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  1. Working in the yard & garden: 4 miles Shopping in stores: 2 miles Cleaning house: 3 miles Just walking down the road: 2 miles Total = 11 miles
  2. Looking good WE2's!!! I love canning. Didn't do any last year but planning on to this year. Only lots of MayHaw jelly in jars and juice in the freezer because our two trees made so many and gave many many gallons away. Hope to buy me a new gas stove and freezer before my garden is ready for harvest.
  3. Only have a total of 5 1/2 with shopping and a little gardening. Didn't count inside cleaning house and stuff. I WILL try my best to get better.. i know i can..use to walk around 8 miles a day! Just being a bad cold and wet winter and can't really go walking and treadmill isn't working right
  4. Happy birthday to Babysteps, Furbabymom and Jgajmom
  5. Should clarify that I lost 12 lbs for month of January til yesterday. Have a long way to go.
  6. 4 miles walking, 1 mile in garden, 2 miles shopping and 2 miles working around house. Still haven't wore my mile counter yet around the house. Total of 9 miles . But my sugar as dropped down from 300-400 to almost 100-150 and I have lost 12 lbs this month!
  7. Happy Birthday Mom11, StarDancer, NetteTX, Huronscoot & Michelle
  8. Had son till my garden every day this week and went into town and bought 25 lbs of seed potatoes, cabbage plants & early pea seeds. Sis bought 25 lbs of seed potatoes too. Planted 2 short rows of the early peas this morning. Thought it was going to rain so hurried up early to do them. But no rain yet...
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