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  1. Thanks ladies! Annarchy bet you have some interesting stories. Some things I can't even make up:)
  2. I'm cleaning up the house today. Need to go back through some of my basic preps. Going to update the first aid kit in the main bathroom. My boys have gotten lots of skinned knees this summer. I also need to clean out my car and go through my preps to see what needs to be updated. I need to keep my first aid stuff in a cooler bag. So I will need to pick one of those up. Other wise trying to stay cool. Easier said than done:)
  3. Just wanted to say hi. I took a break from Mrs S for quite awhile. It shows my prep minded self has gone by the wayside. I need to get back with it. I have two little boys now that need me to be on top of things. There is too much violence out there for me to not get prepared. Both DH and I are in Law Enforcement and times are getting pretty scary. I have worked on my personal self and losing weight finally after more than six years of weighing the same/being pregnant. I have lost close to thirty pounds. Hoping to keep up with my Weight Watchers meetings. I consider that one of my greatest
  4. Do you ladies/gents play the drugstore game? If you have a Walgreens, CVS or Target within range of shopping it will pay off in time to watch sales. I like to take a prenatal vitamin because it has more iron it it. I am slightly anemic so these help. When I put in for baby formula samples this last year Similac started to send me rebate coupons for their prenatal vitamins. They were ten dollars off and for a one month supply at Walgreens it is like thirteen dollars. Crazy expensive!!! So with the rebate which they consider cash, a Walgreens store coupon in their monthly book and a two dollar o
  5. Not sure of your location, but if one of these is near enough for you I think you and your hubby would enjoy it. Both of us went several years ago, and it's GRUELLING but you sure learn alot, about gun safety and our American heritage...among other things. We met some really great people and just took our camp trailer rather than stay in a motel and drove to site (which was waaaay back in the boonies). http://appleseedinfo.org/search-states-map.php Interesting! Will have to look into it. DH was going to go to one in the Black Hills last fall put on by Corbon. Paid the registration f
  6. Haven't posted for a long time finally getting back into the swing of things. Making two batches of homemade bread today, cuban black beans, granola energy bites and cleaning out the pantry to see what needs to be used up. Bought a new Kershaw knife for myself when DH and I went on a very rare date two days ago. I have a really nice one in my purse, but wanted one to put in my jeans pocket. I know not very feminine, but there have been a lot of times that I have wanted one and not had my purse on me. Looking at some new pistols for concealed carry. I would love to go to a shooting class in the
  7. Dh just got me a new flaghlight for my keychain. It is very bright, small and only runs on one triple A battery. He has an obssesion with flashlights and I get new ones by default.
  8. Thanks for the post. Should be a good read.
  9. Anyone have suggestions on a good pair of uninsulated boots for a long periods of walking?
  10. Oh Arby! I know I don't post much, but I do read quite a few different threads. You are one of my favorite posters. I feel especially strapped this year I think it has been the worst since things have started declining. I was even buying formula this time last year and changing diapers way more often. I do feel things will get better, but that we are in for even harder times in the near future. I am getting better at preparing and only because of you fine people. Take care Arby.
  11. Just put in an order with st.paulmercantile for a pressurized lantern with replacement globe and mantle. This weekend or I should say my weekend meaning Monday I am going to Sam's club to do some major stocking. I have run out of bread flour, canola oil and garbage bags. This is a first for me to run out, but I have been avoiding the run because it gets so spendy. I am going to probably be spending 200-250 dollars to get some much needed supplies. This will make me feel so much better.
  12. Dogmom I am in the midwest maybe that makes a difference. Just glad I got on board when I did and really started watching prices on things. I tried the Hyvee store brand flour unbleached for the first time a couple months ago. It was on a weird sale for .99/ 5lbs. I bought six bags and have two left should have bought a lot more. Maybe I will get lucky again. You bet I make stock with the chicken bones and skin. Sometimes I freeze it though just don't seem to have as much time on my hands like I used to.
  13. I have been keeping track of the prices on things for at least a couple years now. I don't buy chicken unless it is .99 or less a pound for split bone in breasts. For quarters I like to see them at .39 cents a pound and then I buy about 20 pounds. Now milk, cheese and butter are a whole different thing. I used to be able to get butter on sale for .99/ lb., now I am lucky if I pick it up for 1.99 and then I have bought 20 pounds at a time. We pay about 2.50 for a pound of shredded cheese so when it goes on sale I buy a lot of it. I get whole milk for my little one and it costs me about 4.19-4.2
  14. Thanks for all the replies I guess I was just venting a little yesterday. I know that it it a dangerous place it just shocks me still. I have worked around the inmates on the floor before and I knew the officer fairly well. I probably won't be leaving the job anytime soon as I make too much money even with the no pay raises the last three years. Just something I am going to have to deal with.
  15. I work for a Correctional Facility as an Officer have for years. Well we lost one yesterday in a botched escape attempt. I wasn't at work it was my day off. It scares the heck out of me. I work in a Control Room five days a week so I have little inmate contact. The deal is this one was really bad the inmates were not merciful in their killing. I can't imagine how this would have turned in a SHTF type situation. I NEVER THOUGHT THIS WOULD HAPPEN IN MY FACILITY. Talk about me putting my head in the sand. A year ago I was working where this man was. Not much more to say than that I guess.
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