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  1. Thank you everyone for the welcome back It is wonderful to see the same names as before and the names added since my last visit. You all added a new prospective to prepping for me and I have taken it all to heart. Thank heaven you are still here sharing your wisdom. Texas Treasure I do understand as Dh and I are retired and no the rising cost of everything is not going to change. I feel a comfort just knowing I do everything I can to be pro active in our preps and knowlegde. I like to learn something new everyday. Hugs to you all, Jakesnana
  2. I wanted to say hello to all. I enjoyed the site for quite a while. but have been away a good bit. Still prepping but wanted to get back to the site to learn and share.
  3. I received an awesome surprise today and thank you who ever you are. The 7 pairs of earrings are so me and the colors are perfect. The bracelet matches a new sun dress I have and I love it. Thank you for the lovely green fabric, it will go in my latest friendship quilt. I will cherish your thoughtfulness. Hugs
  4. Annarchy I'm so pleased you like your night cap and bag holder. It was a joy making them for you. Hugs, jakesnana Ps my computer crashed and burned two weeks ago and I just got a new one this past Saturday...sure have missed not posting to yall!
  5. I use baking soda in my laundry, down my sinks and for odors. It can be used on sun burns, rashes and bug bites. Stops an itch in it's tracks.
  6. Great links, thank you. I see a building project in DH's future.
  7. We would be good. We keep 2- 55 gal barrels, 2- 25 gal barrels and 2- 7 gal containers of water, here at home. I keep my pantries stocked with things we eat. We have our generator for the freezer and other essentials. Like many have said it would be a tense time when one of us got bored...I mean how many times can you tell the same story or joke. I keep a selection of card and board games, puzzles and puzzle books on hand. We have portable DVD players but DH loves to work in his shop and without power I don't know how long he would last with his hand tool collection. Other than being
  8. Thank you Trip for bringing this to my attention. What an awesome hero, I am humbled.
  9. Prayer for a good outcome and for peace of mind to all concerned. Hugs, jakesnana
  10. Just popping by to say I like your avatar.

  11. Hello my name is Jakesnana and I am a list-o holic.... I have all my supplies, plans, recipes and medical, you get the picture, in binder form. I even did one up for Dh and his shop. I am a recovering packrat that continued to add storage space to my home. I love knowing what is where and how many is there. It gives me a peaceful feeling and lowered my stress level to 0. My entire family is cataloged with Ids, medicial history and personal bios. Yes I have too much time on my hands Yall have given me so many great tips, ideas and links that I have cataloged and apply each day.
  12. I saw that episode of the Unit. They were out in the park and about town. Two of the Unit memebers used the older ladies oxygen to get to their divng gear, I think. They used plastic sheeting and tape to seal the doors and windows and turned off the ventialtion systems. it sure makes you think.
  13. Hello and welcome to Mrs. S the informative site online for prepping.
  14. Think it's great you are so determined to make preps even under less than good circumstances. WTG!! The most powerful tool we have is our minds and your creativity is inspiring. I too find you post most educational and enjoyable to read. Hugs, jakenana
  15. Our local Wally World still has wading pools. My container gardens are clear plastic storage totes. Most have cracks or I have lost the lids, plus I like to recycle everything I can. I have radishes, bell peppers, carrots and dill in containers. They seem to grow every day. Don't forget drain holes in any container you use.
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