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  1. Thanks for sharing the info about this. I had not heard about it til now. Living where I do, I wouldn't be affected but will be something to think about.
  2. I'm Canadian but don't live in S.Ontario where numbers are high...ESP this region of Toronto which is very high with covid cases. I live in Northern Ontario-6 hours north of Toronto. I'd not heard of this until reading this now- and I do watch the news regularly on tv- but it seems it means just to isolate in your home which is natural anyway. Sounds like someone took it out of context and the error is being corrected. The Toronto Sun is a large newspaper [as well as the Toronto Star]. Ontario has different zones --red zone, orange, grey, green etc...To be honest, I don't pay much attention to what is allowed and what isn't...can't keep up bcz they change the 'rules' so often depending on caseloads in that region. I live in the north where currently in my own region, there are 11 cases--where we had zero to one recently. I understand it is in a local mine so amounts are currently high due to that. ALL people over a certain age...[I don't have kids so maybe its 4?] in Ontario MUST wear a mask when out in public buildings and all stores/businesses are very good about hand sanitizer and cleaning of cart handles or areas within their business or store. Depending on your colour zone, [which depends on how severe the covid level is] has different regulations...for ex...hairdressers, gyms, dine in restaurants may or may not be open though take-out is. Churches may be closed or at 30% capacity as an example. Schools are open or your child can learn at home--your choice. We were in a lock down stay at home order a while ago but that has lifted. It meant that if you could possibly stay at home, don't go out except for groceries, prescriptions, medical appts, [many medical appts. are by telephone now if possible] really just to go out for necessities and your employment. We're not busy with socializing anyway so not sure of exact 'rules'...but we can associate in small groups or within our own social bubble--for us, our daughter/son in law who lives 4 miles from us, our son who lives not much further. A lot of the rules makes no sense at all so I just don't bother with keeping up...bcz it doesn't affect me anyway....and like I said, it changes so fast, that I just don't care. My life is the same no matter what the rules are. But I think someone didn't think out carefully what was said or it was misconstrued about solitary confinement for kids if someone in their school came down with it...and some schools have cases. Ontario is consistent with taking as much precautions as they can to try to curb the covid rates. They don't want to overwhelm our health care system.
  3. I don't have much to offer other than condolences on your situation. We've been in this type of situation twice but we had phone service. One was years ago, before cell phones. I can only say to have a wind up radio for news and weather reports.
  4. Its -24F, feeling like -42F here this a.m. and not getting better until Tues. Its been this way for several days already. Our water line is frozen but we've not had time to work on it and this way, we didn't have to worry about it. Getting water from our daughter's and making do til then. This is a regular occurrence in this house with such bitter cold temps. I don't have any particular author that I like, but I read a LOT---I get my books for .25 at the local thrift store which ALL profits go for the rescue of animals in our area. Or I get them at the little free library....or also we have a 24 hour auction on fb that sometimes people offer up...usually get a few books for a dollar or two.
  5. Those are beautiful. My cousin can tat too. Not many know how.
  6. No, where I live in N.Ontario, Canada, there has been a handful of cases since it started last winter. However it has spiked to about 30 cases in our large area which includes 2 cities, and several smaller towns just in the past week. Ontario is in a lockdown and it is law to wear a mask in any public building since August. Our stores all have cart cleaning and lots of sanitation stations throughout the stores.
  7. If you want to know what your dog's mix is, you CAN! Dnamydog.com Simple to do. We got a female Lab x as an older dog. We knew she was not pure lab but wondered what her mix was. She is 3/4 Lab x 1/4 Brittany Spaniel.
  8. Had a winter storm go through the other day over all of N.Ontario, Canada. Buses were cancelled and we received about 6" of wet snow, but there was also predictions of freezing rain, rain, ice pellets, blowing snow. We got the blowing snow and ice pellets. Today was sun/cloud with a brisk wind making it colder than it was--about 30F. Tonight going down to about 20F.
  9. I know what you mean....do not use any cream with steroids in it bcz it makes it worse. I regularly --daily--use GoldBond Powder equivalent---(Walmart equivalent at half the price is the same so buy that instead) to keep myself dry. Sometimes its heat esp. summer, that makes it worse but I find being stressed gives me a flareup. I only get this under my breasts so not sure about the other areas. For the groin area, I'd be tempted to use a zinc baby diaper rash cream. Could use it on the abdomen too and like babies, have some "air time". Again I use Walmart brand diaper rash cream --sometimes I get a heat rash and use it. Hope these suggestions help---might keep things at bay in the future though I don't know if they'd help now. But I am thinking in dogs now. and not humans---...for hot spots, use Gold Bond powder on the hot spot so maybe it'd work for your rash....or another thing is vinegar and water for any fungal problems. Diluted--maybe it wouldn't burn or irritate. I'd try the Gold Bond --its menthol so you can expect a mild burning but I've found it does work for me for preventative and while I've got it bothering me too.
  10. I'd just put on an antibacterial ointment--generic is fine, Polysporin costs a lot more but doesn't work any better. I find Ozonol to be inexpensive and works the BEST. For me, I have antibiotics that I bought from KV Vet Supply (kvvvetsupply.com) under the Fish section--fishmox or amox. IF I felt that my cat was getting worse, I'd give him abx as well.
  11. I read comments posted from the public --not sure if its this news column or not, but I agree with the sentiments that I read...--that this was rigged. She just happened to have a reptile aquarium in her house? This was a clear see through bag---all sorts of people would've handled that bag and seen a snake, esp. of that length in it.....plus she had that bag for several days before she used it? The snake would've died being in a bag that long and with all the travelling that bag had did before she bought it. I believe this is just a hoax, and she's looking for publicity/attention and $.
  12. Since I started this topic, we never did buy that property. However we did end up in a similar situation except on 73 acres in N.Ont and in a mobile home. Our daughter also came up a year later after us and is in a house of her own in the village. We've not had any problems with the mobile home--it does have a normal house roof on it--and is insulated underneath covered with plastic. We did not have our water pipes freeze up this year even when it passed -50F. We did have our septic tank pipe freeze up instead! But we managed. We've not had any mice at all but we have cats on duty. I've not seen a snake up here yet. The neighbour who has a cat and a normal house with basement has had some mice issues--as well as the other neighbour who has a "stack house" built just above the ground. She only has dogs--no cats due to the dogs who would kill it. Otherwise we've not had any issues in this house--which also has an addition of a large living room put on. We have oil heat and a cook woodstove too...mainly using wood to heat. For my many dogs, I have an additional mobile home for them to live in, steps away from my back door---with a woodstove to keep warm. I thought it would shift around a lot when the frost came out of the ground but no issues there or any mice--but again I have 2 cats in it as well. My only issue with the house is that the kitchen is not large enough for me esp. as its an eat in kitchen and crowded when the 4 of us sit down to eat daily. If we have company, we have to set up tables in the living room and its not close to the kitchen...but I am content with what I have. Its mine and its fully paid for---and I love it here on 73 secluded bush and field acres.
  13. I agree on the guaifenesin syrup. bcz it helps expel phlem. Here's another idea: Twenty five years ago, I was very ill with double pneumonia. My dh was working nights and I had a year old baby that I wasn't able to care for or for myself being so ill so my dh took me to my mother's overnight. She made me a honey and garlic sandwich---similar to pb and jam. Within half an hour I was hacking up phlem. The next a.m my father took me to the ER where the dr. told me that the honey and garlic sandwich saved my life. I would suggest this for you now. I would also suggest lots of chicken soup with lots of onions and garlic in it. I have a Homemedic massager which I also recommend bcz it does help also in breaking up the phlem. Any massager will do but they do work. You may have an allergy to something. I often get asthma after a cold virus but it lingers on. I've been told by a dr. that it could be an allergy. As fast as I get this illness, it leaves. Almost the same time each year--end of Dec into the entire month of Jan.
  14. What a great idea! I'm going to try this. It has been very bitter up here in N.Ontario, Canada the past few weeks. It has been down to -48F plus windchill in the -50's. It has now warmed up during the day with sun and blue sky but about -20 to -33F with windchill (or not) at night. BUT good news---this coming Monday we could have rain, (and also freezing rain so thats not good) and snow....and temps moderating about 25F the rest of this week.
  15. Yes, I don't have any issues about this. I've never heard of this site but I use googlemaps.com which is basically the same thing. I love it bcz I can 'travel' in many countries of the world and not leave my house. My own address is currently not on---and the address that I moved from 1 1/2 yrs. ago was not on until last summer. Both are sideroads.
  16. I'm in N.Ontario and not sure how much of the storm we'll get up here. We had some snow this a.m and moderately high winds/gusts right now. Rain tomorrow. Toronto,Ontario has already had its first storm victim earlier this evening when a sign got loose in the wind striking a lady dead. My family in the Niagara Peninsula (S.Ontario) are getting lots of rain and high winds tonight.
  17. It depends on where she lives but if it was a friend who lived near to me, and I'm in N.Ontario where it gets cold in the winter, then I'd suggest that she get herself a cook-woodstove and a supply of wood first off so that she can keep her family warm and be able to cook on it too. A bbq/campstove and fuel would also be helpful as well as cast iron cookware to cook with and spatula's, hot pads, etc. that is suitable for hot woodstoves and hot cookware. I'm not sure of details, if this friend lives in the town or out in the country like we do, or if she has a supply of water nearby. We do but its just a bit too far away for us and would have to go on private cottager's property for the lake so I'd suggest that she have some form of water stored regardless of where she lived or even if the lake was nearby since it could be frozen over or been contaminated. Does she live in the country and have a pond or could have one dug? Can she put up water barrels to collect rain water? But also she needs to have a collection of water on hand and a way to filter it (Berkey) . Then does she have a source of lighting? Candles and holders..flashlights, kerosene lamps and fuel. Everyone should have these on hand for power outage anyway. I would also suggest having plenty of garbage bags, bleach, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, first aid kit fully stocked and medicines esp antibiotics/antibiotic cream; shovel and tools, plenty of buckets as well as one that can be a 'honey pot' or do-funny as my mother and grandparents called the underbed pan during the Depression years. I would also encourage homeopathic/herbal medicines and to gain knowledge of their use by having plenty of these books on hand for reference. If she has a place for a garden in the future, to buy up some seeds and gardening tools. Does she can and want to have mason jars on hand. Perhaps she needs to go over the family's clothing to see what might be needed for larger clothing, coats and boots for growing children or wear and tear. Does she have lots of blankets? I would recommend to her that she gain knowledge about how to live without electricity, cooking with beans and experimenting with these types of foods now so she knows how to cook them and if her family likes them; how to bake your own bread, to learn to sew and do knitting, crocheting, etc AND teach her children to do this as well so she can delegate jobs in the future. She can't do it all. I'd suggest that she should have some books on hand to refer to for this knowledge and survival information. If she has children at home, I'd have some homeschooling/educational/reference books in case she has to take over this herself. Also lots of games and books of every sort for her family to entertain themselves--perhaps a book of how to play many different types of card games. Perhaps musical instruments...just depends on what the family's interests are. Songbooks with notes and words that they can refer to so that they can sing on their own with music they enjoy. Nothing worse than humming a tune and not knowing all the words! Arts and craft materials so the family can make things and pass the time and maybe they could trade/sell their crafts in the future...lots of wool/yarn and embroidery floss? Whittling tools? Speaking of tools, make sure they have an axe, hammer, etc. Can they store some gas on hand for their vehicle? The men (or women) learn some car maintenance if they don't already know. I'd suggest that they all have their own bicycles as well for transportation. If they're in the country, do they have room (or time/desire) for animals that may help them in the future for food or milk. I'd also never be without a dog or two myself for protection and security---..and a few cats for mice patrol. I won't go into food storage since I'm sure that there will be lots of advice on that in this thread. That is all I can think of for now.
  18. I have arthritis in my knee badly--no cartilege left. I must take Aleve at night and that I feel is the key for me. During the day, I also take Tylenol but moreso I use Wm brand but not for arthritis but muscle aches and pains. This works better for me. I have taken prescription Celebrex which works for me but Arthrotec did not. I try not to take anything more than I have to. However I feel for natural use, eat cherries...they are anti-inflammatory and I always feel better after cherry season.
  19. I have a washer like this that is put away for a 'rainy day'--different brand and I used it upstairs in my ensuite bath for my own clothes (moved and no longer have the ensuite)-- and also before that as a wash machine when mine went on the fritz, til we got it fixed. My mother in law also only used one like this for the two of them. Its a bit of a pain bcz its not automatic so takes up your time but it uses less water and came in very handy when my large one conked out and I used it for my entire family. It is too small though for blankets and comforters if you want to wash them. I think you'll be glad to have this though and enjoy using it.
  20. This looks like a great site...thanks! Not sure if I'll be playing along but I'll try!
  21. I'm very sorry for your loss. Sounds like while it was expected in future time, it was also not expected at 'this' time...and I feel that is even harder to bear the loss. There was no lead up to it. It is a blessing that she went quickly though too. I understand your loss esp. where she was the protector that you relied on in so many ways. I have many pet dogs as I was a breeder but of small dogs. However we lived on a small acreage when we lived down south in Ont. I had a Lab x Shepherd who was 'on duty' with me when I traveled at night/winter and early a.m. taking my daughter for her 11 to 7 shift. She probably would not have protected me but knowing that I had her with me, made me feel safe/r. I felt safe that I had this largish dog with me if the car broke down on the highway or if I'd got stuck in the snowbank. Just having her with me as a companion, made me feel not alone though it was probably a false sense of security. However she died a few years ago of cancer--we knew it was coming but got a few more months out of her than the vet expected. We didn't get another large dog as we already had so many small retired breeding dogs/pets until I was home alone one day and two things scared the wits out of me. At that point, our family decided to get another large dog for the house. We decided on a Dutch shepherd pup who we have now. He's 3 yrs.old. When he was 1 1/2 yrs old, he saved my husband's life. We feel safe knowing he's outside on duty (when he's outside--he's my husband and son's shadow so wherever they are, he is). I know if a friend or stranger is in the yard by his bark if I"m alone. When we're gone, he is on duty inside or outside as we have a doggy door that he can come/go out of 24/7. We count on Jet. In the past year, we've moved to N.Ont on 73 secluded acres. Just recently we got a spayed female Lab that someone was letting go since they were moving west and could not take her with them. She was advertised as "good with sheep and chickens"---we don't have sheep anymore, only goats and other livestock but chickens was the magic word in that ad. So many adult dogs think chickens are playtoys. So we got her and she's also perfect for here. If she barks at night, I know that she's barking for a reason...usually a bear around..or a fox/wolf...or something, but she's doing her job and she's on guard for us while Jet is sleeping in the house.(sort of off duty then???) Until I found her, I watched the kijiji ads for a dog but nothing suitable had come up. We'd wanted to take on an adult dog that was now unwanted, not get a pup. Since nothing was being advertised suitable for our needs, before we found the Lab, we had already put down a deposit on another Shepherd pup that we could train to be respectful of our livestock/chickens/cats and small dogs.. So now we ended up not only with Maizey the golden lab but now have Fresca our new shepherd pup as well to be on duty. She's only 11 weeks old so too soon to tell how good she'll turn out. Over the years, having so many dogs, eventually they die so I've experienced a lot in that dept. Grieving is different for each person and can be different for each dog lost...and there is no right or wrong way or time length to grieve for. You'll know when the time is right and often you'll know the right dog/pup too. It is not being disloyal to Big Dog to get another right away esp. if you feel unsafe now, if you want to. Often it helps ease the pain of her passing. I always feel that my deceased dog would be happy knowing that I'm safe and happier by having another dog right away rather than unsafe and/or in emotional pain by its loss. As well, I feel that my dog would be happy knowing that I've saved the life (if applicable) by taking in another dog since I have an empty spot (or two) on my property with jobs for these dogs to do. So many are unwanted and homeless with uncertain futures and often are facing death row if not adopted. It IS a hard job for a new dog to fill-->another dog taking over the responsibilities that Big Dog did for you. The next one, won't be the same of course. And you may even have to rehome that one for a more suitable home for ITS needs. And try again with another. But there IS another dog out there for you-somewhere--, that will make you trust its judgement and be the protector that you need.
  22. I've had to face this possible situation several weeks ago with forest fires nearby in N.Ontario. For us, we have a small hobby farm to evacuate and all of my dogs (no longer breeding dogs anymore but I kept them as they are also loved family pets). Having just moved here several months ago, we're not quite sure of evacuation procedures but the neighbour said this situation has never occurred here so no one around really knew what procedures would be followed. The possible evacuation resolved itself with rain that came in and the high winds had died down. But it was a wake up call for us to get even better prepared. At the time, our horse trailer needed a new tire and dh got that fixed within the hour when we saw the smoke coming towards us and cooled down cinders arriving. I got all my dog crates ready and making possible plans to evacuate. Our biggest dilemna was that our horse trailer is only for 2....and we have 2 ponies, 2 donkeys, 2 goats, 6 pot bellied pigs, several cats that I don't think we'd be able to find/or possibly catch and several dozen poultry; plus all the dogs. Fortunately for us, the fire was still far enough away that we'd have had time to evacuate with notice but we were making plans to do so, if it came to that. I'll have to reread this scenario and write more but only had this much time right now to respond.
  23. I've not personally used it but my daughter was advised to take it by her midwives. I don't recall if she did or not but midwives wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't any good.
  24. I saw that and thought it was a fantastic idea but I'd forgotten about it since I'm not needing to light a match with the weather warming up. Thanks for the reminder though...I'm going to do this.
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