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I have received an email from mommato3boys asking me to fill this profile out...Nothing that impressive really, lol.


My name is CoM, short for Child of Mary, as in the Virgin Mary. Fifteen years ago it was she who through some extraordinary events took my hand and brought me back to her Son, Jesus. I have been a faithful practicing Catholic Christian since.


I am 54 years old and have been married for almost 27 years. We have one son that has recently married. I have a degree in Electronic Technology and worked for Nasa in the Space Shuttle program for 15 years. It was while there that I experienced my life changing conversion and felt called to quit and open a Catholic shop which I still run today. I am however hoping to retire soon.


I have moderated my own Catholic chat room for over 10 years but have recently retired from that. I can now devote more time to prepping.


I was born and raised in New Orleans. Thirteen years ago we moved to a rural area about 1 1/2 hours outside of the city onto 7 acres of land which is surrounded on 3 sides by 80 acres of cow pasture. Our little plot is like an oasis full of oak, pine and fruit trees right in the middle of the cow pasture.


I have been researching and prepping for about 10 years. We have always had a large veggie garden but being in the country now allows us to have chickens, bees, a catfish pond, fruit trees and a water well. Our neighbors raise cows so we have a source for milk and beef if the time comes where we will need that.


My husband is 1/2 cajun so he is a great cook. He is also an avid fisherman & hunter. He has gardened all his life and knows alot about wild plant identification. He can also build just about anything which is also a big plus! He is now retired.


I have been canning, making soap and making bread by hand for a few years now and am finally starting to get decent bread. I grind my own wheat. I have totally stopped using our dish washer and Kitchen Aid and almost never use the dryer. We are trying to get use to not having electricity for everyday chores and am saving alot of money by doing so.


We have converted our spare downstairs bedroom which is right off of the kitchen into a real pantry.


This year we are attempting to grow all non-hybrid vegetables from our own seedlings which are under the lights as I type this. It's not as easy as one would think. We hope to be able to get use to collecting and storing our own seed as well...


I hope to can and dehydrate as much as possible to get away from depending on the freezers.


Our short term goals are to rip out the fireplace and replace with one of our wood burning stoves, buy an ecofan for it, build a rain collection system to mainly use for the garden. We do have a few hundred gallons in drums for other uses. We will continue to work on our stock.



I love all things Christian and all thing Prepping!


Well, that's about it.


God Bless,



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