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  1. My dog was chasing my cat today. They were both walking.
  2. Now that sounds interesting! I was going to make the home-made dishwasher soap before my store bought bottle ran out, but this would be so much easier. My dishwasher soap cup has 2 sides, one that you close, and one side is open. would you put a dollop in each side? No, Ma'am. Just a dollop in the side you close works fine.
  3. Zopheil, Radishes slice, or shred, dry and grind well. They make a great addition to soups and casseroles. We have an entire thread in this board about radishes. They bring down your blood sugar.
  4. Soda is high in phosphoric acid. I wonder if those weird artificial sugars would be detrimental?
  5. I wish I could remember who first posted this, so, I can thank them personally. I always use dishwashing detergent and a wash cloth to clean my dishes well to prepare them for the dishwasher. Lately, I have started using a dime sized dollop of that same dishwashing liquid (Dawn, Joy, Palmolive, etc). in the soap cup of the dishwasher instead of dishwasher detergent. I save $7-$8 per bottle on dishwasher detergent and no spotty dishes. I happen to use Palmolive. I am told you must not use a bleach formula detergent or use too much. A dime sized spot will do you. I did not believe it, either unt
  6. Toilet paper & a bucket? Bottled water?
  7. I'm a label reader. A majority of Aldi items have artificial sweeteners in them--high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, etc. I did not find many processed foods I could eat there.
  8. I hear tell sometimes they can catch a turtle, tho.
  9. It seems to me chicken wire made bigger than the container could be stapled to the outside of the container. You would have to use tongs to weed, but, it would probably keep the cats out. Cats hate pepper because their sense of smell is so acute. If a cat's head were the same size as a human's the maxillary sinus cavities would be 7" across--or so my old boss ( a vet) claimed.
  10. http://www.thepostgame.com/lifestyle/201105/surprising-retro-trend-hunting-fishinghttp://www.thepostgame.com/lifestyle/201105/surprising-retro-trend-hunting-fishing Forget those heat-seeking, laser-guided, GPS-enhanced rifles. Using high-tech gear like that can make just about anybody a successful hunter. But it also strips away the fun and challenge that hunters are craving in the first place. That's why, according to a Wall Street Journal report, there is a retro-chic movement among hunters to shift from space age to stone age in their approach. A growing number of hunters have start
  11. Are you allergic to donkeys? They have little teeny ones...
  12. As a thickener in beef stew, an ingredient in chicken pot pie or a layer in shepherd's pie.
  13. Yesterday i passed a house who couponer owners were holding a garage sale with all the tons of free stuff they couponed for. Wow.
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