozen box, all in the back, people show up and ask for it, and some of the young men will get them one box of each and load it into their car. We go until time is up, usually about 50 every two weeks. It is all free to anyone who shows up and asks for it through my church. For some that are really having a hard time, we also do household boxes with cleaning stuff and hygiene items in them. Plus we have special boxes with baby milk and baby food. And diapers for those families that need it.
  7. I received a notice yesterday that in the next week I will be receiving the American community survey census. I thought they only did the census on the 10s. Anyone else getting one???
  8. When we had a long long driveway, we got a large waterproof box at the end of the driveway, it was about $40. I put lettering on it that said "deliveries". Then I put a lock inside the box with letting inside that asked the driver to lock the box once he put a package inside. I also put a tractor weight in the bottom so no one could take the whole box. When I got home every day, if the lock was on the box, I knew there was something inside. We used this for years and it worked perfect for us!!!
  9. If you've never seen the show,they spend a lot of time on bathroom habits. I figure that is their way of making people look crazy!!
  10. I have a GIANT pile of pallets out behind the house, you can have them if you want them
  11. There is no paralle Parking in my hometown, so they would set up traffic cones for the drivers test, I never could get the hang of it, so on the morning of my test, the cones "magically" disappeared, then reappeared after the test was done. Rofl
  12. I wish I could have known him. He sounded like a hoot
  13. Wow. I would imagine I spend more than that at wal mart in a year!!, I must admit to being quite spoiled, I used to live on very little when I was a single mom and going to college, but I am thankful everyday that I don't have to do that anymore!!!
  14. I'm on there too. Yu know what name to search for me. I have prepping boards and tons of other things. You can subscribe to people by everything that they pin ir just to certain boards You can do searches for what you are interested in by pin or by board. When you find a board you like, you subscribe to it and you will see when new things are pinned to it. Over time, the ones you a following will be posting stuff that interest you also, it just takes time to get it the way you like it
  15. I think it just depends on where you are at. Ds bought a four bedroom two bath home for $12,000. Now it needed some paint and a new roof, but that's not bad. He also got four big lots, that he could sell for other homes if he wanted to. Our local grocery store has milk on sale every other week two for five dollars. Bread is a store brand but it is really good for .98 every other week. Local store is pricey, but has good sales, I got ten pound bags of chicken thighs last week for 2.98. They are really big and meaty. We have been to a large portion of the us, and I find this area to have one of the lower cost of living.
  16. I think texas has a very low cost of living!!! At least the panhandle does. We bought our place three years ago, 1800 sq ft home with 8 acres. Fruit orchard, cellar etc for under $30,000. I don't know many places you can get that kind of deal. The problem here is that the is just no empty homes. They are all full with people who have come here to work
  17. Here in the texas panhandle, we have all four seasons. We usually have snow 10-15 times although, this blizzard was a lot more than usual. We have several ice days too. In the winter, we are below freezing most nights. The good thing about winter here, is that it comes, and then is gone. We had that blizzard this week, now it is 63 degrees. In spring, we have thunderstorms and beautiful temps. We have a hot dry summer with temps around 90-95 on average. A few hot summers in history with 30 or so days over 100. But, it is dry, so even 100 is not that bad. Al out on cue, September 1 we start fall, cool in the morning and at night and warm in the day. The main thing we have here that I don't care for is the wind. It is windy almost every day. We have everal days a year at over 70 mph winds(hurricane force). We have grass fires too, although some years we have a bunch and some we have none. We do have rattlesnakes. I am out and about a lot, I run daily and hunt and such, and I have seen two rattlesnakes in my whole life, except for ones you might see on the road . You can see them if you go looking for them, but other than that, most people have never seen them. My mom is 76 years old, has lived here her whole life, and has never seen a rattlesnake up close. I do know someone who has been bit, but that is really rare. I, personally, think this is a great area to live. There are a ton of jobs!! The only problem around here is that it is hard to find a place to live because so many people have came in to work here. We are in the middle of a large oil boom right now. There are many many like minded folks around here, so a prepper is just considered "normal" since everyone does it. Almost every home has a clothesline, garden and chickens. Everyone talks about taking care of themselves and neighbors. We have no state income tax and low property taxes. We are a very gun friendly state. They have been having concealed classes here in my little town, and more people have taken them than the population of the town!!!
  18. Hit a great meat sale and really stocked up on pork roast and chicken. They had chicken thighs ( good meaty ones) ten pounds for $2.89. Needless to say, I won't need to get any chicken for awhile. Freezers are now packed again!!!
  19. Finally finished my kitchen!!! New countertops, new sink and a wonderful new faucet!!! It only took three years...
  20. We lived in our fifth wheel on the orad for four years. I loved it!!! We were traveling for work. We stayed in st Louis, northern Wyoming, Montana, San Antonio and Austin. I really miss it. We had a huge fifth wheel with tons of storage It had a washer and dryer too. The campgrounds were usually around $300 a month. It is a wonderful life style where you get to see the country. Hubby and I we talking last night about how much we miss it. We have a beautiful home and eight acres now, but I figure we will be back on the road again within th next ten years, and that's fine with me!!! I still have tons of places to explore!!!
  21. I know I started prepping when I was a single mom and nevr knew when the next child support check would be,or if it would come at all...it is nice to know you don't have to worry about food when you have preps, or worry about bills when you have a savings...
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