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  1. My clothes dryer is sitting neglected in the laundry room. I've started hanging everything to dry. I don't have a clothesline yet, so I was hanging everything on the garden fence. Now that it's cold and rainy I've had to get really creative. I discovered that I can hang everything on hangers and hook them to the garage door track on the ceiling in the garage. Just need to remember not to open the garage door when clothes are hanging there! I also strung wire between the tracks at the ends to have room to hang things with clothespins. We saved over 750 KWH last month compared to last year by not using the dryer, turning off more lights and lowering the house temp. from 60 degrees in the winter to 55 degrees and wearing more layers and hats.
  2. My green acorns always turn orange in storage. I don't know why though. Acorns are the shortest storing winter squashes so you should eat them before your other varieties.
  3. I am so happy for you. I love my hens and would love to have goats!
  4. I have a tooth with decay in it. I haven't had it filled because it is in remission. As long as I stay away from processed foods it's fine. The body has a tremendous ability to heal itself if we give it the nourishment to do so. The decay spot will never be white again, but it will harden over and stop hurting. Whenever I indulge too much, Like right now, it starts hurting a little. It's my body's way of telling me that even a little deviation from an optimal diet has an effect on my health. When my husband indulges, his first symptom is bad breath. He can't hide his sins from me!! I know when he's had a Mountain Dew! I have tried the butter oil. I couldn't tell if it helped any.
  5. I eat pretty much the way you do Grace and Violets, except lower carb. I have noticed a huge difference in my health. I never get colds and flu anymore. When someone exposes me to a cold, I can feel very mild symptoms that my body is able to fight off quickly. It used to take me weeks to get over one and I would be so sick. I don't worry about being around sick people anymore. No hand sanitizer for me. When I was working, I was in a metal building without heating. It got cold enough that the pipes froze twice. All winter, my co-workers were sick, but I wasn't...never missed a day! I did have one cold since I started eating this way. I was painting my bedroom and bathroom and I guess breathing in the fumes all day and night triggered it. That's when I decided to start using safer products in my house. It does cost a little more to eat this way, but we've saved so much money by not missing work. When my husband takes a day off, it's for fun, not because he's sick. We use absolutely no medications now. That includes over the counter. We never need to go to the doctor and have had no cavities since switching. We are saving so much money and feel great!! I would love to help others change their lives this way.
  6. When my cat had an ear infection I used coconut oil in her ear. It kills bacteria and yeasts.
  7. From what I've read, parsnips are a close relative of carrots. In fact, I believe they were what people had before the intense orange colors were bred into them. After the orange ones caught on, the plain parsnips were abandoned as people food and mainly used for livestock. They taste sweet, like a carrot, but have a very mild flavor. Not strong like carrots. If you dig them before the winter, they will be bitter. If anybody has tried them in the past but hated them, they should consider giving them another chance with ones that have been dug in the winter or early spring. Be careful with grocery store parsnips right now. They may have been sitting there quite a while and were probably dug before they were able to sweeten up. Go ahead, give them another try! You may discover your favorite vegetable you never knew.
  8. Last week I bought some parsnips at my natural foods co-op. I had never tried them before and decided to "go for it." I cubed one up and put it in a casserole dish along with some cubed sweet potatoes and chopped onions from my garden. I drizzled with olive oil and roasted them in the oven. The only seasoning they needed was salt and pepper. It was delicious!! Over Thanksgiving weekend, while feasting at my in-laws, I dreamed about getting back home so I could make more. It was that good! What other yummy ways do you prepare parsnips?
  9. Did I read somewhere that this BPA is in the inner coating of our canning jar lids?
  10. Hmm, No wonder people used to use gourds for utensils, etc.
  11. I threw some dry catfood to my girls yesterday and most of them didn't care for it. The ones that are molting were scarfing it down. I guess their body tells them they need it.
  12. Leah, We looked around in the hay. I had just cleaned out the coop a few days ago, so there wasn't much built up in there yet. It's a mystery. My "special" trap egg was still in there when I closed them up last night. If I have an egg-eater, it's not a chronic situation... yet.
  13. I may have an egg eater problem as well. Yesterday I found one of my pullets had laid an egg in the straw on the floor of the coop. My hands were too full of laundry to carry it into the house, so I sat it in a nest box to wait for my next trip out. A few hours later I found it was missing. I'm hoping mine was taken by a squirrel. It was in the nest box by the open people door. Squirrels pass by there on the way to my garden to bury their nuts. I filled an egg with mustard and blue food coloring this morning and it is still in the nest box. I've been out there observing a lot today, so the squirrels are staying away. So far none of my hens have taken it. I sure hope it was just a squirrel.
  14. A family in our church adopted three children, siblings. They have a huge celebration meal every year on Adoption Day.
  15. Wow, here at Mrs. S., most of us dream about pantries and root cellars like others dream about fancy cars, jewery, and expensive vacations. I'd have rustic cupboard doors installed to hide anything modern. I'd want it to look like an old fashioned pantry. Same with my kitchen.
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