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  1. I had put about 10 lbs of flour in a bucket last fall, but noticed that when I checked them that the paper bag seemed damp, not wet, but just noticeabley damp. Our basement does have a little bit of a moisture problem in the spring and fall so I'm thinking I'll have to food save pretty much everything.
  2. Very wise advice. I do need to hear that now and again. We've kind of come up with a system for rotating the stuff like canned goods. Funny how I know how to can meat, but have no idea how to can say corn, or any vegetable for that matter. More to learn that's for sure.
  3. Originally Posted By: Gunplumber absolutely. Instead of going through the different methods here, perhaps you should first do a search on cowboy mounted shooting - lots of good info. Cotton stuffed in nylon stockings make good earplugs. I have one mare who doesn't even look up when I am shooting my .45 Colt blanks, and another who will flinch if she's across the arena and I dryfire. Everyone is different. I like the Parelli style of "baby steps" (http://www.parelli.com/) rather than the "total imersion" (read "total terror") that some teach. Very true about the cotton in the ears.
  4. My wife and I moved into our old house in April 2007 (we bought a foreclosure). It had a fairly new efficient forced air furnace...the only problem was that the house hadn't had a remodel since about 1920 or so (literally still had gas fixtures). There was literally no insulation in the attic (and we're in MN) and none in the walls. We ended up buying a wood pellet stove and installed it on the main level (of 3 levels). We heated the entire place for about $700 in pellets last year. Now, we're stuck because the price of pellets more than doubled between last year and this year. Now we're
  5. Hi there, I wasn't sure which forum this should go under so I'm just going to put it here and the moderators can move it if it should be somewhere else. My wife and I started stocking up more on food, everything from canned meat to hot chocolate to you name it. Anyway, I've been doing the research on the recommendations for such and such food item, like beans or wheat or what have you. Anyway, my question is about flour, the kind that you'd buy in the store in say 5 or 10 lb bags. I understand that you just can't throw it in a 5-gallon bucket, throw the lid on, and expect it to be any
  6. Thanks for the replies. I would like to can and just leave it for future unforeseen needs, but if the consensus is that only a few years is the average safe window, then I guess I'll try to get 2 or so years ahead and then start to rotate.
  7. Hi, this if my first post here. I can lots of venison every fall and I just started canning other meats last fall as well (learned from my uncle when I was a kid). My question is, what is the oldest canned meat you've opened and ate and basically, how does it compare to recently canned meat. Was there a noticeable difference in taste with the stuff older than a few years? Thanks, Midwesterner
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