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  1. I got a lot of ground beef and sweet italian sausage recently, I made 7 meatloaves with it that day. We're having one of them, mashed potatoes, and peas.
  2. I've finally taken out all the chicken carcasses I put in the deep freeze. A a quick-roast in the oven, a quick stock from the pressure canner, then canning it in pints.
  3. Our stuffing is more like a bread pudding, it's so dense. Here's my abbreviated recipe: Melt 1½ cup butter and cook 1 1/2 cup finely chopped onion and 2½ cup finely chopped celery (leaves too) until tender. Add 2 tbsp dried sage, thyme and/or marjoram. Mix with 3 lb bread torn into pieces (I leave it out to let it get stale, time depends on how warm the house is and how high the bread is piled). Mix 3 eggs with some chicken broth, add to bread. Add more broth until you're happy with the stuffing (ours gets to be a big lump of bread). Break up lump as you put it into a low buttered
  4. We alternate with my aunt's family for Thanksgiving with guests, so there is really enough of us to finish off the Thanksgiving food the next day just by people coming through the kitchen and grazing. The big "problem" is that every other year (and this is one of them) we go to a beach house for the week. I have to bring food for my family until Wednesday where we have to have enough food for 18 people until Sat. Last time we had too much food leftover. We were saying "You take it!" "No, you take it!"
  5. I have a KA (the kind that the head lifts up). I got it back in 91 for Christmas. It's doing ok, for what I use it for, but the head wobbles a bit, and you can see on the paddle where it's rubbing against the bowl. BUT I have never had it serviced or cleaned, and I'm sure if I took it in it would come back fine. I really would like the one where the bowl lifts up; maybe subconsciously I'm hoping the old one will die if I don't take care of it and I'll have to get a new one!
  6. The only thing I used GfSE for was my kids diaper rashes, and my youngest has twice gotten what IMO was a yeast rash in the crook of her elbow. I've read that those that take GfSE use orange juice to mask the taste. I don't know how much to take per day internally though.
  7. I usually get a BIG thing of Tide laundry detergent at BJ's. It will last us about a year or so, as we have a front loader and I use half or less per load than top loaders. But this time I got a smaller Arm & Hammer jug, and I wrote on it 2-20-09. So imagine my surprise when I ran out yesterday! I'm going to get another jug 4 months from now, about halfway to the end of these smaller jugs.
  8. My uncle had a hunting beagle that was a total outdoor dog. The dog house had two rooms (side by side, not front to back); one had the door to the outside and wasn't all that big, the foyer as it was , then a door in the bisecting wall to the other room which was filled with straw as a bed/insulator. The top was removable so Uncle Mickey could get in and clean out the straw when he needed.
  9. One way to prevent that is by using a pressure cooker to heat food to a high temperature. That needs to be a canner....
  10. I've had tongue twice, once in Japan, grilled with a sauce and it was soooooo good. Another time I made it into a stew. Both times they were very tender. One of my friend's father raises his own cows as a hobby, and he's bringing us some beef this weekend. I'll have to call and see if it includes a tongue. The question is, do I tell my girls what it is before or after they eat it? Or not at all?
  11. I haven't canned in a dog's age but boneless, etc chicken breasts were $1.68 a lb and 80% lean ground beef was $1.49 a lb. Those are very good prices around here, so I got $65.00 worth (sale price). I have Columbus Day off, but the kids are in school, so I think I'll be canning tomorrow.
  12. A good friend's daughter had Swine Flu (a mild case, she's back to bugging her mom, K, to go outside), and K said 18 of the 24 kids in her daughter's class were out w/ the flu.
  13. Is the pectin powdered or liquid? I'm thinking powdered as you said box. If I wasn't so tired, I'd check the instructions on each, as you add one before the sugar and one after the sugar...
  14. I would think no, as squash may be like pumpkin, and only cubed pumpkin is safe to can. But I'd like to hear what Violet has to say.
  15. I wanted a home birth, I just didn't want to birth in my (FIL's, actually) home! My mom's would have been nice... I also really wanted a water birth. My next life!
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