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  1. This Long Haulers is very interesting and more people should be reading this. I have a nephew who thinks he may have had it in December after reading and hearing so much about it.
  2. Good morning, Just wondering is anyone is doing genealogy now? Also, has anyone heard from Momo lately? I don't think she has posted for a while. Momo, if you see this, please let us know you are doing ok. Or PM me, please. Snowmom
  3. Good Morning, I have saved some of the lids for several years and reuse them on Jelly but not on anything else. Homesteader, I understand your mom liking gravy, I do too. I also understand the need to sell things. When we moved this summer, we got rid of a LOT of stuff. I'm still sorting and getting rid of things. Give your mom a hug for me.
  4. Ladies, I made a mistake in my zip code, put the 6 where I put 4 and then the the 4 where I put the 6. So sorry. I hope I'm not to late with this. You know, new place, new address, new zip code.
  5. Just thought I had better get this thread ready as I know someone will be sending the ornaments out soon. Just add that you have sent them out and when you get them. Snowmom
  6. Good morning everyone, I just sent the address list out so hope you all got it. I hope you all have a good time making and getting these new ornaments. Now, I need to get busy and make mine. Have a great day.
  7. Good morning everyone. Thank you to those who are joining. We have, Midnightmom, Pauline, Momma2threeboys, Annarchy and myself. Thank you all for joining and as soon as I get an address from Annarchy I will get the list out to everyone. Enjoy making them and now I also need to get busy making mine. I'm still in the unpacking mode. Snowmom
  8. I really have missed being here and I will try my best to check in a LOT more often. I had been out to eat with a class mate in August, then in September there were 5 of us classmates eating out together. It was really good to be able to visit with all of them. I do have everything they say to stay away from the covid though. Heart, I am on my 3rd pace maker, kidney problems stage 3 kidney disease, COPD, never smoked a day in my life, Gary did. I have diabetes and a lot of allergies and of course asthma. So I am just careful who I am ar
  9. I just put Midnightmom on a list for this year. So, yes, please join in and if it is at all possible. I will have to get mine started too. Snapshotmiki and Littlesister, it doesn't have to be anything big or anything, just anything. I found something on line and I am going to try it. Yes, Please Annarchy do join in this year. We do need to keep this going for sure. Snowmom
  10. I'm wondering if there are any people here who are interested in an ornament exchange this year??? If you are, sign up here and please send me, message me your name and address as soon as possible. We need to get a list done soon. I'll keep this open until Friday November 13th, then we need to get ornaments made and sent out as soon as we are able to. Snowmom
  11. Hi everyone, I know it has been a very long time since I have been in here. We have had so much going on for the past several months and it would take me a while to post about all of it. I think I will just start with March 15th as that was the last day I went to church. I have not been in Wal-Mart or any grocery store since March 13th or 14th. Like a lot of you out there, I have so many medical problems I don’t want to be around people more than I need to be. So, now the story starts. I had lived in the house next to a golf course for 49 year
  12. I got Midnightmom's ornament today, I love it. Thank you all for joining again this year. I do hope you have gotten the one I sent.
  13. Good morning everyone, I have gotten snapshotmiki's, mommato3boys and paulines, I love them all. I sent mine out and hope you get them without any problems. I'm sorry I haven't been in here before now, but, I had a full week first of all, on Monday I had a cataract removed from my left eye and on Tuesday I had an appointment to see the doctor so she could check the eye. Yesterday I had my pacemaker check up in Fargo. I've been so busy going and coming I just am so glad to be able to stay home for a while now. Well, except for doing a bit of
  14. Good morning, I've just not been on anything much at all. Spending more time holding Minnie. She is needing lots of loving lately. She will be 14 in January and not seeing like she did a couple years ago. I really know I need to come in more. Sorry I haven't been on. We have another craft show this Saturday and again the following Saturday. Then it is time to get down to cleaning the house for Christmas. I'm not sure who all will be here but, one Grandson said he would come. I really didn't put a date to have t
  15. Thanks Mt_Rider, I'm glad you told me. It had been down in the middle before and I just didn't look in the right place. Ok, snapshotmiki is joining the exchange and I have sent it on to you others. Thank you all so much for joining. to everyone. One more craft show for sure and maybe a second one, haven't heard back yet.
  16. Well, it is Friday and I have gotten the addresses sent to you, at last. I am so sorry that I didn't get them earlier. I've been working on more crafts again. I ran low or out of some things so needed to get things done for the Craft Fair tomorrow. Thanks Pauline for the offer. Where did the Hugs go? Have a great week.
  17. Thank you all for joining again this year. I will get the addresses sent Monday or Tuesday. The craft fair is this Saturday so have been busy getting things done. Looks like it will be the 5 of us this year. Carol
  18. I'm so sorry that I haven't been in here for a long time now. I'm wondering if anyone is interested in exchanging ornaments this year. If you are, please send me your name and address as I'm not sure if I have last years and other years addresses at this time. Right now I am trying to prepare for 3 craft fairs all before the end of November. So, I will come back in within the next couple weeks to check my messages. Thank you all for understanding and for all who have joined in this exchange in the past. Snowmom
  19. Thank you Pauline, I love it and love all of them. Thank you all for joining the exchange this year even though it was so late.
  20. I now have all but, guess who's, my own. I have a feeling I was cleaning and put it up someplace so I could find it. You all know how that goes. So, if someone has all of them and would like to take a picture that would be great. I'll have to look again for my own. Right now I am trying to get packages ready for mailing and am baking and so the ornament will have to wait a few more days. I'm so sorry.
  21. I got Midnightmom's and Ann's today, but, they may have come a day or two ago, just didn't get them until today. Love the both. Waiting for Pauline's, will probable get it on Monday. If I get around to it, and I have been slow, I will try to get pictures of them and post. But, if someone else is able to do it before I get it done, that will be great.
  22. Thank you for reminding us. We record them and watch them when we have a change. We end up getting some repeats sometimes recorded that is. Thanks again.
  23. Morning, did you hear anything yet. Hope you find out something soon. I think that is what they said about me, but no testing. Just that my fingers are getting bumps on them.
  24. Glad to hear, kappydell, I do think that there are times that some of those offices do try to get you to give up. Glad you didn't give up though. Hope all goes well for you.
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