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    Northern Ontario, Canada
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    I love animals, esp. dogs and we have a little hobby farm in the country with poultry, ponies, donkeys, goats and pot bellied pigs. Used to have cattle, sheep and horses. Enjoy oil/acrylic and esp. watercolor painting. I love to cook which I do mainly from scratch. I can sew, knit, crochet and embroider. I also love to read and have my own library. I'm a prepper and love to learn old skills for self sufficiency. I have a larger sized family but half are married; one with 2 children of her own. Happily married for 3 decades.
  1. Those are beautiful. My cousin can tat too. Not many know how.
  2. No, where I live in N.Ontario, Canada, there has been a handful of cases since it started last winter. However it has spiked to about 30 cases in our large area which includes 2 cities, and several smaller towns just in the past week. Ontario is in a lockdown and it is law to wear a mask in any public building since August. Our stores all have cart cleaning and lots of sanitation stations throughout the stores.
  3. If you want to know what your dog's mix is, you CAN! Dnamydog.com Simple to do. We got a female Lab x as an older dog. We knew she was not pure lab but wondered what her mix was. She is 3/4 Lab x 1/4 Brittany Spaniel.
  4. Had a winter storm go through the other day over all of N.Ontario, Canada. Buses were cancelled and we received about 6" of wet snow, but there was also predictions of freezing rain, rain, ice pellets, blowing snow. We got the blowing snow and ice pellets. Today was sun/cloud with a brisk wind making it colder than it was--about 30F. Tonight going down to about 20F.
  5. I know what you mean....do not use any cream with steroids in it bcz it makes it worse. I regularly --daily--use GoldBond Powder equivalent---(Walmart equivalent at half the price is the same so buy that instead) to keep myself dry. Sometimes its heat esp. summer, that makes it worse but I find being stressed gives me a flareup. I only get this under my breasts so not sure about the other areas. For the groin area, I'd be tempted to use a zinc baby diaper rash cream. Could use it on the abdomen too and like babies, have some "air time". Again I use Walmart brand diaper rash cream --sometimes
  6. I'd just put on an antibacterial ointment--generic is fine, Polysporin costs a lot more but doesn't work any better. I find Ozonol to be inexpensive and works the BEST. For me, I have antibiotics that I bought from KV Vet Supply (kvvvetsupply.com) under the Fish section--fishmox or amox. IF I felt that my cat was getting worse, I'd give him abx as well.
  7. I read comments posted from the public --not sure if its this news column or not, but I agree with the sentiments that I read...--that this was rigged. She just happened to have a reptile aquarium in her house? This was a clear see through bag---all sorts of people would've handled that bag and seen a snake, esp. of that length in it.....plus she had that bag for several days before she used it? The snake would've died being in a bag that long and with all the travelling that bag had did before she bought it. I believe this is just a hoax, and she's looking for publicity/attention and $.
  8. Since I started this topic, we never did buy that property. However we did end up in a similar situation except on 73 acres in N.Ont and in a mobile home. Our daughter also came up a year later after us and is in a house of her own in the village. We've not had any problems with the mobile home--it does have a normal house roof on it--and is insulated underneath covered with plastic. We did not have our water pipes freeze up this year even when it passed -50F. We did have our septic tank pipe freeze up instead! But we managed. We've not had any mice at all but we have cats on duty. I've not
  9. I agree on the guaifenesin syrup. bcz it helps expel phlem. Here's another idea: Twenty five years ago, I was very ill with double pneumonia. My dh was working nights and I had a year old baby that I wasn't able to care for or for myself being so ill so my dh took me to my mother's overnight. She made me a honey and garlic sandwich---similar to pb and jam. Within half an hour I was hacking up phlem. The next a.m my father took me to the ER where the dr. told me that the honey and garlic sandwich saved my life. I would suggest this for you now. I would also suggest lots of chicken soup with lo
  10. What a great idea! I'm going to try this. It has been very bitter up here in N.Ontario, Canada the past few weeks. It has been down to -48F plus windchill in the -50's. It has now warmed up during the day with sun and blue sky but about -20 to -33F with windchill (or not) at night. BUT good news---this coming Monday we could have rain, (and also freezing rain so thats not good) and snow....and temps moderating about 25F the rest of this week.
  11. Yes, I don't have any issues about this. I've never heard of this site but I use googlemaps.com which is basically the same thing. I love it bcz I can 'travel' in many countries of the world and not leave my house. My own address is currently not on---and the address that I moved from 1 1/2 yrs. ago was not on until last summer. Both are sideroads.
  12. I'm in N.Ontario and not sure how much of the storm we'll get up here. We had some snow this a.m and moderately high winds/gusts right now. Rain tomorrow. Toronto,Ontario has already had its first storm victim earlier this evening when a sign got loose in the wind striking a lady dead. My family in the Niagara Peninsula (S.Ontario) are getting lots of rain and high winds tonight.
  13. It depends on where she lives but if it was a friend who lived near to me, and I'm in N.Ontario where it gets cold in the winter, then I'd suggest that she get herself a cook-woodstove and a supply of wood first off so that she can keep her family warm and be able to cook on it too. A bbq/campstove and fuel would also be helpful as well as cast iron cookware to cook with and spatula's, hot pads, etc. that is suitable for hot woodstoves and hot cookware. I'm not sure of details, if this friend lives in the town or out in the country like we do, or if she has a supply of water nearby. We do b
  14. I have arthritis in my knee badly--no cartilege left. I must take Aleve at night and that I feel is the key for me. During the day, I also take Tylenol but moreso I use Wm brand but not for arthritis but muscle aches and pains. This works better for me. I have taken prescription Celebrex which works for me but Arthrotec did not. I try not to take anything more than I have to. However I feel for natural use, eat cherries...they are anti-inflammatory and I always feel better after cherry season.
  15. I have a washer like this that is put away for a 'rainy day'--different brand and I used it upstairs in my ensuite bath for my own clothes (moved and no longer have the ensuite)-- and also before that as a wash machine when mine went on the fritz, til we got it fixed. My mother in law also only used one like this for the two of them. Its a bit of a pain bcz its not automatic so takes up your time but it uses less water and came in very handy when my large one conked out and I used it for my entire family. It is too small though for blankets and comforters if you want to wash them. I think you'
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