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  1. Hi everyone, I imagine that most of you don't remember me. It's been a looooonng while since I was here last. I am so happy to still see the site here. So many forums have moved to facebook. I'm good with FB but I like the layout of this forum and there is so much good info. We are living in WV, renting out home for the last 3 years. Hopefully buying it in May.Oldest child got married last spring, lives in Canada, and he and his wife are expecting our first grandbaby in Fall. I hope to participate more.
  2. https://www.thecountrycook.net/crock-pot-sweet-sour-meatballs/ Trying this one for the first time. I hope it's good I use this website often. Good stuff! I will probably make some no bake cookies for dessert.
  3. The Crimson Field was very good,too for as long as it lasted( 1 season)
  4. Grateful to be warm inside the house. When I went out to get the mail, it was bone chilling cold! Grateful to be able to homeschool and snuggle with the kids on the couch. Grateful that after 25 years, I am able to make something out of nothing in the kitchen.
  5. Hi there! Been busy with a climbing (on me) toddler(she'll be 2 in May).Hard to get on the internet with her pushing buttons. Homeschooling the boys,too. On top of that, we are losing our home.So, I am packing here and there. My dh lost his job in December 2014, then never got permanent employment until July 2015. So, we got behind on the payments. Mortgage company said they were working with us all along. Well, they lied. I think they meant "working" us out of our home. My dh works out of state. So, we'll be moving anyway. Whenever that may be. We'll have to rent but it may be a blessing.
  6. Korean beef over rice, sliced peaches http://lowcarbyum.com/korean-beef-paleo-recipe/
  7. Did the Mrs Survival cookbook ever come to be?
  8. For me,(the ones I can think of right now) ,were: homemade noodles ("potpie" noodles) in broth salmon patties fried pumpkin flowers chopped hamburger and onions cornmeal mush with syrup SOS(dried beef gravy over sliced bread) zucchini bread snickerdoodle cookies ~ Chicken Casserole~ 1 (sm or med)can chicken 1 can(10 3/4 oz) of cream of mushroom soup 1C. water 2 chopped, hard-boiled eggs 1/2 C. chopped celery 1/4 C. chopped onion 1/8 C. chopped green pepper salt/pepper to taste Combine all. Add 2-3 slices bread,torn; to thicken. Bake at 375 degrees F for 45 minutes- 1 hour Serve
  9. I am reading "Log Cabin Christmas" by a few different historical fiction authors.
  10. http://americanpregnancy.org/pregnancyhealth/naturalherbsvitamins.html
  11. I made taco pizza tonight. It was just as good if not better than the pizza places! We all really like it.It cost me less than $10 to make 2 medium size pizzas.
  12. re-visiting...... I like bluegrass,classical,Celtic,Josh Groban,gospel,some contemporary Christian(Casting Crowns,Third Day,Mercy Me), old hymns with organ music,and even a little 80's rock ballads.
  13. pot roast,mashed potatoes and gravy,California blend veggies,chocolate cake
  14. In my local chain grocery store, a dozen eggs was already up to 1.89 and when we shopped at Aldi's on Monday,eggs were 1.59(still bad enough)
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