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  1. Holy Jesus, please let me not throw my computer out the window because of the anger I am feeling right now. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!!!!!!!! NO, Asperger's is NOT a MENTAL ILLNESS, it is a DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDER. Get your facts straight before you spout off what you THINK you know. YES, I do take this VERY personally because my son was diagnosed with Asperger's in October. If you want verification that autism is not a mental illness, I strongly recommend that you speak to someone who has an advanced degree in neuropyschology before you start quoting what you've read on the internet or what you THINK you know. I literally had to take a week off from this website because of how upset I was by the statements being made. Then I came back to this. Wow. I never thought that the people on this website could be so incredibly ignorant and cruel. Unbelievable. And you can remove my post and ignore the fact that I am calling those of you who are calling Asperger's a mental illness out on the carpet for it, but you'll be doing the entire population of this website a huge disservice. I have GRIEVED for the children and adults who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, but I have equally grieved for my son and others in the autism community as I have seen some of the most ignorant, nasty, disgusting things said about them as a result of what happened. And the saddest thing is, some of them were said here. I never thought that I would feel it necessary to leave this community, but the time has come. I refuse to be in league with people who would malign people in the way I've seen people with autism maligned here. It's repulsive.
  2. Seriously? Asperger's syndrome is a high-functioning (aka mild) form of autism that certainly does not make the people who deal with it prone to going out and shooting up a classroom full of kindergarteners. Are you implying that everyone with autism needs to be locked up in a mental hospital? That is one seriously screwed up statement. I
  3. Poor Cat! I have had pulled muscles and bulged discs in my back, so I know how badly it hurts when you injure yourself. NO fun!!! I hope that it heals up super-quick. Just take it easy for a week longer than you think you need to....it'll be really easy to re-injure it just after it starts feeling better. Gentle hugs to you!
  4. I, too, take the screw-on rings off before putting the jars away in storage. I've heard of them rusting onto the jars and don't want that happening to my stuff!
  5. Awesome! I wouldn't have thought to have rinsed them. We've started dehydrating potatoes much more than canning them -- it seems to be a much more efficient use of space to keep them dry instead of canned. But I want my quart jars back!!! I have tons of chicken to can! I see a stew in my near future, made with home-canned potatoes and carrots. Thanks so much, guys!
  6. My DH and I are reorganizing, moving around, and rotating our food storage today. I have several quarts of russet potatoes that I canned back in September of 2010, and several pints of carrots that I canned in May of 2011. Will those still be okay to eat? My potatoes have a lot of starch on the bottom of the jars, but I'm figuring that's pretty normal since they're a pretty starchy food! I'm just seeking reassurance, I guess...I've eaten chicken that I canned back in 2010 and it was still wonderful...just haven't tied into those veggies yet. Thanks in advance for any opinions/expertise on this subject!
  7. It turned out well. It does still make your mouth a little dry, so I must have gotten one or two not-quite-ripe persimmons in there before I realized what they do to you, but it still tastes good. My hubby likes it!! I'm going to use the rest of the pulp to make a persimmon cake tomorrow. Yum!
  8. Hooray!!! I'm happy for your success!
  9. We were gifted with a big box o' persimmons yesterday when we picked up our Bountiful Basket that we had ordered for the week. Apparently nobody else knew what they were or what to do with them, so my husband and I split the huge box with another curious gentleman and brought them home. Hooray! Turns out they are sweet and delicious (WHEN they are ripe....don't ever do what I did and taste a not-quite-ripe persimmon....it was NOT pleasant!!). I cut them up and pureed them yesterday, and today I am making persimmon jam! It is going to be the brightest orange jam I have ever seen. Beautiful! I'm waiting for my canner to come to a boil right now, and the persimmon jam is about to simmer on the stove...hooray!
  10. Jeepers, I raw pack boneless skinless breasts and have always had wonderful results. It always tastes wonderful straight out of the jar. I cut it into chunks first, then fill the jars, add the hot water, wipe, put on the lid, and process in the pressure canner. I've never had a single one go awry. With the breasts, you don't have to worry about extra fat and stuff. I love it! Have fun and let us know how it turns out!
  11. Yeah, Canned Nerd, on the video she showed a close up of her dehydrated beans and several of them had split open. Seems to be the norm for dehydrating them. I'm going to cook up a bunch of pintos this weekend and dehydrate them. I'll let y'all know how it works out!
  12. Can you cook the beans with dry spices (like Bob's bean seasoning spice, or just dried herbs) to flavor them before dehydrating? I know that you obviously wouldn't want to cook them with a pork hock or ham bone (too much fat) -- but herbs and salt would be safe, right?
  13. Cool!!! Thanks for the video... Ambergris, what can you make with the ground beans?
  14. Violet, you are awesome. Thanks!!!! And thank you, YYY, for asking the question that brought all of this up!
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