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  1. Thanks for the replies and the heads up on the rust! Sure appreciate it!
  2. yarrow-- My hope is if they work on deer, they'll work for 'yoties. Totally different animal, I know... but I'm hoping. I think it's worth a try. CGA-- Thank you! We have dogs that are outside most of the time, except when it gets cold. Our girl dog is getting older and in the cold weather her joints hurt her so bad she can hardly walk. She goes insane when she's inside and the other dog is outside. lol Now we have a new addition to the family... a pit bull (yipes). He's a sweetheart. He was abandoned out in the middle of nowhere, and I happened to see him freezing his hiney off on the si
  3. yarrow -- Thank you SO much! I thought they were a little pricey, but if they work, I'm all for getting them! Sure beats the heartbreak of waking up to chicken feathers everywhere.
  4. I'm new to canning. Well, ok, I haven't even gotten my canner yet, but soon... I've been scared to death to can, so I've just blanched and frozen all the stuff out of my garden. I'm a little concerned about the freezer going out or being without power for an extended period of time and losing all my food, so I'm gonna do it... I'm going to learn to can (with your help *blink blink*). Toward the beginning of this thread, someone said it's ok to use your pressure canner as a water bath canner. Generally speaking, is this a good idea? Or is it best to get a water bath canner AND a pressure
  5. First, let me give a little background. Last year, we got chickens for the first time in...forever. We got laying hens (buff orpingtons) and meat chickens. Got the meat chicks raised and butchered without a huge problem. The "girls" (laying hens) started laying eggs at about 4 months and kept us overloaded. Well, in the fall, the first night it got really cold and we let the dogs sleep inside, I had forgotten to close the chicken coop door. The coyotes got all but 2 of the hens. A couple from church gave us 7 hens about a month later. About 3 weeks or a month after getting them, our chicken co
  6. I'm ordering from this outfit this year. Wasn't impressed with last year's. http://www.heirloomacresseeds.com/ Also found this a while back and want to try these...GREAT thing to throw in a bug out bag. http://www.mvseeds.com/gardencan.html
  7. Legacy


    Hello everyone! I stood outside tapping on the window saying, "open, open, open" and Darlene finally saw me. (I LOVE the smilies you have here!) Thanks, Darlene! A member of another site (and lurker of this site) passed on a couple of posts to me from here about canning. I desperately want to learn to can (among other things), and I've spent a lot of hours reading all about it here. I don't know anyone in my area that cans (properly), so I'm depending on you all to help me. I haven't purchased my canners yet, but I have them picked out. Just waiting on the funds to order them.
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