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  1. Making the Best of Basics By James Talmage Stevens I am getting ready to order this, I have heard good things about it.
  2. Around here we have a saying that wood heat warms you twice. Once when you cut, split and stack and again when you burn it. We have a wood stove that we use as our main heat source and I love it. We have a propane rinnai heater we use when we leave town or something but other than that we use the wood stove. It is great because we have a lot of beetle killed spruce so we have readily availible firewood there for the taking.
  3. I had ducks the whole time I was growing up. They are very cute and can become very tame if you spend time with them. I live in Alaska and mine never had anything more and a big dog crate with a heat lamp and deep bedding and a little run. They did great and were wonderful in the garden. In the spring after my dad would till we would let them loose for a while and let them eat the bugs. Then throughout the summer we would turn them loose in the garden and they would eat the slugs, that was there favorite. I did have one problem with a dog getting in the pen with them one night and we could not find one of them for a couple days but she turned up hiding in the culvert at the bottom of our property. She had a torn up breast but other then that she was fine. She actually out lived the other duck by years. She must have been at lest 10 when she died and I actually think she may have been older then that.
  4. Their awful cute, I can't wait till I can get mine.
  5. Hi Thanks for the welcome. A couple people asked about the survival podcast. You can find it at www.thesurvivalpodcast.com It is a show that I found on iTunes and it has really changed the way I think and do things. It is done by a guy in Texas named Jack Spirco. He is very knowledgeable about survival and prepping and He also has interesting insight on the state of the economy. there are a whole bunch of people that listen to his show and they have created a forum that is very active and has some very interesting informative stuff on it. Again thank you for the welcome, this is a great forum also.
  6. Has anyone ever tried the essential oil blend by young living called RC. I use it because I break out from vicks and I like more natural stuff anyway. My friend uses it on her daughter also. She just rubs it on the bottoms of her feet or if she needs to rub it on her chest she puts it in a carrier olive oil. It works great and smell much like vicks to me. This is what it says on their site. R.C. R.C. is an antiseptic blend of four different eucalyptus essential oils. R.C. also includes other oils that are used in nutritional products to support the respiratory system.* How to use: Diffuse in living areas and workplace. Use in a humidifier. Apply on chest, neck, ears, and bottom of feet. Use with a compress on chest and back. Alternate with Raven. Ingredients: Eucalyptus globulus, E. radiata, E. australiana, E. citriodora, myrtle (Myrtus communis), marjoram (Origanum majorana), pine (Pinus sylvestris), cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), spruce (Picea mariana), and peppermint (Mentha piperita).
  7. This one had me in stitches
  8. I just wanted to say hi. I found you wonderful ladies through the survival podcast forum. You were mentioned there and I had to come on over and see what she was talking about. what a great place and a great group of like minded people. I grew up in Alaska and find myself actually ahead of the game a little on the stock pilling food thing because that is just the way we live. we get most of our meat through hunting and fishing in the summer and freeze it for the winter. We are working of stock pilling other stuff now though and getting our BOB ready.
  9. This is my first post and I am freaking out. I made chicken soup yesterday and when I made it I sliced up small fingerling potatoes with thin skins in to slices about 3/4 of a inch thick and added those. Now I read that you are not supposed to can with the skins on whole canned potatoes. Does this also count for soup? Did I really ruin all my jars of soup.
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