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  1. I love that picture of the heirloom recipes. I plan on going to the store today to pick up some scrapbook paper for the backround and some more page protectors. I plan to try and get started on it this weekend. I have an old one, but the cover has fallen off and it is pretty torn up. Liz
  2. That it a great thing to know. I am wondering if anyone knows how long you can store soy flour? And, do you freeze it like regular flour? Liz
  3. Thanks for the welcome! I do like that pic. I think what I might do after spending an hour online looking at images is cut and paste from old magazines and scrapbooking things I have tucked in the basement. Just need to find the time to get down there and look. Well, I need to reorganize, pack and store everything down there anyway. I'm trying to get ready for tonado season and need our basement more organized. Thanks for all the ideas. Liz
  4. Hello, I'm not sure if this is in the right spot or not. I am wanting to reorganize my recipes. I plan on using a 3-ring binder and plastic pages. The problem I am having is finding what I want for the cover. The binder has a clear plastic so I can add my own cover. I am looking for something old fashioned, maybe pioneer days or later. Ether an outside setting or a woman cooking. I also wouldn't mind a neat saying to add to it. I would greatly appreciate any ideas or websites with free clipart/pictures of what I'm interested in. Thanks in advance for all the help anyone can give
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