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  1. Little sister, a couple of months ago, I donated almost 100 cookbooks to our church yard sale. They hardly had any customers and none of the cookbooks sold. I thought about taking them back and doing something else with them but DH said once they're out, they're not coming back into the house. So, I suppose they all got taken to Goodwill. DH thought since I was paring down my collection that I wouldn't buy anymore. Wrong! 🤣 I recently bought 12 from Gooseberry Patch. They were having a really good deal. Today, I got one in the mail about cooking with dairy. I am a used book frequent shopper. 😆 I just re- subscribed to Self Reliance magazine. Should be getting my first issue in a few weeks. Think of subscribing to Countryside again. Do any of you get either of those? Our 31st wedding anniversary was yesterday and my DH bought me a new engagement ring. 💍My original set has been enlarged too many times since I have gotten uh hmm" larger" over years. He will be buying a new wedding band for me next year. My new ring is a diamond trio with a white gold and rose gold band. So pretty. I haven't had my wedding rings on in about 5 years so this will be a nice treat. We went to Sam's Club yesterday and they still have their limit of one on toilet paper. Was hoping to buy 2 but it is what it is. My back and arm are still aching so I am going to try to get in tomorrow for a chiropractic treatment and massage to see if that will alleviate the pain. I am going to read now for a few minutes before heading to bed. Goodnight, all!
  2. Not much going on here. I will say that grocery prices are getting ridiculous though.The cost of meat is like WOW! I've been in pain. The doctor has me taking ibuprofen everyday. I have been having tingling, numbness, and aching in my back, neck, arms, hands, and fingers. He thinks it may be carpal tunnel syndrome due to having hypothyroidism. I don't have my nerve conduction test until the end of next month.
  3. Thank you for the info, Joyfilled. I'm going to try it. BTW, how arevyou all able to see my " signature". I don't see mine or anyone else's. It's probably old info because my oldest is 29 and youngest is 7 and I have 2 grandkids now, also. 😀
  4. I have never thought of freezing tomatoes. Do you do do anything special to prepare them for freezing? What containers do you use?
  5. Our downstairs flooded again the other day. Not as bad as the previous times so we are thankful for that. We need to wall off the area where the water is getting in. My dh has a friend that may be able to do the work. Shopped for groceries tonight. The prices, especially for meat, are getting ridiculous. Fuel is high, too. My mom mentioned to me that Grandma used to make Grape- Nuts pie. So, I looked up the recipe and sent it to her. It is supposed to taste like pecan? I'm curious so I picked up some Grape- Nuts tonight to try the recipe. I will let you know how it turns out.
  6. Well, today when I woke up, I had to clean up a mess. I looked out the window and saw the yard flooded and knew this couldn't be good. I was right. Our downstairs flooded again! This is the 3rd time in 5 years. Our outside drain was blocked with debris. The water comes in through our laundry room door. We need to get that walled off. Yesterday was so humid. So glad we get a break from that today. We went to Kroger in search of 4 things and ended up with almost $80 of stuff in our cart. We did get a nice little deal on milk. Sell by date Saturday. 1/2 gallons of whole milk for 50 cents each! Dh and I had sushi from Kroger for supper. I really like the Philly roll. He got something spicy. Tonight for supper, we will be having shrimp scampi and salad. The frozen shrimp scampi from Sam's Club is really good.
  7. Our area is 3.05-3.15. We have Kroger here. So, we can save more with our fuel points.
  8. Thanks for the reminder! I wonder if we can get Christmas stamps yet?
  9. Oh, okay. That's an old blog. I don't know my sign in info for it anymore. I can't pull it up all the time either. It won't show up with my tablet but it shows up on my phone. I don't understand why. Maybe try a different device?
  10. They all look good! Thank you for the birthday wishes, everyone.
  11. I celebrated my 50th birthday today. We went out to eat and everything was so good. While we were there, I remembered that I forgot all about baking my pie for birthday dessert. So, my dessert ended up being M&Ms! I guess we'll have pie tomorrow.
  12. Thank you for the welcome back! 🤗
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