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  1. Some of my expired canned goods are 5 years past the due date. The tomato sauce looks and smells good, but it has a metalic taste. Makes me think I'm ingestive aluminium. Blech! Canned fruit does not last long at all ~ especially canned pineapple; it has no taste at all.
  2. I don't use evaporated milk or condensed milk either. I don't stock the condensed, but I do stock the evaporated. It is dirt cheap in my area (about .49 cents a can). The peace of mind it brings makes it worth it for me even if I never use it. Good idea about making vegetable soup and cannning it. I believe I will do that. Thanks!
  3. We rarely eat anything from a can, but I have stocked a lot of canned goods. I like the convenience of being able to grab a case or two while I'm doing my normal shopping. Since we eat mostly fresh, the canned goods are not rotated and are expiring. I hate wasting food and money, so there must be a better way to manage this. Storing dehydrated food is an option, but not one that is appealing. I doubt a food bank would accept them either at this point.
  4. Well... if there is a total collapse, we can shoot them and no one will care. Lol.... No hurt feelings here.
  5. My husband, God love him... is SUCH a sheep. I do not harp about about the economy, politics, world hunger, ISIS, or war.... I do drop an occasional synopsis of a news article and ask his opinion. "Those poor people living in Venezuela..." He says, "The difference between Venezuela and the U.S. is that we don't have a corrupt government." He must be hiding under a rock. I could just choke him sometimes. He does not mind that I am preparing; but he does not participate in the least, and I can only do so much. There are many areas where I could really use his help: home and self defen
  6. I am. I just sat down to make my "Winter Emergency" list. Updating my 72 hour kit and trying to calculate how much propane I need to have on hand. Last year we had a bad ice storm that hit our state and several towns were without electricity for 2 weeks. I want to make sure I have at least that much fuel on hand.
  7. To make your own sour cream, you will need to stir in several tablespoons of cultured sour cream into a pint of homemade butte milk and let it sit out on the counter until it is thick ~ usually 2 - 4 days. It will never get quite as thick as commercial sour cream, but its good on baked potatoes, Mexican food, or in recipes. Home Made Buttermilk 1/2 cup commercial buttermilk whole milk Pour 1/2 cup commercial buttermilk into a quart jar and fill with whole milk. Let it sit on the counter until it becomes thick ~ usually 24 hours. To keep it going, you will have to always res
  8. Not to long ago I bought a rusty cast iron dutch oven at a yard sale. They were asking $25 for it, and I asked them if they would accept $15 because I was not sure if I could get the rust off. They gladly accepted my offer. Yay me! I took it home and just used plain ol' sand paper to remove the rust. Worked like a charm. Greased it real good with shortening and stuck it in a warm oven. Looks great now.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to watching it.
  10. I believe this is also true of some cars too. I think it is mainly the newer luxury cars. Just incase they are stolen.
  11. I can totally relate as I am going through that myself, but I am ever so thankful that preps were in place as it kept us above water. It's back to the drawing board now; such an overwhelming feeling ~ I don't even know where to begin to focus.
  12. Urban, please post some recipes when you get a chance. )
  13. Here is a fantastic site for Amish Friendship Bread. http://www.armchair.com/recipe/bake002.html
  14. I so hate to hear that, Drumrunner. Your site is the best! I sure hope you can work something out with Mrs. S. Thank you for the heads up!
  15. Yes, that is it. I also read that you leave the peels on and that it is best to steam them because boiling can turn them into mush ~ simply because they are a straight carbohydrate. I also found several recipes for them in the Net.
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