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  1. Does anyone know the name of fish antibiotics? I heard they were the same as human kind but sold without a prescription and the name was different,but you could stock them in your preps.
  2. Apple Slices! We were gifted 2 bushels of apples-3 kinds so I am canning them,out of clear jel so just the slices which will be drained and then thickened when I want to make pies.
  3. I heard that if you go to the site just for info you must register an account first with all your personal info and even if you say no that info can NEVER be deleted! Talk about someone watching! Also a good way to have it out there for indentity theft!
  4. How would you keep these from being slippery? I'm afraid I would fall and break my neck!
  5. I had a ball jar break in the freezer-yes I did leave enough head space-and it was elderberry juice-what a mess to clean up! No more freezing in jars for me!
  6. I like this show-wish they would say how and when you can get on it-I have a family mystery to solve.
  7. My Dad was a cattleman so we always had plenty of beef.also pork and chickens.Huge gardens,so lots of veggies.Noodles,pies and bread pudding,cornstarch pudding,almost everything.I did not grow up during the depression but heard my older sisters talk about how they only lived on soup beans and listening to Kate Smith on the radio.My parents didn't move to a farm until after the war.I had it good in the 50's.
  8. Canned 16 pints of carrots and 1 quart and 4 pints of salsa with the last of my tomatoes.
  9. Pressure canned 7 pints of chili and 7 pints of sweet n sour chicken-4 qts chili-today will do 7 qts of chicken stew just waiting for the dishwasher to finish jars then I will stereilize in boiling water,wanted to do zucchini relish but can't find any large ones at farmers market.Mine did not do any good this year,must be no one else's did either.The chicken I'm using is thighs as they were on sale for 87cents this week,left the bone in for flavor,will remove and cut up before eating.
  10. I got some of that spray foam that expands to fill the holes around my plumbing,had to do it a little bit at a time as the hole was so big it kept pulling itself down. Has worked fine so far(did it last fall).I don't want anything in the house that doesn't belong.
  11. Defrosted and cleaned and cleaned out the outdated foods from the deep freeze,now I have room to put more back in there.
  12. Getting dental work done-next plant fall garden-next after outside cleanup is done going to stay in and SEW.Daughter and I want to get an etsy account up by oct. for Christmas sales-yes that time of year is getting here fast!
  13. Dollar General had Cottonelle Bath Tissue on sale for $5.00 a 12 pack-I had coupons for $1.00 off each and a mail in coupon for $10.00 rebate if you bought $35.00 worth-which I did and am now set for awhile with that.
  14. Wow! This would not work for us as we are both OLD. If we managed to get it on our back-if-if-if then we wouldn't be able to stand up-let alone walk.Any ideas for us? I do have a couple luggage things on wheels and do carry a few things in the car.
  15. I planted blueberries in my front foundation planting last year and am waiting to see how they do - my husband also doesn't like me to plant more stuff in the yard,he hates to trim around them. I am planting edibles in with the flower beds,and this year want to install some raised beds for veggies-already have a big raised bed of strawberries.I have a very steep hill on the west side of the house and have been planning what sort of ground cover and flowers to put there.I put landscape fabric and some soil there last fall but didn't get it finished do to having a bad back and the weather turnin
  16. Trying to use whats in my freezer-its going to need cleaned soon-so today its a beef roast(which we haven't had in a while) mashed potatoes(which need to be used up) and green beans with bacon bits from storage.
  17. Around here ground beef is expensive so no meatloaf or chili or meatballs for awhile-if you have men or boys to fill up make sure you have some sort of bread or muffins(very cheap to make from scratch) and also dessert(puddings,jello,oatmeal cookies) and they won't even realize you are economizing.I also save all left overs and make something out of them(soups&etc.)You can mash them up in a blender & have a cream soup and they won't even know whats in it.
  18. Basic economics-you can't pay your bills-you don't borrow more money to pay them! You cut expenses and figure out what will pay them! Whats so hard about that? Why can't they figure that out in washington? Raising the debt ceiling only puts us in more debt.And why are so many crazy things hidden in bills(this is more spending)? I know-its because they owe the lobbist's.Why aren't lobbist's outlawed? We are on s.s. so it will hit us if checks don't come in,of course we can hang on for a bit and have food and such but the utilities will want their money.
  19. My girls got very discuraged when taking sewing in school,they made things they did not like and would never use,so I would have her make a scarf and hat for herself.The hats I do for charity are just single crochet in the back loops only(this makes ribs and is the same on every row.I start with baby yarn for babys and 24 sc.40 sc for adults.,and just continue until it fits around the head,then slip stitch it together and take a needle and gather the top together tightly and tie off several times.A scarf can be made to match.I do not like the crocheted dish cloths,I think they are too thick an
  20. I know what hard work it is with dairy or any kind of farming-my father raised beef cattle-we had milk cows just for our own use(jersys are the BEST,love their temperment) and we also grew veg,for our own use.We couldn't go anywhere without being back for the milking-so it is a lot of work and time.The farmers deserve pay for their labor-unfortunately they don't make much.The price of milk at our Kroger grocerys this weekend is $1.99 per gallon,limited to 4 gallons.
  21. Ever notice how many people go out to buy snow shovels when a storm is coming? I always wonder what they did with the ones they had last year,same with hurricanes and the plywood they buy,why not keep the old?
  22. I do the same-buy wrapping for birthdays for the year found a masculine stripe yesterday.
  23. Looking to save money on our cable bill-it seems to go up every month.Anyone here have direct-tv? What can you tell me about it? Seems to have a lot of good bundles till the end of the month.What happens if we move before the 2 year contract expires?
  24. Thought yams were a good deal at Kroger for 58 cents but went to walmart and they are 25CENTS! Can these be dried? If so,do I need to blanch them first?
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