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    Seven rules that promote good Christian health.

    1. Daily Food. Take in the "pure milk of the word" through study and meditation.
    2. Fresh Air. Pray often or you will faint. Prayer is the oxygen of the soul.
    3. Regular Exercise. Put into practice what you learn in God's Word.
    4. Adequate Rest. Rely on God at all times in simple faith.
    5. Clean Surroundings. Avoid evil company and whatever will weaken you spiritually.
    6. Loving Care. Be part of a church where you will benefit from a pastor's teaching and Christian fellowship.
    7. Periodic Checkups. Regularly examine your spiritual health.

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  1. Well, thank you all! On Nov. 21st I officially became an "old guy". There are certain perks being a Senior Citizen: 1. You are not expected to remember things like you used to 2. Automatic discounts for haircuts and meals at restaurants 3, A little automatic forgiveness for my sloppy driving habits from the younger crowd 4. Drooling is permitted somewhat, nose picking is still frowned on 5. People talk louder assuming my hearing is diminished, which it is, but at least I don't have to ask them to repeat what they say 6. Kneeling for prayer; it's the getting up that's hard! Where did I put those aspirins? See point #1 7. Subtle and not so subtle hints from folks that retirement may be a good idea, to do what? 8. Tying my shoes becomes a mental challenge. Which way do the laces go again? Yup, Refer to point #1 once more. 9. All of my friends look so OLD!
  2. I just wanted to check in and give my Christmas greetings to you all, Merry Christmas! I have been spending a lot of my free time on Face Book, which I finally managed to figure out. My family communicates with me through the site which I have enjoyed a great deal. I also have put some of my writing there with the hope that some of my brothers and sisters find encouragement from it. God bless you all and your families in the season we recognize as the birth of Jesus Christ, my Lord. Larry L. Gibboney (aka Drumrunner) https://www.facebook.com/Larry.Gibboney
  3. This is my favorite Psalm Psalm 131 A song of ascents. Of David.1 My heart is not proud, Lord, my eyes are not haughty; I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me. 2 But I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content. 3 Israel, put your hope in the Lord both now and forevermore.
  4. Cat, that makes my day knowing that I have encouraged folks to be true to the God that created us all. Ah..... as far a blogging, probably not as I keep my writings for my brothers and sisters in Christ, the world cannot not comprehend things that are spiritual. And I have no doubt that the worldly minded people have the idea that Christian men (and women) are weak, but WE ARE! Christ in us makes us strong, only Him. Without Jesus we can do nothing on our own. But, the world will soon learn that the Man who was so humble and gentle, was crucified for my sins and rose again on the third day, is coming back again for their judgment. He IS coming back and will not be in a good mood. Wise and Manly? Hmmmm.....Moses, Joshua, Gabriel, David, Sampson, Samuel, Elijah, Solomon, Daniel....and Jesus Christ Himself. I could go on, but the men in my Bible are excellent examples of real men who obeyed their God to the letter and accomplished though the Lord what the world considered impossible. My God is all powerful, all knowing, all holy, all wise, all loving....and is a Jealous God (Exodus 20: 4-5). Therefore....since my God is jealous FOR me, the world's opinion matters absolutely nothing. https://bible.org/seriespage/jealous-god Worth reading
  5. Jeepers, my Mrs. is an absolute sweetheart and has been my rock (of course not the ROCK, only one of Him) that has kept me cheered up, prodded when necessary, loved me through thick and thin, and in general has been the person I have leaned on for encouragement and strength during this totally weird experience. By the way, last month we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Incredible that the time has flown past so quickly. Leyla and I met while I was working in her country, Turkey, as a civilian engineer for NATO. We wed 18 moths later and came back to the USA where she studied hard, took the oath and is now a full US citizen (that obvious fact is shown in how eloquently she complains about our politicians now after her first vote!). With God's blessings, we are hoping for a 30th anniversary. Well, almost time for my third nap of the day. A restful Sabbath to be sure!
  6. Wise advice, MT. My fatigue is cured by naps, lots and lots of naps! It is a HUGE burden off my mind to know that the cancer is getting a daily beating and my chances to live a longer, productive live are much higher than this time last year. And you are also correct about adjusting to the new-normal, in fact I'v already started! I had the great opportunity to teach some of our kids in VBS last month, write a great deal more, camp with the Mrs., and talk with others who are going through their own battle with cancer. In a way, this has been a blessing in disguise. I have been brought to a place where I had to face the fact of my own mortality and deal with it. For me, It has brought into crystal clear focus the things which are important; the love that my wife and I have for each other, service to the Church, my family and friends, performing better for my employer, seeing and helping those in need or just being available to talk when someone is down. These things count. What does NOT count is buying more "stuff", having useless emotions such as anger, self pity, envy or apathy. I have no use for these especially now that I may have a little more time here on planet earth to invest well. I want to thank each one of you here on the forum for your prayers and expressions of concern for me during this small trial. Even though I have never seen your faces (and you have not seen mine), we share a friendship. Thank you all. Larry (aka Drumrunner)
  7. Glad to hear it! Now the effort I put in on the CD was worth it. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and well wishes, if the PSA reading continues to stay low I may have a good chance of being around several more years vs the original 12 to 18 month estimate (which did NOT amuse me much). Interesting tidbit, One of the side effects from the cancer treatment is sudden and extreme exhaustion, quite noticeable and annoying at first. The doctor quite plainly told me that this was my "new normal", being tired ALL the time. However I can easily manage to take more naps if the cancer is being soundly thrashed. <I suppose running 26 mile marathons is probably no longer an option, so I'll settle for 26 yard walks!>
  8. Thought I ought to check in and relay a little news. After all the treatments and tests, my doctor call me late yesterday afternoon and let me know that my PSA level (prostate specific antigens) has dropped like a rock! Initially it was at 37 (30 is considered extreme indicating lively cancer), if I remember correctly "normal" is 0 to 2. My PSA as of yesterday is 00.4!!!!!!!!!! A slight "WHOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" and tap dance is in order I believe .
  9. I'm doing well. MT. Radiation treatment is finally finished and now it's a "wait and see" situation (according to the doctors) to see what the outcome will be; except I'm not waiting very much! I decided awhile ago, to enjoy every day to the absolute fullest and treat it as if it would be the last day of my life in this world. So, with that in mind, I have done and/or experienced the following; 1. Turned the TV OFF. except for briefly watching the "local news", and even that time is becoming more of an annoyance than any help. 2. Took my Mrs camping for a few days, so far into the mountains that there was not even a cell phone signal! No internet, newspaper, phone, email or TV. Just a lot of quiet. The only reading material I took with us was my Bible, and boy did I get some studying done!! 3. My sister and her three young children came out to Colorado to visit for a week. I had totally forgotten that children can be loud, messy. creative, adorable, loving, argumentative, quiet, beautiful, inquisitive, sensitive, and capable of completely stealing my heart. They left this morning for Arizona, and my house is much too still now. 4. Discovered that when one is driving in the mountains and happens to come upon a moose grazing, it is a really bad idea to honk at it. This startles the moose and irritates my wife who wanted to take a picture of it.
  10. Sam Jones Methodist Evangelist told the story of being on a Pullman traveling one night after a tiring meeting. A young child was crying and keeping every one awake. He wanted to say something to the father, but thought better of it. Soon, one man unable to take it, hollered at the man and said, "Master, for God's sake, why don't you take the baby to his mother and let the rest of us get some sleep?" The man replied sobbing, "Sir, I'm sorry. I wish her mother could, but she is in a casket, in the baggage coach." The complaining man got out of his berth, kneeled beside the father and said he was sorry, and offer to take the child and let the father get some sleep.
  11. This is a wonderful two sentences! I will remember them for quite awhile.
  12. I want to thank each of you for your prayers as I obeyed the Word yesterday. Afterwards, the pastor and I had very fruitful and lengthy discussion about Christian faith, allowing the power of God to take full control in my life and being faithful in obeying the commands of Jesus. Thanks again! Faith= knowing the promises of God as found in the Bible + believing God said them (He does not lie and never changes) + me acting on the promises as I understand them + knowing the outcomes are sure!
  13. My pastor was surprised and pleased that one of his sheep would want the anointing of the sick as commanded in James 5: 14-15. This Thursday at 3pm, we will ask in faith, for God's complete healing of my body, in obedience to His Word. This is a gentle and kind man, who I admire and trust. I thought I would share his reply that he sent to me earlier today. "Dear Larry, I believe in the text, and I believe in the anointing with oil. And, I always have a bottle of oil on the corner of my desk if you would ever want to have me anoint you with oil, please come by and we will do that ok! I have a funeral Thursday morning, but have nothing in the afternoon Thursday!"
  14. Certainly! I have emailed my pastor already as to when, I'll let you know.
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