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  1. Thanks...for the record, I'm Catholic and it's my husband who's Jewish. He just doesn't plan. I have to re-memorize the Ma'oz Tsur every year.
  2. It did depress me a bit when they started locking up baby formula, but that started years ago. A lot of that was crime rings/drug addicts stealing en masse, though. Others steal due to mental health issues; that can be a complicated subject. That tends to be clothes and makeup, though. And yeah, while I was "raised right," a lot of others weren't. On reddit, these discussion threads get a lot of whining "But you need moneeeeyyyyyy to set up backup food stores!!!" Lotta basement-dwellers on that platform, and I just think, "B*tch, please, drop your beer budget for a couple months an
  3. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/12/10/pandemic-shoplifting-hunger/ I've been making donations to the state food bank, but time to dredge up a bigger donation, I think. I popped into Safeway today for Hanukkah candles and they have a much higher, tenser security presence now.
  4. Been tested twice now; it's NOT fun. Set off my gag reflex and stung quite a bit. Skill of the nurse matters, too...first one took 3 tries.
  5. Just better hope the New Madrid fault doesn't have a big one like last time...
  6. What I described was in a regular grocery store. If you have a warehouse store membership you see far fewer items out of stock. Hand sanitizer and cleaning stuff is hard to come by, of course. The Asian grocers are mostly ok, too. They've put item limits on things like eggs or rice, though. Even if one piles up storage foods, getting your family to eat it is a different matter. This week I made up a nice batch of dal makhani one of the things I always get a bit of when we go to an Indian buffet nearby. And I did a good job if it, if I do say so myself. Served it up with some steame
  7. Lentils, oddly enough. Red and black lentils (urad dal?) invariably gone. Sometimes brown, and always the green remain. You'll know sh*t's gotten real if the green lentils are gone. Normal, short grain rice gone; brown rice and fancier rice varieties (jasmine, etc.) sometimes remain. Pasta, forget it. Tortillas- touch and go (time to get out the ol' tortilla press). Yogurt- gone in a flash. Tried looking for steel cut oats and those were gone, too. And, of course, any sort of chicken.
  8. We'll be okay so long as US currency/bonds is seen as the prettiest horse in the glue factory. Other countries have fired up the printing press too, so we might not see as much of a decline given US' relative position to its neighbors. Those who want most to undercut the USD would be doing it on the power of oil and hey, guess what was just gutted as well? I mean, the next year or so will be no fun, but I don't think things will be pay-for-groceries-with-silver level. Though the grocery store yesterday reminded me of Polish immigrants' description of the Communist days...
  9. HazelStone


    If my husband ever leads seder some year... this is approximately his grasp of history and retention of Hebrew school...
  10. Gaaahh, still trying to get the hang of the new forum. Moderate IT arcana going on the work machine, and on my own I'm cursing under my breath trying to get the quote to work... I live waaaaay too far east for the big kitties to roam. We've only recently gotten coyotes. I got to pet a cheetah once, and that's as big as I'll go. Anyway, my family taught me to prep, really. We lived way out in the country when I was little, and I was one of those weird kids who actually listened to their grandparents. Though even if you know how to make bread, the flour and ye
  11. It is funny how Fate turns, sometimes. I had a major injury that left me using a walker for a while. Y'know what I have a lot of left over from that time? HAND SANITIZER. Because I couldn't risk washing my hands and slipping/falling from a bit of soap residue... I consider myself lucky to be on the side of the equation where I'm delivering items for vulnerable friends rather than being among those stuck and scrambling for help.
  12. Been away a while. Lots of crap over the last couple-few years. Some good stuff, too, and right as we were going to relax the purse strings a bit and go on a major trip... this happened. Right as I was trying to get the pantry re-sorted after the Drugstore Beetle Fiasco did in our stored pasta and we felt rather stupid for letting it snowball like that. I'd been following the current mess since December, thought it only a matter of time, and started re-stocking our current staples. Husband commented on it. I told him it doesn't hurt, and it was just in case. Started picking up extr
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