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  1. grace

    It's grace!

    one other thing....I just happened to notice it was possible to see past postings and checked out mine...apparently there must be 2 graces?
  2. grace

    It's grace!

    A few days ago I received an email inviting me to check out the "new" MrsS! I thought I had lost you all! And lo and behold, I even remembered my login name and password! I cannot begin to tell you the rush of emotion as I looked around the site a little bit and recognized familiar names, it has been many years........well, I just wanted to pop in say hello, I hope to have the opportunity to check into the site a little more thoroughly, btw it's really lookin' good!
  3. Glad to know it's not just me, but sorry your all having trouble to. .
  4. Anyone else noticed germination problems this year? Out of a 75 foot row of beans I had 10 plants come up. Carrots and beets were very spotty to. I've never had as much trouble as this before! I just replanted my bean patch today :-(.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has orderd from herbalcom.com before? And could let me know how they liked the service/product. The prices seem really great, even to order from Can. A friend was going to place an order and said there online security sertificate was unverifyable. Don't want to spend money for nothing... Thanks!
  6. Ok thanks Thats the cheepest brand to the other one was 100.00!! What is it with Canada lol....
  7. Just wondering what is the shelf life of dried herbs and tintures?
  8. Congratulations txcowgirl! And Darlene bless you for helping out so many people!
  9. Awww I missed it again! Just seems to be so busy lattly. Maybe next week!
  10. Hey, She's ok just preg. and tired lol. But she's doing well.
  11. http://news.sympatico.msn.cbc.ca/World/C...;amp;abc=abc#PS Indonesia reports more bird flu deaths 19/05/2006 6:38:03 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The World Health Organization has confirmed two more deaths in Indonesia from bird flu, bringing the nation's overall toll from the virus to 32. Two more deaths attributed to avian flu are reported in Indonesia. (Associated Press) Health Ministry officials in Jakarta say one of the latest victims is a 10-year-old boy from Sumatra. The boy is the fifth co
  12. Well ground beef was on sale this week for .97 a pound! Packaged in 10lb toobs. I picked up 20 lb at the first of the week. Today they were marked down half price last day of sale, got 3 more toobs. That's 50 lb of hamburger LOL. Also picked up 6 more pint and 6 qaurt cases of jars. And dh got me a 16 qt stock pot. Now how many people ask for a big pot for mothers day . So I'll be canning hamberger this week lol.
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