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  1. I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and praise God. My aunt had her surgery yesterday and everything went well. The doctor said that he didn't think that the cancer had metastasized outside of the colon. She was doing well last night and talking with my mom. Spider
  2. Please pray for my aunt who recently found out she has colon cancer. She is 87 and is scheduled for the colon mass to be removed on tuesday morning. Last night while talking with my cousin, we agreed to stand in prayer that this tumor would be contained and she would have no problems during the surgery, and need no further treatment. Please pray for the surgeon and his team that they would have wisdom from the Lord and for the family to have peace that only He can provide. This is especially hard on our family. In the past two years, my aunt's oldest daughter died unexpectedly, then her son died from lung cancer, another son was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and her son with lung cancer's wife died from lung cancer....all in two years. She is a strong, tough person, but this is really hitting us hard. I truly appreciate all of your prayers.
  3. September was National Preparedness Month...maybe that's why.
  4. Thanks Betty. I'm a lurker at survival blog too. I'll have to check into the book.
  5. Could you pray for a friend of mine's son...that the truth would be revealed. God knows the details and I'm really not at liberty to share, but she did ask for all the prayers we could raise. Thanks, Spider
  6. Vic, Praying for you and your family. May God bring you comfort at this time.
  7. Wow!!! I haven't been here in a while and it looks GREAT! I love the burgundy and gold.
  8. Spider

    Home made laundry soap

    You can also substitute castile soaps. I've found an orange/ citrus scented one. I know there is a pine scent too.
  9. Spider


    Good morning all. It's been a long time since I've been able to get here. We finally got moved and most everything is put away now. We didn't get a chance to put the garden in but maybe next year, right? We've had an eventful summer so far with the move and all. A couple weeks ago, my nephew was hit by a car (lady on her cell phone hit him while he was walking). He's doing fine physically, but he has the intelligence level of a 7 year old and he's 13. We're hoping they will be able to re-train him. He's seeing quite a few doctors. Well, I miss you guys a lot. I miss being able to see what everyone is up to. We haven't been able to find an internet provider yet, but I'm getting desperate now... I might have to splurge and get satellite service. Well take care everyone and I'll get back when I can.
  10. Hi Dee. Have fun in the library. Well, we completed our move. I hired two college football players to do the lifting and we were moved in 4 hours, can you believe that? We just had to move the little stuff ourselves. I'm at the old house today. I have to do the final cleaning so that the new owner can move in and since the internet is still here...here I am. After this though, it's to the library I go for internet. So far I haven't found anyone with broadband and only 2 with dial up. DH is opposed to dial up again, but that may be my only choice. Well, I'm gonna take a look around and see what I've been missing. Have a blessed day.
  11. Google Gas Buddy. It's really a great site.
  12. Thank You Lord for healing our sister.
  13. Just wanted to say that I will be gone for a while. We are moving tomorrow and once we get to the new house, I won't have internet service. So until I can find a service or a library I won't be lurking around the place. :spider:
  14. Glad to hear you are feeling better... understand completely about lasix.
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